8 Reasons Why Iggy Azalea Is the Hottest Rapper This Summer

At the young age of 24, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is sitting on top of the world. It never ceases to amaze how the beginning of a person’s life has no bearings at all on where he/she ends up. All you need is a dream, ambition and endless drive and Iggy is gifted in all three areas. Even though summer just started, it looks like this Aussie hottie with a killer body is going to be hottest thing smoking in the next couple of months. Here are 8 reasons why Iggy Azalea is sure to be the “Hottest Rapper of the Summer.”

8 She has the #1 song in America: “Fancy”

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Summer is all about driving around with your top down and having great barbecue parties with loud music blaring out of the speakers. Azalea’s scorching hot single “Fancy” is just perfect for that. It has a catchy 80’s sounding electro-beat and the hook by singer Charlie XCX makes the song almost impossible to forget. And of course Iggy’s bold rapping style takes care of everything else. No doubt, this is going to be the night club favorite for the next several months.

7  She is featured on the #2 song in America:

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At the young age of 20, pop starlet Ariana Grande is already being described as the next coming of pop diva Mariah Carey. She already scored a huge hit last year with her song “My Way” featuring the much-loved Pittsburgh rapper, Mac Miller. This year, she released the upbeat single “Problem” from her sophomore album. The song features a winning cameo verse from Iggy Azalea, and it shot straight to the top. Not only is it ruling Billboard charts in the USA, it also topped the charts in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Denmark and Greece. It seems Iggy Azalea certainly has the Midas touch.

6 She is featured on T.I.’s hot new radio single:

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Successful rapper and actor T.I. is on the verge of releasing his 9th studio album called Paperwork: The Motion Picture. He’s planning on making this one of the biggest albums of his career and has already enlisted mega-producer Pharrell and even Lady Gaga to appear on the album. The first single just dropped; it is called “No Mediocre” and it is produced by the hottest Hip-Hop beatmaker of the moment, DJ Mustard. And guess who’s featured on this new single? You guessed it – Iggy Azalea. The song has a great tropical summer vibe, and the colorful music video was filmed in Rio to coincide with the ongoing World Cup – now that’s some really awesome planning and execution. The video and song will definitely take Iggy Azalea’s career to even higher heights.

5 She is dating Nick Young of the LA Lakers:

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These days, there is no part of a celebrity’s life that’s hidden away from the public eye. The swarming paparazzi and Social Media have made privacy a thing for the past. In her private life, Iggy Azalea is dating hot-shot Lakers baller Nick Young, and the two even appeared in a steamy GQ shoot together (see above). Whenever these lovebirds step out together, the cameras always follow suit. So even when the press isn’t talking about her music, you know they will be talking about her relationship with the star NBA player.

4 She is the perfect antidote to Nicki Minaj fatigue:

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For the last few years, the only female rapper really ringing bells on the scene was the Queens, NYC rapstress Nicki Minaj. And even though Nicki is supremely talented and oozes with star quality, there was bound to be some Nicki Minaj fatigue somewhere along the line. At this point, Iggy Azalea is the perfect antidote for that; she’s a Caucasian rapper from Australia with a southern accent. Yes, they both dress sexy and risqué, but in this era of pop culture, sex definitely sells and they both know that. This is not to say that Minaj’s reign in music is over, let’s just agree that there are now two queen s vying for the throne.

3 She is a refreshing anomaly in Hip-Hop right now:

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The Hip-Hop success trajectory often reads the same. Rappers come from the inner-city of America, they see rap as a way out, hone their rapping technique and then get a lucky break. Azalea’s story is completely different. She’s from Australia and moved to America with nothing but a dream to make it in rap music. She dated A$AP Rocky for a bit and ended up affiliating with rapper T.I. and his Grand Hustle label. Then she goes on to rule the charts – you couldn’t write a better movie script.

2 Quite simply – she is just HOT:

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Let’s face the facts - it definitely helps to be good-looking and sexy when you’re trying to make it in movies or music. Iggy Azalea is tall with a voluptuous body and a pretty face. In 2012, she actually signed to Wilhelmina Models so she could make proper use of her God-given assets. She knows how to move too – check out her “Work” video on YouTube (which has over 56 million views) and you’ll be immediately convinced of her sex-symbol status.

1 The Timing Is Right:

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There is an oft-spoken saying that states, “Timing Is Everything.” That’s exactly the case  with Iggy Azalea. Everything has come together perfectly for her to be flying high at this point in time. All her successful singles (“Work”, “Fancy”), her cameo with Ariana Grande on “Problem” and even appearing on the soundtrack of The Other Woman movie earlier this year. All these different things have been the little drops of water that have collected to form a mighty tsunami. Get used to her name and face -  you’re going to be seeing a lot about her in the months and years to come.

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