Big Brother Winner Takes Home $500 Thousand Prize

With another season ending, a new Big Brother winner takes home a prize of $500,000. The final three contestants, Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman and Spencer Clawson, waited patiently on the finale episode as their fate slowly changed before their eyes.

The three spent 90 days together in the Big Brother house and the last competition, Head of Household, was won by Andy Herren. Zimmerman was Herren's choice as the fellow contestant who would sit beside him in the final two sending Clawson walking out the door. The two had to face the wrath of the jury comprised of nine eliminated contestants who voted for the contestant they wished to win the grand prize.

With 7 votes, Andy Herren was designated to receive the grand prize worth $500,000. Zimmerman received only two votes and got to go home with second prize, which was $50,000.

This season, being the 15th season of Big Brother, was dubbed as the most controversial season ever in the Big Brother house. Zimmerman, who came in second place, was fired from her job as a beauty pageant coordinator after making racial remarks towards the houseguests. Many contestants from this season have lost their jobs due to their behaviour on the show. Many are unsure of what they will be returning home to, whether they will be welcomed home with open arms, or if they will have to face the consequences of their actions.

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Big Brother Winner Takes Home $500 Thousand Prize