Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher is the Steve Jobs of the present.

The late Apple founder and CEO is set to be immortalized on the big screen with the film Jobs.

In taking the role, Kutcher said he did not really have to learn about being an entrepreneur. In an interview, he said, "The role was the perfect convergence of my craft and my interests.”

Ashton has played as dotcom billionaire Walden Schmidt on CBS' Two and a Half Men. He is also the co-founder of venture capital fund A-Grade Investments together with Madonna manager Guy Oseary.

The late American business magnate Steve Jobs had an enormous net worth of $10.2 billion. He was also the chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios and a member of Disney's Board of Directors, owning $138 million shares of Disney stock. Steve died on August 24 due to health issues.

American actor Kutcher has a net worth of $140 million and in 2011, he replaced Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men for a salary of $700, 000, becoming the highest-paid actor on television.

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Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs