7Mr. A

Published: 1967

In 1967, Steve Ditko — comic book hall of famer and co-creator of the original Spider-Man — conceived Rex Graine. Graine, following the typical journalist-cum-superhero design, was a resolutely ethical reporter for the Daily Crusader by day and a steel-masked crime-fighter by night.

In the two-issue series, Mr. A

— armed only with a revolver — doles out a heaping helping of vigilante justice all while proselytizing his — and Ditko’s — bizarre Randian philosophies. Unwilling to accept the existence of moral grey areas, Mr. A was famous for presenting criminals with his stark business card, decorated with only two squares — one black, one white — while informing them, typically at gunpoint, that “[i]t is either one or the other! Take your choice!”

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