Breaking Dawn a Huge Hit at the Razzies!

There are few movies in the world which are as popular as the “Twilight Series”. These movies have thrilled people of different generations. They were a huge hit at the Razzies this year like always.

The Razzie awards are just the opposite of the Oscar’s, and the Golden Globe Awards. They are given to those who achieve the worst in the world of entertainment. Indeed it is quite demeaning to be given a Razzie! The Twilight Movies revolve around vampires and werewolves and are consequently very exciting to watch. “Breaking Dawn Part 2” which is the latest movie of this series was not quite successful. At the Razzies this year, it swept a number of awards in the worst category. This has made the Twilight fans around the world extremely sad and unhappy.

Actress Kristin Stewart, who plays the role of the protagonist in the movie was nominated in the Worst Actress category, something which came as a severe shock to the actress and made her feel quite terrible before her fans and well wishers and also ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who himself does not have much to brag about his role in this movie. Bill Condon was designated as the Worst Director. Taylor Lautner was declared as the worst supporting actor. The entire cast of the movie, including the lead star Robert Pattinson, was declared as the worst movie ensemble ever.

It has also been designated as the worst sequel ever made to the other movies in the Twilight Series.  Adam Sandler who was quite a disaster in “That’s My Boy” was a winner at the Razzies as well. He won the award for worst screenplay and also for the worst actor category. Sandler has been dominating the Razzies for quite some time now. He has won ten awards straight last year for the worst quality performances on screen as well as on television.

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Breaking Dawn a Huge Hit at the Razzies!