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Aubrey Plaza Expelled from MTV Awards

Aubrey Plaza Expelled from MTV Awards

acceptance speech. Will is a comedian, and was able to take it in his stride. Aubrey just walked up and tried to take the award away from him, while he was delivering the speech. It was a laugh riot. Will joked later that the entire thing had been rehearsed, and was in good spirits.

However, the reality is that, it was not rehearsed. The event organizers made Aubrey leave the place immediately. Nobody is sure why she pulled such a stunt on live television. Aubrey has been trying to garner attention to her own reality television show lately. She probably thought this was the best way of doing this. She has been hungry for attention, and it is clear that she will stoop to just about any level to get the audience to accept her. Aubrey might also have been drunk while she was pulling the prize away from Will. After all, no person in the right frame of mind would do something like this.

When she was asked about it, Aubrey said that she was pulling a Kanye. Kanye West had recently behaved like this, as he messed up the acceptance speech of Taylor Swift.

But Aubrey needs to know that Kanye became very unpopular, even though he apologized later for it. Aubrey is nothing like West in real life. So her trying to act like him is very surprising. The actress has herself admitted to behaving like West on her Twitter account. This is what makes this statement more believable.

Ferrell is taking it in good humor. He said he did not mind the snatching away at all, and that he held onto the award as tightly as he could. Aubrey is lucky that Will is such a good sport. We hope Aubrey will behave herself in the future, and will not repeat the MTV Movie Awards incident. It was really quite an embarrassing thing to do for an actress of her stature.

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