Angelina Jolie to Earn $20 Million for Salt 2

Angelina Jolie is not yet ready for Salt 2.

The actress-turned-producer rejected the script drafted by Kurt Wimmer for the sequel to her 2010 hit spy thriller movie, Salt. Moreover, with the rejection of the script, it was also reported that “The Leg” has not yet signed up for the Salt 2 project. Plus, the movie is still director-less.

Angelina is expected to earn $20 million from the movie.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, a new scriptwriter was hired to do the film’s screenplay. Becky Johnston, the one who wrote for The Prince of Tides and Arthur Newman is under negotiation.

Salt grossed over $293 million in theaters three years ago. It has beaten male-themed films such as The Expendables and Prince of Persia. However, the actress seems to be not yet in clamor for its sequel.

Jolie, who is worth $145 million, is all set to star in the Disney movie Maleficent next year. Jolie is currently busy as an ambassador and focuses on her philanthropic deeds. Recently, she attended the International Women’s Day “Women in the World” Summit.

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Angelina Jolie to Earn $20 Million for Salt 2