Britney Spears Sister

Jamie Lynn Spears is an aspiring country singer who recently turned 22, she is a mother of 4 year old daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge. Helping her raise her daughter is Jamie's fiancee Jamie Watson.

Jamie is the younger sister of Britney Spears , who recently got into some trouble with Britney fans after participating in the Twitter trend "Throwback Thursday" , tweeting her sister's ex- Justin Timberlake: "weird hearing your music as an adult," ha. Not only do I appreciate it. I GET it."  #jay #crymeariver #mirror."  Jamie Lynn's post was in referenced to Justin’s 2002 hit song about his breakup with sister Britney, “Cry Me a River"Along with her post was a photo of Jamie, Britney and Justin in the back of a car together. The post made Britney Spears' fans mad. Jamie Lynn deleted her post and replaced it with: "I hope you all know that my tweets are only to support my sister".


Britney on Jamie Lynn's Engagement:

Britney posted: 'So excited and happy for my sister, congrats - love you.'


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Britney Spears Sister