A Guide on How Men Think

Men are known to be simple and straightforward. Even better, they tend to remain that way without any of the complications that a woman’s talk is generally associated with. When a woman says, “I’m fin

Men are known to be simple and straightforward. Even better, they tend to remain that way without any of the complications that a woman’s talk is generally associated with. When a woman says, “I’m fine,” a woman may have several meanings of such a simple phrase. That seemingly innocuous term may mean for a woman that she is not okay and a guy needs to read deeper into what she is really feeling. Or it may mean that she is just tired and wants to be left alone. Or it may mean that everything is well and good.

Contrast that to a guy’s simple mind. When a guy says the same thing, it means exactly that…that everything is okay and you do not have to worry anything about it. Still, as much as guys are known for their straightforward manner, they are also notorious for their inability to speak out their feelings. Here are 10 things that women should know on how a guy thinks.


10 Compliments are underestimated.

Women think that a real guy does not need to hear any praise or compliment. On the contrary, a positive remark from time to time is a great way to reinforce a guy’s sense of self. Be it for the muscles that he built up from all those time at the gym or the amazing meal that he learned to cook straight out of the Internet, guys feel manlier when a woman notices something about him.


9 The moments of brutal frankness are a sign of love.

As much as men tend to be the more aggressive gender, they are also more likely to avoid confrontation whenever they can. That is why you will never hear a guy tell a girl that her dress or shoes stink or that her new hair looks stupid. You see, men tend to choose their battles. All the honesty that a guy has usually manifests itself in important situations. That is why guys can be brutally honest about your overbearing mother or needy friend. Guys are brutally frank because they actually care about the girl.


8 It’s not cool to talk about another guy.

Unless you are talking about some sport hero that the guy also idolizes, never talk about another man. A man does not really care about the achievements of your best guy friend or the nuances of your relationship with your ex-boyfriend. Focus on the one who is with you. Otherwise, he may just get bored and then you can start talking about him to other friends because he would not be around anymore.


7 Regular time off to be with his close friends is important.

Sure, you and your man may have become the best of friends. Still, it is important that he reconnects regularly with his old guy friends. No matter how many years you have been together and how many travels you have done together, his experience with his old gang is a totally different thing. One cannot compare a love relationship with the buddies he has for poker or golf. Allow him the time off on the one condition that he will not be going out with other girls. The guy will be forever grateful and will long for and appreciate you more.


6 Guys love the feminine form.

As relationships last longer, some women start to forget dressing up and making themselves look beautiful. Men appreciate women for all the things that a guy cannot be, so do maintain a smooth and soft skin, lovely hair, nice smell and all the stuff that can make men wild and women alluring.


5 Devil in the bedroom.

Do not be afraid to experiment when inside the bedroom. Sure, men love women who look like angels on the outside. After all, there is a reason why Victoria’s Secret markets their most beautiful models as Angels. But once inside the bedroom, drop the wings and the goody two shoes. Take command and unleash yourself. Try out different positions of intimacy because it can make a man feel like he is the hunkiest being in the world.


4 Not committing should not be construed as a bad sign.

Women always badger guys for the inability to commit to a long, deep and fruitful relationship. But really, if you look at it from a guy’s point of view, it is not about not being able to commit to a girl. Rather, it is about the need of men to first become successful in their own right before shouldering on another burden by committing full time to a woman. Or put it another way, the guy is just being honest by not committing when he is not really ready yet for a full time relationship.


3 The love for sports is based on the need for tangible results.

As stated at the start, men are simple and straightforward beings. Success must be measurable by something tangible. That is why men love sports. Scores are definite and tangible and success can easily be measured by the number of championships a player has won. This is probably also the reason why men are emotionally detached. After all, how can one tangibly measure a person’s emotional success?


2 Give men credit when and where it is due.

Men hate it when women pick over the smallest things. Women tend to nag over the smallest things, like a forgotten grocery item or an unclean garage or an unkempt lawn. It is like nitpicking over things and making mountains out of a molehill. Instead, all a guy wants is for women to look at the bigger picture and for credit to be given for the things that are there. Focus on the achievements instead of the failures.


1 Allow men to rear a child just like a guy would.

While it is true that a mother is a family’s foundation, guys do love to have a chance to bring a child up the best way he knows. That means ignoring gashes and wounds that moms tend to do get overly excited about. It also means allowing the kid to learn how to box a little. It may even mean letting the kid play with guns a bit. A little testosterone would not hurt anyone.

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A Guide on How Men Think