Best Celeb Pics on Instagram

More and more celebrities are using Instagram now to put up their pictures and share them with the world. This practice has really caught up in recent times. Just visit the social networking pages of various celebs and see the kind of pictures they are putting up. The pictures usually have excellent visual quality, and are thus a pleasure to look at. Some of these pictures are quite entertaining as well.

One of the most entertaining pictures on Instagram is that of Justin Timberlake. He is promoting his latest music show on SNL. Justin is now going to anchor a show on music on this television channel, which is all set to go on air very soon indeed. The picture shows Timberlake carrying a piece of paper in his mouth just like a dog, with a statement that he is going to be anchoring a show on SNL soon. It’s a rather hilarious picture. Just see it. You are sure to have a good laugh.

Another interesting picture you can see on Instagram is that of the actress Selena Gomez. She is seen spending time with her family. The actress has taken a break after the movie “Spring Breakers”, which is a racy teen drama. The picture shows Selena with her father in an endearing posture, something which is going to touch all her fans for sure. Selena has been raised entirely by her father, and is thus extremely attached to him. She spends all her quality time with her dad.

A picture of the easy-going actress Jessica Alba can also be seen. The actress is busy with the promotion of her latest film. She is doing everything possible to make sure that this turns out to be a big hit. The picture shows her in summer clothes, precisely a white shirt and shorts standing by the beach. This holiday snap has been taken very well by the photographer. It is not too large in size, but the visual quality is quite stunning.

The best of all celeb pictures on Instagram is of course that of the actor Ian Somerhalder at a movie premiere with a grumpy cat. The picture is sure to make his female fans go crazy. His posture is intimate, making the picture very cute.

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Best Celeb Pics on Instagram