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All About PSY: Youtube Sensation Overnight Millionaire

All About PSY: Youtube Sensation Overnight Millionaire

PSY is now the most talked and popular person on the Internet. The reason
for his overnight stardom is known to us all. His video “Gangnam Style” has
hit a billion YouTube hits in a very short period. The epic video plays a vital
role, portraying his talent internationally. Very few people become
international sensations in such a short span of time.

Though he is popular by the name of PSY, his actual name is Park Jae-Sang. PSY
is a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, song writer, television personality and
record producer. Before his online stardom, he was popular in Korea for his various
entertaining stage performances and his videos. With Gangnam Style he resultes in
connecting with the whole world.

PSY Early Life and Family

PSY (1)

He was born on the 31st of December, 1977 in the Gangnam district in Seoul. He belongs
to a rich family; His father is Park Won-Ho, is the executive chairman of DI corporation. Not only that, his mother has her own restaurant chain business in Gangnam. He grew up in luxury and the profession he chose was very different from his parents.

Initially, he wanted to study business administration at Boston University,
as he was to take over his father’s business when the time came. Soon he lost
interest in studying. Instead, he started spending his money on music and
various musical instruments. He left Boston and attended the Berklee College of

Music. While at Berklee, he learned contemporary writing and ear training with
dedication. He also took training classes in music synthesis. All of a sudden he left the U.S.A. to pursue a career as a singer in Korea. He didn’t leave with any degree from Boston nor from Berklee.


Psy (2)

In the year 2000, he made his debut on National Television. He was promoted
by a TV producer who noticed his great talent in dancing. Everyone knows how
his unique style of dancing which is what gives it a magical quality.

In 2001 he released his first album called PSY from the Psycho World!. The
album was controversial due to its “inappropriate contents” and “peculiar dance
moves” and was actually fined by the Korean government. His second album which was released the following year, failed to grab attention due to the same reason. The videos were not considered healthy and he was tagged as “the bizarre singer”.

Gaining International Stardom


In 2012 his 6th album was released which was named PSY 6 (six rules).
“Gangnam Style” was the song from this album; it was broadcast outside of Asia
and became an instant hit. It was released in July and by August it was ranked
number 1 on YouTube’s most viewed videos. Several celebrities started sharing
his video and tweeting about it. PSY was surprised by the response to his video.              This particular video brought his previous works under the spotlight. He was interviewed on NBC and he performed live teaching his dancing steps to the anchors. This sole video has brought his career as a singer to a new level. He is getting positive responses
from each and every corner of the world. No one from South Korea has ever
gained such international popularity before him. He is now considered to be the
youth pop idol in South Korea.

Achievements and milestones


1. In September 2012, the Gangnam district awarded him with a plaque and
promoted him to honorary ambassador.

2. Scooter Braun, the American talent manager has singed PSY to his
Schoolboy Records.

3. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations general secretary, wishes to work with PSY.

4. He is the brand ambassador of UNICEF.

5. He is the second South Korean who was selected at the MTV Europe awards.
To every one’s surprise, he won the best video leaving behind Lady Gaga,
Rihanna and Katy Perry.

6. His “Gangnam Style” is the most viewed video of all time.

7. He is commonly known as “the King of Youtube”.

8. Gangnam style is also the first video which was viewed more than 1 billion
times establishing a new record.

Controversies and Personal Life of PSY


1. In the year 2001, he was arrested for possessing marijuana. At the same time, his grandfather passed away and he could not attend his funeral. In an interview he expressed his grief saying he was very close to his grandfather and he will always regret missing his funeral.

2. In 2002, he participated in an anti-American concert in protest against the
accidental killing of 2 teenage Korean girls by the United States military convey.
In that stage performance, he smashed a miniature tank which resembled to a
U.S. army tank. There was a huge lot of controversy regarding this performance.

3. The U.S. army was harassed by one of his song’s lyrics and demanded an apology. He later apologized however the issue was not covered by the international media, as he didn’t have that much stardom yet.

4. He was threatened to be killed if he performed on the 11th of February, 2013 in
Malaysia. He was invited to perform at Penang, Malaysia by the ruling party Barisan Nasional, to reach out to the youth of Malaysia. It was reported by media that the performance cost 300,000 UDB. Instead of all these PSY ultimately delivered a superb performance to celebrate the Chinese new year, at the Han Chaing school.

PSY Albums


2001: Psy from the Psycho World!
2002: Ssa2
2002: 3 Mi
2006: Ssa Jib
2010: PsyFive
2012: Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1
2013- Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 2

PSY Public Image


PSY is well known for his humorous nature. He often mimics the style of many female singers. Though his songs fall under Korean popular music, he is very different from other K-pop singers.

Chelsea Handler has tagged PSY as the “Korean Ricky Martin”. On the other hand,
Gil Kaufman expressed PSY as the world’s biggest pop sensation.

PSY has really showed the new way of becoming a popular singer. With his
funny dance moves and fancy videos he has set a new trend in the music
industry. It is believed that many Asian singers will follow his footsteps to

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