8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Jolie-Pitt Family

There’s that age-old saying that goes, “all that glitters is not gold” and this holds especially true for the seemingly glitzy and glamorous lifestyles of Hollywood celebrities. Sure, they’re completely put together in front of the cameras, flashing pearly white smiles and perfect figures. They tot around their beautiful children, who look oh-so-angelic and well-behaved.

But once the curtains are drawn and show time is over, the public fails to see that these stars are no different from your regular parents trying to cope with raising children, dealing with their tantrums and whims.

One such couple that projects that perfect family image is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or “Brangelina” as the public has so fondly anointed them. Constantly under public scrutiny, what we see is a loving couple with six beautiful children, living the charmed life as they traipse all over the globe. But a few reports from inside sources have not painted them in the best of lights in terms of their parenting skills.

We all know the quirks and odd behaviour that Jolie has displayed over the years, so should it really come as a surprise that her parenting skills are far from conventional? 

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7 The kids are allowed to be messy


According to Star magazine, the six kids in the Jolie-Pitt brood are allowed to run amuck. This means that they’re extremely messy. Some might argue that sure, all kids are messy, but a regular parent would discipline them and ensure they learn to clean up their litter, right? Not the Jolie-Pitt kids. Apparently, their house (or hotel or chateau or wherever it is they’re staying at the time) is littered with candy wrappers, toys, and clothes! But then again, their parents have a solution to that problem.

6 There’s a whole staff to wait on the kids. All the time


Mommy and Daddy employ a whole team to wait on their kids hand-and-foot. As reported by Star magazine, the kids have three full-time tutors, six day nannies, two night nannies, and a team of bodyguards. Another report by Cafemom claimed that while on Christmas holiday in Turks and Caicos, the family brought with them a total of 12 nannies: that’s two per child!

Kicked out of nearly 12 hotels


Maybe the reason why the kids need a whole group of people to watch over them is they’re perpetually on a sugar high. According to US OK! magazine, a friend close to the family said that the little ones are addicted to sugar. They eat doughnuts for breakfast and bunches of cookies and sodas as snacks. And we all know what happens when kids are on sugar: pandemonium! It’s aptly called Crazy Hour in the Jolie-Pitt household. The kids run wild, fight, and when the sugary stuff is taken away from them, tantrums and major meltdowns ensue. In fact, it was reported that the group has been kicked out of at least 12 hotels for trashing their rooms.

5 They have poor hygiene


What’s probably worse than being high on sugar is having bad hygiene. OK! magazine has reported that the Jolie-Pitt kids are not obliged by their parents to brush their teeth or take a bath every day. They bathe whenever they feel like it, which is only on occasion. It’s gotten so bad that people have started noticing the smell they’ve been emitting. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering their dad has also been rumored to have poor hygiene habits.

4 They’re allowed to play violent games


While most parents try to keep their children away from violence in TV shows, video games, and toys, Brangelina apparently don’t have any qualms about exposing their kids to it. A source told Ok! magazine that the kids are allowed to play with guns and rifles, real ones and toys alike. Sure, the real ones aren’t loaded, but exposing kids to weapons in the first place spells the beginning of trouble. And what are the types of games they play with the guns? They use them to pretend-kill the staff.

3 Angelina does scream therapy

When you have a houseful of rowdy children, plus a career that demands much of your time and energy, it’s no wonder that Angie is stressed. To de-stress, the regular person would shop or go to the spa or maybe do a bit of yoga. But Star magazine claims that the mother of six relieves her tension by doing—wait for it—scream therapy! A source told the magazine that the future Mrs. Pitt runs a bath or drives to the ocean and just screams her head off under the water. Strange, but hey, good on her if it helps!

2 Brad’s mom did not approve


A girl should never piss off her mother-in-law and in turn, said mother-in-law should keep mum on her daughter-in-laws’ parenting skills--or all hell will break loose. And this is exactly what happened back in 2011, when according to Hollywood Life, Brad’s mom, Jane expressed her displeasure about the way Shiloh was being raised. Jane reportedly thought the little girl ran wild and rebellious and blamed Angie for her too-relaxed mentality in terms of raising her children. Angie’s response? She wanted Shiloh to express herself in any way she pleased. But it looked like the two eventually patched things up, much to Brad's relief, for sure.

1 Angelina openly approves of her 12-year-old son’s love life


Back during the premier of her latest film, Maleficent, Angelina told reporters that her eldest son, Maddox had a girlfriend. She went on to talk about the girl, saying she was “lovely” and a “great lady” and that she and Brad ensured that Maddox got to spend as much time as possible with the girl. Some parents may look at this as ridiculous, for condoning their 12-year-old boy having a girlfriend. The more forward-thinking ones will say, “aww, they’re such cool, supportive parents!” Again, whatever works for them.

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