8 Celebrity Wedding Rules - According To Kim & Kanye

Unless you are living under a gigantic boulder somewhere on a remote island, then you are aware of the media frenzy that went down this past weekend surrounding the lavish wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. There is no doubt at all that this wedding cost millions of dollars, and we would expect nothing less from two of the most attention-loving, limelight-hounding celebrity characters in existence today. These two might just be the pop culture King & Queen of the present social-media zeitgeist. So we feel it’s only fair, as a service to other celebrities getting married in the future, to present the new rules of celebrity weddings according to Kanye and Kim.

8. Have Your Bachelorette Party In Paris 

  Make sure the wedding is set in beautiful European locations and invite all your celebrity girlfriends for a sexy Parisian bachelorette party. Also be sure to take beautiful, Instagram-ready pictures at the The Louvre and Eiffel Tower. We have to hand it to "KimYe" though - it's not an easy thing to plan a glamorous bachelorette party across the Atlantic. But you know how the saying goes: when money talks, things seem to magically fall into place.

7 Have An Exclusive Pre-Wedding Performance By Lana del Rey 

Ever since she stepped on the scene in 2010, Ms. Del Rey has proved herself to be a formidable and fashionable chanteuse. She tends to be a little eccentric at times, but hey, Kim and Kanye are not the most regular people on earth either. From the looks of the post-performance pictures, it seems she knocked it out the park.

6 Have A Pre-Wedding Brunch With Valentino 

To show the world how wonderfully connected you are, have a pre-wedding brunch at the stunning French countryside mansion of legendary fashion designer, Valentino.

It's common knowledge by now that Kanye West has been trying his hardest for the last several years to be accepted by the elite of the fashion world. Kanye has even said publicly on the Zane Lowe BBC show how Hedi Silimane, the designer of Saint Laurent, Paris disrespected him. So in the mind of Mr. West, being hosted by global fashion legend Valentino Garavani is a big deal indeed.

5 Throw A Plush Pre-Wedding Event At The Palace Of Versailles

 If you've ever been to the Palace of Versailles, you know that it's one of the most opulent, expansive and luxurious estates ever created. It speaks a lot of the psyche of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian that they chose to have their pre-wedding extravaganza in this historical bastion of man-made beauty. It was also at this location that Kanye made the following assertion to the guests assembled: “Kim is more beautiful than I am talented.”

4  4. Fly Separately To The Wedding Venue

For the actual wedding, the couple switched locations and flew separately on private jets to Florence. The couple said their I-do's at the Belvedere Fort (Forte di Belvedere) located in the Oltrarno District of Florence Italy. The scenic location offers breathtaking views of the lush countryside and the picturesque Arno River. It's been speculated before that Kim and Kanye are all cash and minimal class, but their choice of such a serene setting for their wedding proves otherwise.

3 Invite Your Celebrity Friends

Inviting musician friends including stars and their notable significant others like: John Legend & Chrissy Teigen and Tyga & Blac Chyna. In addition to all the music guests on hand, other recognizable faces present were luminaries of the fashion world like Andre Leon Talley and Giuseppe Zanotti. Also Scottie Pippen, Hall of Fame NBA player was there too.

2 Properly Serenade Your Wife-To-Be

At the actual wedding event, serenade your guests with beautiful singing by world acclaimed Tenor, Andrea Bocelli. Once again, enlisting the spectacular talent of Mr. Bocelli proves that Kanye and Kim were aiming to have a truly fantastic ceremony steeped with classic and timeless elements. His music is definitely a far cry from the "rebel rap" of Kanye's latest Yeezus album, but it's a perfect choice for the peaceful Florence countryside setting.

1 Celeb Photo Booth Is A Must

Make sure to have a photo-booth at your wedding, especially if your friends are famous; celebrity teen, Jaden Smith had to dress in a white batman suit and photo-bomb tons of pictures. It was also rumored that Jaden and Kylie Jenner got pretty cozy during the wedding and shared some visible make-out moments. It seems like Love was definitely in the air. Speaking about love, isn't it a little weird that Jay-Z, Kanye's musical mentor, 'Watch the Throne' collaborator, and figurative "Big Brother" wasn't at the wedding?

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