Brandi Passante Biography: The Queen Of Storage Wars

The celebrity herself hasn't announced any specific details of her birth year to the public. But, according to some trusted sources, Brandi Passante was born on 16th May, 1980 in Harris, Texas

The celebrity herself hasn't announced any specific details of her birth year to the public. But, according to some trusted sources, Brandi Passante was born on 16th May, 1980 in Harris, Texas. There's not much information available about her early childhood and how she was brought up. It is said, in the late 90's Brandi Passanate used to work as a stripper in various clubs and bars in and around Orange county.. Although, there is no evident proof of this fact, but unavailability of her birth and early childhood details can be be considered to be one factor.

5 Brandi Passante Career Path 

Brandi Passante is well known for her appearance is Storage Wars, along with her long term boyfriend Jarrod Schulz. She is an American business woman and reality television personality. She started her career as a businesswoman with an auction store "Now and Then Second Hand Store" located in Orange County California. The collaboration with the producers and other investors of Storage Wars, the couple got their first huge break in the television industry. Storage Wars is really a successful show on the A&E Network that was first aired on national television on in 2010.

A 300 sq. ft auction store managed by Brandi and Jarrod offers a thrift store offers a wide variety of items for sale which range from electronics to clothing. They have their own online e-store as well. According to the couple, their appearance in Storage Wars has brought a good amount of fame and recognition that further led to substantial increase in the overall revenue of their store. Before the couple launched their thrift store in California, Brandi was a stay-at-home mom for several years. It's only after few years after her son was born, she decided to join hands with her boyfriend and since then there was never looking back. The couple got fame and recognition after Storage Wars happened. In fact, they got fame and money beyond their imagination. Now most of the world population know her and don't ask about her net worth.

4 Brandi Passante Personal Family and Life 

Although there's not much details available about Brandi Passante's family and past life, but her brothers Bruce Lawton and Alex Begandy have been in limelight for quite a long time. As far as her personal life is concerned, Brandi is in relation with Jarrod Schulz from past 12 years now. The couple has been staying in a live-in relationship and is blessed with two kids, a daughter and a son. Their daughter's name is Payton and she's about 8. Their son Camren is about 10 years old. The couple is not officially married, and doesn't even seem to have any in the near future. The couple lives in Lake Forest, California with their children.

Apart from her professional life, Brandi likes to live a fairly private life. She is active on her social profiles on Twitter and Facebook pages, but hardly has anyone seen her making comments or posting statuses about her personal life. This is the reason, not many people are aware of her family and background.

3 Brandi Passante Controversies

The biggest controversy that brought Brandi Passante into limelight few years ago was the label of being a stripper in clubs in and around Orange county. Although, nothing has been proved till date and the rumor is likely to have settled down as the time passed. It is also said that before joining the television, the professional storage unit buyer was involved in circulating unflattering, and possibly fake, mug shots on the internet. This television reality star has always been in the limelight for some or the other unwanted attention on the internet. Recently, she has sued a website "Are You Up" for posting pornographic images and content that she claims to have been falsified. Nevertheless, due to her commendable assets and impressive physique the star performer of Storage wars have always been in limelight. Her instance popularity and fame on the television called for a number of controversies that the couple had to deal with in the recent years.

2 Brandi Passante Contribution in Storage Wars

Brandi Passante has been titled as the most conservative, level-headed and reserved start of Storage wars. The biddings are well analyzed and planned according to the needs of her store. She is often seen bidding for only those items that she thinks will fit well in her store and entertain her customers. She is loved by her viewers for the smartness and dynamic attitude that she reflects on the screen. Although, some people have also criticized her for her shrewd behavior against her partner, but these things hardly get into limelight unless the couple is playing their part well.

Storage Wars has labeled the couple as 'young guns' of the show. This means that the duo has the least financial capital amongst other buyers. .Most of the time, Brandi can be seen being skeptical and cautious of Jarrod's actions. She makes sure that Jarrod makes the right decision while making the purchase. Sometimes, when Jarrod's excitement overpowers his intellectuality, Brandi takes the control to prevent financial losses from occurring. Her actions and spontaneity show the intelligence and conservatism that this business woman possess.

1 Brandi Passante's Unparalleled Net Worth 

Brandi Passante is a successful American business woman with a total net worth of $975 thousand. She had achieved tremendous fame and recognition in television industry with her indispensable appearance in Storage Wars. Her knowledge for what is at stake makes her a smart bidder at the show. Although, the net worth of the couple is comparatively low as compared to other central participants, the couple seems to put their best foot forward to save their Now and Then Second Hand Store.

In the beginning days of Storage Wars, their shop, the Now and Then Thrift Store was considerable small and in financial loss. But after gaining success in the show it has now impressively grown in terms of both, size and quality. With a total worth of $ 975 000, Brandi is hardly stinking rich, but this money is enough to lead a luxurious life with her boyfriend and children without having to starve for food anytime soon.


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Brandi Passante Biography: The Queen Of Storage Wars