Beyonce and Jay Z at the White House

Beyonce recently released a single titled “Bow Down”. It has been a huge hit as well – sales have come from all over the world. This is the singer’s first music release after she got married to the rapper Jay Z. Knowles is popularly referred to as Mrs. Carter these days. The two have been hogging attention in the media by attending several public events in London and New York.

It seems that they have come closer since the marriage. The bond seems truly unique. It is thus not a surprise that they are mentioning each other in their songs. Kendrick Lamar thinks it is an honor that Jay Z chose to remix his song. He considers Jay Z as one of the greatest American rappers ever.

We wait for more news on the budding friendship between the Carters and Obama. This is certain to be quite an interesting friendship.

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Beyonce and Jay Z at the White House