Backstreet Boys To Release New Album

Everyone from the 90s remembers the boy band sensation. One of the biggest bands back in the day during this boy band craze was Backstreet Boys. 20 years ago The Backstreet Boys played their first show at SeaWorld in Florida.

Backstreet Boys have had an amazing run at success over their career. Their total number of records sold is over 130 million. This makes them the best selling boy band of all time. Their tours sold out numerous times over the years, with fans flocking to see their idols live.

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, they were awarded a Star on the acclaimed Hollywood Walk of Fame. Industry mogul Kevin Richardson said, "to be able to do this for two decades is an incredible feat." Any recording artist is lucky to even have a career going as long as one decade.

The new blend of songs, which backstreet boys have previewed on their official website, have melodic sounds and upbeat rhythms. They have stayed with their roots, singing great harmonies, but stayed with the times by using more intense dance beats.

This new album will most likely find much success. Their first 7 albums have hit the top 10 of the billboard top 200, so this album will most likely do the same. Not only can Backstreet Boys count on their die hard fans to receive their album with open arms, but their upbeat and driving sounds will most likely find their way onto mainstream radio and dance clubs. It's amazing to see this band stick with it for so long!


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Backstreet Boys To Release New Album