Bow Wow And Ciara Confront Post Break-Up

TV-Host and singer Bow Wow experienced an uncomfortable on-camera encounter on BET's "106 & Park" when his former girlfriend Ciara appeared on the scene for an interview.

His ex-girlfriend Ciara made a guest appearance on the show to promote her new “Body Party” video to the fans. They found themselves in a discomfited one-on-one interview, with seats far apart. What made the interview awkward was the greeting between Ciara and former boyfriend Bow Wow. When Ciara, still wearing shades went, in for an uncomfortable hug, Bow Wow hesitated in reciprocating the gesture.

His co-host, who must have sensed the tension in the air, shot most of the questions to Ciara. At a certain point in the interview, a picture of her and current boyfriend Future was  flashed on the screen during the segment game ‘Who What Where?’. Ciara removed her shades before answering, "That's me and my King right there. We're flying on the PJ going somewhere private” with Future who was spotted somewhere at the back of the audience.

Ciara also talked about her upcoming self-titled album. Bow Wow asked her regarding her hiatus in the music industry and Ciara answered that she needed some time to relax. They played it cool throughout the show until Bow Wow wrapped up the interview by telling Ciara that his mother still considers her a daughter.

The ex-couple collaborated for Bow Wow’s single “Like You” however, they parted ways when Bow Wow was involved in an infidelity scandal with a woman in Los Angeles. It was rumored that the Bow Wow and ciara were engaged due some photographs portraying a large diamond ring on her left hand.

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Bow Wow And Ciara Confront Post Break-Up