Blockbuster Sales of the Dark Knight Trilogy

The Dark Knight Rises is set to cast its shadow on the race of summer blockbusters this July 20 when it gets released in movie theaters. Owing to the monumental success of the earlier Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movies “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” many are expecting The Dark Knight Rises to be a box office success.

The Dark Knight Rises: End of a Trilogy

The film “The Dark Knight Rises” has an estimated budget of $250 million but industry analysts are predicting that it will earn beyond that in revenues. An hour of film footage has been shot entirely with IMAX cameras and it will definitely encourage people to pay extra to watch the movie in IMAX theaters.

Six months prior to the release of the film, several midnight IMAX screenings in the United States particularly in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have already sold out. Some purchased tickets have even appeared online with a price tag of $100 compared to its original price of $17.50.

The Dark Knight Rises follows the story of Batman as he exiles himself from Gotham City eight years after his battle with the Joker. The mysterious Selina Kyle, more popularly known as Catwoman, will trigger a series of events which will usher the arrival of the ruthless and intelligent terrorist called Bane. Director Christopher Nolan has indicated that The Dark Knight Rises is the end of his Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne.

The Dark Knight: Billion-Dollar Performance from Heath Ledger’s Joker

The 2008 Batman film “The Dark Knight” has earned over $1 billion in global box office sales to become the twelfth highest-grossing film of all time. It was most notable for the performance of the antagonist Joker portrayed by actor Heath Ledger. Before the film reached its commercial release on July 16, 2008, Ledger died from an apparent drug overdose. Many believed he internalized his role as Joker so seriously that it consumed him.

Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker earned highly positive reviews and even merited Ledger a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Academy Award. The film also received the Best Sound Editing Award as well as six more Academy Award Nominations.

Upon its release in Australia for its first day, The Dark Knight gobbled $2.3 million. Over the weekend, Australian receipts amounted to a gross of $13.7 million. In North America, it earned a total of $533,345,358 while it raked in $468,576,467 in other countries.

For its opening weekend, the movie earned $199.7 million globally. It became the only 2008 film that remained on top of the box office charts for four consecutive weekends.

When The Dark Knight premiered in 4,520 theaters in 20 other countries, it earned $41.3 million on its first weekend. The movie also set a record for most DVDs sold in a day when 3 million units got purchased on the first day of release. 600,000 of these units were Blu-Ray Discs.

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Blockbuster Sales of the Dark Knight Trilogy