8 Great Movies that got Terrible Reviews

Don't you just hate it when you've completed a project that took you forever to create, and all of your friends just kind of shrug their shoulders and say, “Eh, could have been better.” You feel deflated, you feel like all of your hard work and effort has gone completely unnoticed and misunderstood. Well guess what? There have been famous directors that have felt that way too.

Throughout film history, there have always been movies that have been completely outstanding, that you could watch over and over again and still love to death, that have gotten disgustingly horrible reviews. Either this list will help you feel a little better about the projects or ideas that went south for you or you’ll want to write letters to these critics that are completely out of their minds.

Haven't heard of the newest critic that slammed the movie Neighbors for linking the comedy within that movie, to that of the Santa Barbara shooter? The critic, Ann Hornaday, stated: “How many students watch outsized frat-boy fantasies and feel unjustly shut out of college life that should be full of ‘sex and fun and pleasure’?” Seth Rogen and Director Judd Apatow quickly reacted back, with Rogen tweeting: “How are you implying that me getting girls in movies caused a lunatic to go on a rampage?”. You see, even critics can take it a step too far when handing out opinions for movies.

So, pop some popcorn, and turn on that “noggin” of yours, and come up with your own critic review; the kind that these movies should have gotten.

8 The Godfather Part II

The movie series of all movie series; The Godfather. This movie is the type of movie that everyone has to see, because well, it’s the Godfather of all movies. However, there was a pretty hilariously funny review made by the New York Times that tore this movie to shreds. The director, Francis Ford Coppola, probably had to take a seat after this bad review: “It’s a second movie made largely out of the bits and pieces of Mr.Puzo’s novel that didn't fit into the first. It’s Frankenstein’s monster stitched together from leftover parts. It talks. It moves and fits and starts but it has no mind of its own. Occasionally it repeats a point made [in the first film], but its insights are fairly lame at this point”. I know, all of you Godfather fans are ready to start a mob.

7 Titanic

You would think that this 1997 movie that won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Cinematography would leave the critics quiet in their seats. However, there were multiple critic reviews that couldn’t stand the thought of sitting for another three hours to watch this historical fiction movie take place. The Washington Post stated: “This movie should have blown us out of the water. Instead we catch ourselves occasionally thinking the unpardonable thought: “Okay, sink already”. The Los Angeles Times also took a stab at it, saying, “What audiences end up with word-wise is a hackneyed, completely derivative copy of old Hollywood romances, a movie that reeks of phoniness and lacks even minimal originality”. Ouch.

6 Star Wars Return of the Jedi (1983)

Star Wars is another “King” of movie series; having huge fans watching and hoping for more and more new releases. However, this Star Wars film, directed by Richard Marquand, had some off-handed reviews. The New York Times wrote back in 1983, that “The old Star Wars gang is back doing what they've done before, but this time with a certain evident boredom”. What do you think Star Wars fans?

5 Forrest Gump

Ah, life is like a box of chocolates, isn't it? This movie surely didn't know what reviews it was going to get with its 1994 release date. However, it won Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Cinematography (amongst many others) at the 1995 Academy Awards. Regardless, Entertainment Weekly stated, “It is also glib, shallow, and monotonous, a movie that spends so much time sanctifying its hero that, despite his 'innocence', he ends up seeming about as vulnerable as Superman”. Poor Gump!

4 Gladiator

The 2000 film, Gladiator, was the hyped film of the summer. Its tagline “A Hero Will Rise” should be enough to pull you in. However, most critics were struck by its supposedly lack of surprise and action. The Washington Post stated: “Friends, Washingtonians, countrymen, I come not to praise Gladiator but to bury it”. Well, I can tell you one thing, most audiences that went and saw this movie, left feeling quite entertained.

3 Fight Club

One of the first movies to break Brad Pitt into his stardom was the movie Fight Club, directed by David Fincher in 1999. The “Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.” didn't help much with what the critics thought on this movie either; although many of us were thrilled at the incredible twist at the end, as well as the continuing dark humor that was stitched throughout the movie. The Los Angeles Times wrote: “What’s most troubling about this witless mishmash of whiny, infantile philosophizing and bone-crunching violence is the increasing realization that it actually thinks it’s saying something of significance.”

2 The Shining

The Shining still is the most psychological thriller that most people cringe when they think about it; which is what the director, Stanley Kubrick, wanted to happen. However, this review made by The Globe and Mail (Toronto) left fans of The Shining speechless: “The Shining is an overreaching, multi-levelled botch were it not for Jack Nicholson”. Although The Shining didn't go to win any Oscars, it was widely appreciated by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, winning Best Horror Film in 1981.

1 Anchorman

It’s surprising to see Anchorman on this list, isn't it? However, if you aren't a fan of Will Ferrell, then it’s not surprising why critics would go after this movie and devour it. Anchorman was released in the summer of 2004, with high anticipation. With its hilarious remarks, and quick puns, why wouldn't you laugh at this spectacle of a movie. Although it didn't win any awards, it still won the hearts of the youngsters out there. However, the New York Post stated "Ferrell is funny […] but too often the plot leaves him hanging and he resorts to just yelling really loud”.

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