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Bible Actor Looks Like Obama

Bible Actor Looks Like Obama


The hit series “Bible” on the History Channel is facing some controversies. The man who plays the role of Satan in the series bears a striking resemblance to the American President Barack Obama. Is this just a coincidence, or was it meant to be funny? Actually, it is quite alarming for the viewers of this television series. No one wants to see the US President being portrayed as Satan and that too on the History Channel, which is educational and widely watched.

Mohamen Meni who is seen playing the role of the fallen angel, in “Bible” does indeed bear a very close resemblance to Obama. This resemblance was first noticed by


The Bible has come under a good deal of criticism because white actors in the series are portraying the good characters, while the darker skinned actors have been made to play the bad guys. Critics have said that this is Europeanization of the characters. The television series is steadily beginning to lose its TRP ratings. In fact, “Bible” is seen to be turning rather racist. The producers of the show ought to check themselves before proceeding any further.


Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey are the producers. Mark Burnett has made a name for himself in reality television. Interestingly, he has contributed to a number of Democratic causes in recent times. So did his political affiliations in any way affect his casting decisions? We may never know. Mark has worked on many programs such as “The Apprentice” run by Donald Trump, and “Alaska”, which is run by Sarah Palin. He is believed to be extremely religious, having produced “Little Angels”, a show for young Christian children.

It will take some time for this furor surrounding “The Bible” to subside. There are quite a few people who have become agitated and are asking for the show to be banned.

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