Addicted Celebrities Who Made It Back On Top

Check out any celebrity gossip magazine or website and you're sure to see another story of a celebrity meltdown. From drunken bar fights to emotional meltdowns, celebrities have a knack for exposing t

Check out any celebrity gossip magazine or website and you're sure to see another story of a celebrity meltdown. From drunken bar fights to emotional meltdowns, celebrities have a knack for exposing their issues to the public. While addiction and instability can often cause a star to disappear from the Hollywood scene, there are some celebrities that have taken their problems in stride and have bounced back, proving that you can be successful after working through addiction issues. Let's check out 10 of the best celebrity comebacks.

10 Drew Barrymore: Struggled With Drugs and Alcohol

When we think of Drew Barrymore, most of us probably think of the cheerful, bubbly star of a long list of romantic comedies. However, let's not forget how this leading lady got her start. Drew was a child star (remember seeing her in E.T?) and got into the Hollywood party scene at a young age. After struggling with drugs and alcohol as a young teen, Drew cleaned up her act and eventually bounced back in the 90's with movies like Never Been Kissed. Today, she's staring in movies, running a production company, and acting as the spokesperson for various brands while raking in some serious cash.

9 David Duchovny: Sex Addiction

It's not always drugs and alcohol that have celebrities running to rehab. In 2008, TV star David Duchovny admitted to a sex addiction problem and checked himself into rehab. Then wife Tea Leoni ended the relationship after hearing about the relationships on the side that her husband had been engaging in. After going through treatment, Duchovny came back to his career and got to work on Californication where he plays the character of, ready for this? A sex addict.

8 Nicole Richie: Addicted to Cocaine and Heroine

The daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie grew up with anything she could ever want. The starlet made a reality show with best friend Paris Hilton, during which she was criticized for weight gain and increasingly ridiculous behavior. Finally, Nicole came clean about her struggles with cocaine and heroin. When she made the decision to enter rehab, Nicole's mother and father both went along, staying in a room down the hall to offer their support. Post-recovery, Nicole got a hosting gig, debuted her own fashion line, and got married. In her most recent role as a mother, Nicole shares her advice and stories via blogs and social media. She's also raising money for those struggling with addiction.

7 Ben Affleck: Problems With Alcohol

Remember the story of Ben Affleck checking into rehab? Yeah, neither did we. The star kept his private life private, for the most part, while he dealt with his alcohol problem. Avoiding the public meltdown that many stars experience in front of the flashing cameras of paparazzi, Ben came to terms with his alcohol dependence and drove himself directly to rehab on a particularly bad night to quietly deal with the problem. Afterward, Ben's career benefited from his sober lifestyle in a big way. He's since starred in movies like Daredevil, He's Just Not That Into You, and Argo.

6 Demi Lovato: Diagnosed as Bipolar

The sweet Disney star had her tabloid cover moment when she hit a backup dancer in the face. The incident led to Demi Lovato being whisked away to recuperate from "fatigue" which was, of course, code for a few months in rehab. The star has been open about her issues, explaining that she was diagnosed as being bipolar and had been self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, and self harm. She then took her struggles and turned them into profit by creating a successful album. Demi has also been showing off her acting skills with appearances on popular TV shows like Grey's Anatomy.

5 Zac Efron: Cocaine Addiction

The newest member of Young Hollywood to have a stint in rehab is Zac Efron. The star recently checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with his cocaine addiction. Fans were shocked to hear the news, after the fact. While in treatment, the actor kept his issues under wraps and chose to quietly work out his problems rather than letting the media speculate. Celebrity friends, including Rob Lowe, commended Zac on his choice to keep things private. As Zac left treatment, he looked healthy and jumped right back into work. He's already finished up two more movies that are sure to be hits.

4 Winona Ryder: Addicted to Shoplifting and Painkillers

Sweet, adorable Winona Ryder? Even the Hollywood girl next door struggled with a few of her own issues. With an estimated net worth of $14 million, Winona Ryder was arrested in 2001 for shoplifting, of all things. The star could have obviously afforded to purchase the merchandise which would have cost a few thousand dollars. However, after watching tapes from various stores, it seemed that the stealing has become an addiction. After the trials, and a fan following that included the creation of "free Winona" t-shirts, another addiction came to light. The star admitted to having problems with painkillers that were causing the erratic behavior. Winona credits the arrest as the kick she needed to get it together. She has recently starred in a handful of movies, finding her place in Hollywood all over again.

3 Mariah Carey: Public Mental Breakdown

After scoring a $100 million deal with Virgin Records, the singer had a very large and very public mental breakdown. Always the attention seeker, the climax of Mariah Carey's crisis occurred on an episode of TRL on MTV. Soon, she was in a treatment facility and away from the public eye. She didn't stay gone for long. Her management team worked their magic, signed Mariah to a new label, and helped her release a popular new album. She then married Nick Cannon and gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan.

2 Robert Downey Jr.: Drug Addiction

For a man who has starred in plenty of movies, it says a lot that Robert Downey Jr. is best known for his drug addiction. News about the addiction spread like wildfire after the star was fired from his role on Alley McBeal and was arrested for drug and weapon charges. An interview with Oprah forced a conversation about Robert's issues with drugs, as well as talks with pals like Mel Gibson. The road to recovery was good to Robert who bounced back in a big way. The sequel to his Iron Man film brought in $400 million in ticket sales.

1 Britney Spears: Rumors of Drug and Alcohol Issues

Let's never forget the day we turned on the TV to see images of Britney Spears walking through a mall with a shaved head. Another child star, Britney got her start on the Mickey Mouse Club. After graduating from the Disney Channel, she made a name for herself in the pop music scene. As enthusiasm for her music waned, Britney dealt with some personal letdowns as well. A series of relationships with less than happy endings and rumors of drug and alcohol issues led to the infamous meltdown. After some time out of the limelight, Britney came back, better than ever. She jumped into TV hosting gigs and got to work on a new album. How is she doing now? Britney's in better shape than ever and signing a $100 million deal for a few years' worth of performances in Vegas.

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Addicted Celebrities Who Made It Back On Top