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A Look at Olivia Pope’s Apartment in “Scandal”

A Look at Olivia Pope’s Apartment in “Scandal”


“Scandal” is one of the most watched shows on American television. It showcases life of the American President and what goes on behind the scenes. Olivia Pope is the lead protagonist of this show. Her character has a crucial role to play in maintaining PR for the President’s office. Olivia Pope is a tough woman. But she has a soft feminine side to her personality as well. People Magazine got a close look at the apartment of Kerry Washington, the character she plays.


The apartment looks quite a vintage one. It belonged to the famous Hollywood couple Loretta Young and Clark Gable, and thus there is an amazing sense of aura about it. Viewers will want to look at it just because it belonged to Clark Gable and Loretta. The vintage look transports viewers to another world, another time, when everything around you stood for class and elegance.

Large arches have been chosen for doing up the living room area of the apartment. The art which is on display in the living room of Olivia Pope’s apartment is very soft in its essence. There is a definite feminine quality to it. The renowned painting “Orange Trees” by the artist Nancy Crawford was chosen to decorate the living room walls. This painting has definitely changed the look of the room. It by itself makes the place seem like a regal chamber.


Olivia Pope returns home to the apartment at the end of the day to relax and unwind. It is the one place where she can be herself and express her emotions. The gold fish bowls and elegant mirrors with wooden frames add a good deal of elegance to the apartment. Indeed they make it look like a very desirable place to live in. Sometimes it appears too good to be true.

The curtains feature floral prints, making it look more like a boudoir rather than a conventional apartment that is so common across the country. The décor of Olivia Pope’s apartment has a significant role to play in the TV series Scandal.


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