Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez Sing “Baby One More Time”

During a question and answer session at the Southwest Film Festival, Ashley and Selena were asked about their performance of this single. Initially the two were quite shy to admit that this indeed was the case and that “Baby One More Time” is going to be heard by the audience once again, this time through Ashley and Selena. The fans at the event persuaded them to sing it out for them. The impromptu live performance that followed was a huge hit.

Selena is an upcoming star, something which Britney was several years back before she went into complete decline. To a certain extent, Selena succeeds in reminding Britney’s fans of what she was like. Selena’s success is largely in this capacity. It can be said that Selena is famous because she is a lot like Britney herself. While this cannot be said about Ashley Benson, but she too has done a good job in singing Britney songs before a live audience. Her role in Spring Breakers will see her doing just that.

The two look rather glamorous and appealing in the Spring Breakers. Their musical skills have contributed to Spring Breakers turning out to be rather smashing. Selena after her break up with Justin Bieber seems to be more confident than ever. This is evident from the way she belts out the Britney hits. It is now for the audience to judge how the two (Selena and Ashley) have fared in terms of their musical abilities.


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Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez Sing “Baby One More Time”