8 Supermodels With Not So Super Boyfriends

It comes as now surprise that supermodels are among the most beautiful women on earth, but at the end of the day, they really are just normal people (though they are a little more genetically blessed

It comes as now surprise that supermodels are among the most beautiful women on earth, but at the end of the day, they really are just normal people (though they are a little more genetically blessed than the rest of us). While some of them date athletes (hello, Tom Brady and Gisele) or actors, (how many models has Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly been with?) many of them are dating regular guys that you'd never even recognize on the street. So have you ever dreamed of dating some of the most beautiful women on earth? It's not impossible. Find out how you stack up to these 10 supermodel's boyfriends, who are as regular as can be.

9 Lindsay Ellingson

Lindsay Ellingson, who has walked the runway for brands like Victoria's Secret, Chanel and Christian Dior, is engaged to Sean Clayton, a totally normal guy from Ohio. He's a medical equipment sales representative that just happens to be engaged to a beautiful supermodel. Good for you, Sean.

8 Karlie Kloss


Victoria's Secret model, Karlie Kloss is currently linked to Josh Kushner, a Harvard Business School grad. The 21 year-old has been dating Kushner, 28, since a Victoria's Secret after party in 2012. Kusher owns a company that invests in tech and media companies, which even backed Instagram in its earlier phases. So, is he ultra-famous? No, definitely not. But Kushner's got a business brain, a booming wallet and a pretty hot girlfriend (plus he's apparently friends with Ashton Kutcher). While we have to admit he's not just any guy, he is pretty normal... he's just got a lot more cash than most of us.

7 Lily Donaldson


Lily Donaldson's beau is Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, a New York City-based art dealer and curator. While his mother is former French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld and his godfather is photographer Mario Testino, he's really just a normal guy who graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Now he curates galleries and is dating Lily.

6 Karolina Kurkova

Karolina's hubby is Archie Drury. He's a film producer who popped the question to the supermodel while the two were vacationing in Cape Town, South Africa. He's pretty normal, except for the fact he posed for a Vogue cover with his wife. The couple has a five year old son together, named Tobin.

5 Coco Rocha


Coco Rocha married James Conran at just 22 years old, in June 2010. We don't know much about him except that he's an artist-turned Rocha's manager, which means he might have been a pretty normal guy, pre-Coco. You can watch their fairytale wedding play out online; the couple married in a beautiful French castle and have a snippet of their wedding video online.

4 Candice Swanepoel

One of Victoria's Secret's most beautiful angels has been dating her boyfriend since she was  just 18 years-old. Candice met her Brazilian beau back in 2006 and they've been going strong ever since. Apparently, Hermann Nicoli is a model, but he's got nothing on Candace, whose career is getting bigger and bigger by the second.

3 Alessandra Ambrosio

This Victoria's Secret bombshell is engaged to Jamie Mazur, and we don't know too much about him except that he's got money. Mazur apparently made his fortune in the fashion business, selling designer jeans to college campuses. The duo met at a mutual friends' wedding in Rio de Janeiro, not on some red carpet event, and started dating two years later when they got reacquainted. The pair have two adorable children together, Anja and Noah and have been engaged since 2008. We wonder what's taking them so long to tie the knot.

2 Joan Smalls


Joan Smalls is dating Bernard Smith, an entrepreneur who founded Modellounge NYC, a place where models can go hang out in between castings. He's also been in publishing and marketing, but besides dating a supermodel, we'd say Smith is probably just like the rest of us.

1 Doutzen Kroes

This VS model started dating her DJ boyfriend back in 2009, and they got married just one year later in Amsterdam. But Sunnery James is probably the most famous boyfriend on this list; with 140, 000 Twitter followers, he's quite the acclaimed DJ. The couple already have a son together and are expecting a baby girl.

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