7 Successful Careers That Were Killed By A Terrible Film

Sometimes making a career choice can be downright impossible. There is always the lingering question, “did I make the right choice?” Sometimes the wrong choice can send your career in an unexpected downward spiral. This is especially true for actors and actresses. When they choose to act in a movie, it’s practically always a gamble. It’s a gamble whether the audience will like it or not, whether they will be typecast in that character for the rest of their career, or if the movie will be so incredibly bad that it will mean the end of a once thriving acting career. That’s exactly what happened to the ill-fated actors and actresses listed below. They chose to be in movies that the public hated so much, it meant the near end of their time as an A-list star. Some of these actors tried to do other, more successful projects, while others simply decided to retire after their career-ruining movie came out. Whatever they decided, the seven actors and actresses listed below were undoubtedly in career killing movies.

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7 Sean Connery - The League of Extraordinary Gentleman

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The Movie:

Comic book series have often proved difficult to translate to the big screen and, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was no different. The movie attempted to team up famous fantasy, SF and adventure characters in an alternate Victorian Universe but it failed in nearly every aspect. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman bombed with audiences and critics alike. The film barely managed to make a profit and led to the end of some promising careers.

What Happened After:

After the disappointing outcome of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Sean  Connery conveniently decided that it was time to retire. He retired after a successful film career that included movies such as: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Goldfinger. He announced his retirement in 2005, with the failure of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman still fresh in his mind. However, the movie didn't just seemingly end the career of Connery, it also killed the director of the films career, Steve Norrington and not to mention, most of the supporting cast.

6 Jennifer Lopez - Gigli

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The Movie:

Gigli is a movie that people still enjoy to make fun of. The movie told the story about a criminal lesbian, a hit-man and a mentally challenged man, that all become friends. Long story short, critics and audiences absolutely hated the movie. The Onion even said, “Gigli focus group demand new ending in which both Ben Affleck and Lopez die.”

What Happened Next:

While Lopez didn't start out acting, her crossover career from music looked pretty promising, until Gigli hit theaters. Sam Adams of the Philadelphia paper said this about her performance in Gigli, “Jennifer Lopez starts by reminding you what an appealing star she can be and finished by reminding you why you hate her so much.” While Ben Affleck’s career was hurt by his appearance in the box office disaster, he managed to get his career going again while Lopez never really got hers off the ground. After Gigli, she started doing Latino-focused movies and tried to get back into music. However, her 2007 album Brave peaked at number 12 on the billboard charts making it her first album to not break top 10.

5 Halle Berry - Catwoman

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The Movie:

When Catwoman went into production, it was assumed that the superhero movie would be a huge success. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the film, nor for Halle Berry. The misguided movie tried to tell the story of a shy woman who literally acts like a cat and is both a hero and a criminal at times. Matt Soergel of the Florida Times-Union said this about the movie, “Catwoman is worse than bad-it’s boring. So boring it’s not even laughable.”

What Happened Next:

Just three years after Halle Berry won the Oscar for Monster’s Ball, she won the Razzie for worst actress. Berry took her win in stride but the damage to her career was seemingly done. Other than her work in X-Men, Berry hasn't found much success since her appearance in Catwoman. She did appear in New Years Eve and Movie 43, but they were hardly noteworthy performances. She also appeared in the movie Cloud Atlas alongside Tom Hanks, but it was a movie that a lot of critics and audiences just didn't get. Unfortunately for Berry, it looks like her once promising career will die with Catwoman. 

4 Elizabeth Berkley- Showgirls

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The Movie:

Showgirls told the story about a young girl named Nomi, who arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer, and ends up clawing her way to becoming one of Las Vegas’ top showgirls. The movie garnered attention because it was the first wide-release movie to gain an NC-17 rating. However, the rating made it unlikely that it would be a theatrical success and it ended up bombing in theaters.

What Happened Next:

3 Geena Davis- Cutthroat Island

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The Movie:

Cutthroat Island saw the end of a lot of promising careers. The movie attempted to tell the story of a female pirate and her crew, who race to find a hidden island and the treasure that it contains. However, the movie’s huge budget and the stiff script made this movie a failure before it even his theaters. Todd McCarthy of Variety said this about Geena Davis’ performance, “Towering over many of the men and strapping in her feminized pirate gear, Davis nonetheless seems similarly out of her element, with virtually all of her quirky appeal neutralized by the single-mindedly determined, straight-ahead demands of her action-hero role.”

What Happened Next:

Cutthroat Island was such a spectacular failure that it saw the bankruptcy of the movie studio that backed it. It also ended the career of the director, Renny Harlin and crushed Matthew Modine’s leading actor dreams. Although Geena Davis had been one of the biggest stars of the 80’s and 90’s, Cutthroat Island saw the end of her once shining star power. After the movie, she appeared in The Stuart Little trilogy, and well, that’s about it.

2 Kevin Costner- Waterworld

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The Movie:

Waterworld is set in the future, when all the polar ice caps have melted and the Earth is underwater. Kevin Costner plays a mutated mariner who fights both starvation and outlaws, and halfheartedly helps a woman and girl to safety. The movie had a very hefty budget, which made the loss all the more devastating when it bombed in theaters. Even worse, a novel, a game and three theme-park rides were all modeled after the box office disaster.

What Happened Next:

Costner, who both directed and starred in Waterworld, saw the slowing of his career after the release of the movie. Although he did a few movies after, it definitely marked the beginning of the end. After the release of his next bomb, The Postman, the release of films with Kevin Costner starring in them slowed down dramatically. He has yet to find the fame he once had.

1 Mike Myers- The Love Guru

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The Movie:

The Love Guru tells the story of Pitka, an American who has been raised outside of his country by gurus, who returns to the states to get into the self-help business. The comedy was an utter disaster with critics and audiences alike. It attempted to get easy, quick laughs through gross out comedy and unnecessary violence.

What Happened Next:

Mike Myers was the writer, producer and starring actor of The Love Guru, meaning that all the blame for this box office failure fell on him. After the disaster that is The Love Guru, Myer’s career was essentially over. His successful franchise Shrek, had finally reached its end and there seemed to be nothing left for Myer’s to do. It’s been over a decade since Myer’s last successful live action film has been released and it doesn't seem like his career will be coming back to life anytime soon.

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