Britney Spears Hair

Britney Spears arrived last to Elton John's  21st Annual Aids Foundation Academy Awards viewing party on February 24, 2013. Some say that they were saving best for last because when Britney walked in she had the crowd stunned with her new look. This blond bombshell had dyed her hair dark brown. Some thought her recent breakup with former fiancée, Jason Trawick was the reason for the change, as part of the healing process.

According to her hair colorist, Brittany Hunter, "will stick with [the color], and added: "Britney Spears, to me, has been looking so good. The show she did was so great. She kind of seems like she's on top of the world. But we know Britney Spears will go back to blonde, don't we? She's beautiful with brown ... but she is a blonde. That's just how we all see her."

After less than a month Brit had her hair lightened. Hunter explained that Brit: "wanted to go a little brighter. We're not going blond blond. She wanted a sun-kissed look."

"We brightened it up without taking it back to blond," she added.

Hunter on Britney's current hairstyle:  "just did highlights over the base…from here now, she can do whatever. She can go darker or lighter."

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Britney Spears Hair