Britney Spears Best Songs

Britney Spears has had many hit songs since her debut in 1999, here is the top 10 list of Britney's best songs.

1.  “Piece of Me” – From Britneys’ 2007 album Blackout. The song lyrics are about Britney’s peril of being constantly chased by the paparazzi and critics.

2. “(You Drive Me) Crazy (Stop Remix)” – A single from Spears’ debut album in 1999. It was the soundtrack of the 1999 movie Drive Me Crazy.

3. “Baby… One More Time” – Was Britney's first song that she released, the song became an overnight hit, by the launch of that album Britney was the most famous celebrity in the world.

4. “Stronger” – A track from Britney’s 2000 follow-up Oops…I Did It Again.

5. “Womanizer” – From Britney’s 2008 album Circus, this song spoke about male chauvinists.

6. “Sometimes” – This song was a single from her smash hit debut album, Baby One More Time.

7. “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” – From Britney’s 2001 release, this was alongside with her acting debut in the movie Crossroads.

8. “Oops…I Did It Again” -  This was the first song to be launched from the album Oops..I Did It Again.

9. “Lucky” – From the album Oops..I Did It Again, this song sent a message about Britney’s struggle with the star status,  the price of fame was too much for her to handle.

10. “Overprotected (The Darkchild Remix)” – From her 2001 album Britney, This song speaks about Britney’s  frustrations despite of her being one of the most popular artist worldwide.

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Britney Spears Best Songs