Bruce Jenner Talks Surgery

Bruce Jenner is someone who has had plenty of scrutiny and flack for his incident with plastic surgery gone wrong.

He was very honest about once being a victim of a failed plastic surgery. Through the years, he has been a subject of puns and jokes on various television shows and social media. And Bruce has had enough of his critics, especially with host Jimmy Fallon.

And in his recent guesting on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the Jenner bluntly slammed the host for criticizing his appearance. The rift started last year during the Olympics when Jimmy made a series of puns regarding Bruce’s plastic surgery-made face. He was supposed to promote the eight season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians but ended up expressing his grievances to Jimmy.

He opened the “interview” by complaining to the comedian for using bad pictures of him.  He tried to threaten him with his wraths, and returned back the insult to Jimmy’s appearance by saying, “You can make all the jokes you want but I can guarantee you, Mr. Fallon, my ass in a pair of running shorts looks a hell of a lot better than your ass.” Jimmy seemed to agree with all the things Bruce said and later on said sorry.  Gladly, the interview ended with a hug.

Bruce Jenner, better known as the stepfather of Kim Kardashian, is a former Olympian athlete that is worth $100 million. His income comes from him being a spokesman for Wheaties, a TV host, a motivational speaker, a movie actor and endorser.

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Bruce Jenner Talks Surgery