Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout

The Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout is one among the most famous workouts. Pitt's workout routine aimed to carve the body down while building muscle.

The workout routine changes vastly each day, allowing your muscles to rest for the rest of the week.  Brad Pitt is known as “hard-gainers", he is one of those people who find it hard to gain muscle or fat. Regardless of the amount and time they eat and train respectively, they don't gain weight.

Brad took his workout routine seriously while preparing for the film, with high reps and lots of protein. By the time the film came to be he had a chiseled body down to 6%  body fat, keep in mind Brad is 6 feet tall. He did not use free weights, instead he used a Nautilus machine. Nautilus machines are designed to build maximum resistance to get your muscles to their strongest. His only day of rest was Sundays, every other day of the week was for

Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout routine works best with Fight Club diet. Brad Pitt's diet was low in fat but high in protein and complex carbohydrates. He had to eat every three hours.

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Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout