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If you are spending money on the movies, you need to make sure that the film is worthy of your money and time. While you can have a long checklist of the elements of a movie worth seeing—actors,









If you are spending money on the movies, you need to make sure that the film is worthy of your money and time. While you can have a long checklist of the elements of a movie worth seeing—actors, story, concept, familiarity, length, and popularity—these are the most common factors you consider before deciding if the movie is worth the wait. However one important aspect of a good movie is its director. If you are a movie enthusiast, you will definitely know when a movie was directed by one of the best directors.

 A name has emerged to bring us movies that have taken the box office by storm—Christopher James Nolan. He is best known for his non-linear storytelling. He has been directing various films for more than a decade now, and he is indeed an acclaimed writer and director. He started with making short movies when he was young, until he made his first feature entitled Following in 1998, with a working budget of around $6,000. This was recognized in various international film festivals and Christopher Nolan was able to gain credibility and establish his ability as a director, thus, he was able to get funds for his next film.

 He was able to create low-budget and independent films and he was also able to create big movies and made blockbusters and big box office sales out of them. His second film was entitled Memento which he created in 2000. He worked with his brother, Jonathan, for the story. This film gave Nolan prestigious awards such as the Golden Globe award and Academy Award nominations. Apart from this, he also directed Insomnia which starred big Hollywood celebrities Al Pacino, Robin Williams, and Hilary Swank.


1 Christopher Nolan’s Career Highlights

Given the opportunity to do the Batman franchise back in 2005, Nolan had the big chance to bring out the modern and creative interpretation of Batman. Critics, fans, and movie goers appreciated Nolan’s direction style as he revived the iconic hero once again. Its commercial success gave the movie more than $372 million worth of box office sales. Followed by other Batman movies, Nolan has continued to earn from making these big movies, while still entertaining his audience. The Dark Night earned more than $1 billion in 2008.

 In total, Nolan has made almost $2.5 billion in his several previous feature-length films that he did. This would be his old films revenue.  He was also part of Vanity Fair’s 2010 list of top earners from Hollywood where he ranked fourth with his net worth of $71.5 million.

 According to Forbes, his earnings in 2011 amounted to $53 million. He earned $69 million from the movie Inception which grossed $823 million. Inception was shown worldwide and Nolan did the producing, back-end for writing, and directing the film. Inception was able to receive eight Oscar nominations. This movie is a sci-fi thriller that is based on his own screenplay. Its blockbuster sales show that people from all over the world—both sci-fi lovers and simple movie goers—have watched this remarkable film. Inception received four Academy awards.

 The Dark Knight Rises was one of the highest-grossing movies of 2012, and it concluded Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. His successful production and direction of the Batman trilogy prodded Warner Bros to have him produce their new version of Superman movie which will be shown this year.

 Christopher Nolan has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. Such as Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Al Pacino,Christian Bale and many more. He also founded a production company, the Syncopy Films where he collaborates with his wife, Emma Thomas, who is also a producer, and with his brother, Jonathan Nolan, a screenwriter.

 In totality, Christopher Nolan’s directorial projects have made him around $1.6 billion in North America while an impressive $3.5 billion worldwide. Because of this, he is considered to be one of the most commercially successful filmmakers of this generation. He also received other awards and recognitions that prove his credibility, creativity, and ability as a famous director.

 In addition to his net worth, he has also received awards that make him one of the best directors of all time. He received a Waldo Salt Screenwriting award for Memento in 2013. He also received a Sonny Bono Visionary Award in 2003 and a Board of the Governors Award in 2009. 2011 was a big year for him as he received the prestigious Britannia Award for Artistic Excellence in Directing from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He also got the Ace Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival also awarded him the highest honor, the Modern Master Award.

 Christopher Nolan started filming by using his father’s super 8mm camera, until he graduated and had a formal education on film making. Still using his super 8mm camera, he was able to create a short film entitled Tarantella which was shown in 1989. From his humble beginnings as a director and producer, he also made 16mm films for the college film society. In 1996, during the Cambridge Film Festival, his film Lacerny  was shown.

 Nolan has truly emerged to be one of the highest paid directors of this generation, but more the pay he gets, the fact that everyone remembers his movies and everyone looks forward to his next movies, it must means that Nolan has been a favorite of most movie-goers, giving his movie and him a bigger net worth. Looking back, he only had $6,000 to fund his project, and look at him now—he produces his own films, sets box office records, and works only with the best and the biggest movie production houses.

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Beyond The Lens With Christopher Nolan