8 Shocking Wardrobe Malfunctions That Tarnished Celeb Reputations

In this day and age, it's inevitable that a celebrity, at some point in their career, will not only experience a wardrobe malfunction, but this malfunction will also be well-documented, thanks to paparazzi, celebrity gossip magazines and the E! Network. Hollywood wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time, but only a select few have an everlasting effect on the celebrities' career and reputation. Most times, the world forgets faster than it took the celebrity to cover up the area where their wardrobe had failed them, but sometimes, like in the following wardrobe malfunctions, the world never forgot. Here are the eight shocking wardrobe malfunctions that tarnished celebrity reputations.

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8 Khloe Kardashian


In November 2012, Khloe Kardashian attempted to step out of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality show spotlight and do something that would make people take her a little more seriously. Khloe landed a co-hosting spot on the singing competition show, The X-Factor, alongside Mario Lopez. Although Khloe is a favorite on KUWTK, her humorous reality TV persona did not translate well to live television. Khloe suffered a series of missteps, including shouting into her microphone, appearing extremely nervous and having awkward conversations with the judges and contestants. As if it couldn't get any worse, Khloe wore a sheer top without a bra that didn't go quite well with the stage lighting. Simon Cowell commented at one point during the live show, “May I say, Khloe, you’re looking very sexy tonight. I think the air conditioning is on high tonight. It’s very distracting.” Although the whole 'bright lighting + sheer clothing = nudity' situation has happened to countless celebrities, this had a lasting effect on Khloe, because even when she tried to branch out from KUWTK and be taken seriously, she wasn't. She couldn't escape the Kardashian sex appeal or the 'I'm just a reality TV star' scenario. She was not asked to return for a second season of the X-Factor and Khloe hasn't done anything outside of the KUWTK realm since then.

7 Mischa Barton


6 Kim Kardashian


We've all seen much more of Kim than a wardrobe malfunction could ever display, however, her wardrobe malfunctions have tarnished her reputation in different ways. Kim's clothing has failed her many times by literally splitting apart, due to sometimes being too tight. Each time this has occurred, it has further proved than Kim Kardashian, just like everyone else, is not perfect. These embarrassing moments have showcased the fact that Kim is human just like the rest of us, even though we seem to forget this fact. Furthermore, in early September, Kim's skirt split right on the back middle seam - which, we've all gotten used to. However, her skirt was from her Kardashian Kollection and the fact that it tore so easily, points to poor quality, which effects her products' reputation as "high-quality Sears clothing," if that's even a real thing.

5 Anne Hathaway


At the December 2012 Les Miserables premier in New York City, prim and proper Anne Hathaway had a shocking wardrobe malfunction, when she got out of her vehicle without wearing underwear and incidentally showed everyone her Pikachu. Although this was shocking, the actual wardrobe malfunction didn't have a negative impact on Hathaway's reputation. Instead, it was her reaction to the incident that did the tarnishing. Anne already had the 'goody two shoes' reputation, which is what the masses disliked about her. This wardrobe malfunction gave her the opportunity to be seen as less than perfect, as a human, and as just like everyone else, but - instead, Hathaway ruined her opportunity and turned it into a 'I'm right and everyone else is wrong' issue. Instead of laughing it off and saying something like, "Next time, I'll be sure to wear underwear," Anne responded to the incident on the Today Show stating, "It was obviously an unfortunate incident. It kind of made me sad on two accounts. One was that I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment, and rather than delete it, and do the decent thing, sells it. And I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies the sexuality of unwilling participants."

4 Britney Spears


3 Lindsay Lohan

2 Tara Reid


In 2004, while attending P. Diddy's 35th B-day Bash, Tara Reid walked the red carpet. Her black strap on her dress had slid off of her shoulder, revealing her breast for a full 10 seconds (a lifetime in paparazzi land). Her publicist finally realized what had happened and helped Tara cover herself up, however - the damage was already done. Reid had recently had her breasts done and the wardrobe malfunction revealed a very botched boob job. In the 1990's, Tara had a blossoming career, starring in films like American Pie, My Boss's Daughter and Cruel Intentions, but after that 'boobisode', all people could really remember Tara Reid for is the botched plastic surgery. Nowadays, you can catch Reid on the Syfy network or in a Lifetime movie, because her career is seemingly botched as well.

1 Janet Jackson


At the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were set to perform. Janet started her performance by singing ‘Rhythm Nation’ and ‘All For You.’ Everything seemed to be going according to plan, until the closing of the show when Timberlake was singing, ‘Rock Your Body.’ While singing the final line, “Bet I’ll have you naked…,” he grabbed Jackson’s wardrobe, pulling it on cue, and ended with, “…by the end of this song.” For 9/16ths of a second, millions of viewers stared at Janet’s bare breast. Although it lasted less than a second, Janet's wardrobe malfunction was not soon forgotten. Jackson was banned from performing at the NFL (still to this day) and her music was essentially blacklisted from CBS and MTV programs. The 2004 Grammy's revoked Janet's invitation and Jackson's music career dwindled, since radio stations would not play her music. The 5-second delay was imposed on all future NFL performances and the phrase, 'Wardrobe Malfunction' was coined and added to the Oxford dictionary.

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