7 Celebs With Hot Siblings You Didn't Know About

Having a sibling can be one of the greatest blessings. When you’re lucky enough to have a sister or a brother, you have someone that will be there for you through the thick and the thin. They say that friends come and go, but family is forever and this can definitely be true for siblings. A sibling grows up with you, they know your likes and dislikes, they know how to make you smile and how to make you mad, and most importantly, they love you unconditionally.

Sometimes it’s surprising to find out that celebrities have siblings that have managed to stay out of the public eye. Especially when they’re just as good looking, if not more good looking than their famous counterparts. Below is a list of seven celebrities and their hot siblings. Whether these celebrity’s siblings are trying to keep out of the public eye, or maybe trying to break into show business themselves, it’s clear that they all came from one gifted gene pool.

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7 Kate and Oliver Hudson

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6 James and Dave Franco

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Even though you've probably already heard of Dave Franco, we still think he’s deserving of a place on this list. Dave Franco is James Franco’s little bro. He is a rising star who has played leads in movies such as 21 Jump Street, Now You See Me, Warm Bodies and Neighbors. Not to mention, many believe that he is arguably the hotter of the Franco brothers. Dave has told Perez Hilton this, about being James Franco’s little brother, “It’s both a blessing and a curse. I respect him so much, but I want to carve my own path.” Well we think that Dave Franco is doing just fine breaking away from his older brother’s shadow.

5 Penelope and Monica Cruz

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No, you’re not seeing double. You’re just seeing two insanely gorgeous girls who share the same genes. Monica, is actually the younger sister of Penelope Cruz. Monica studied at The Royal Academy of Dance. She studied ballet and flamenco dancing. Her schooling eventually led her to a job in a flamenco dance company for seven years. After that, she decided to leave her dancing days behind her to pursue a career as an actress, just like her big sis. In 2005, she started landing roles on Spanish television shows and in 2010; she was Penelope’s double in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, when Penelope became too pregnant to shoot the scenes. Although Monica’s success as an actress is far less than her older sister’s, we have faith that this rising star will make it to the top one day. If she shares any of her sister’s talented genes, her chances are pretty high.

4 Miley and Brandi Cyrus

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Brandi is Miley Cyrus’ 26-year-old sister. Apparently, musical talent runs in the family because Brandi is a musician too. She has also made a couple of cameo appearances on Miley’s hit Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. Like her little sis, Brandi is also an animal lover. She loves horses and dogs, and is even a competitive equestrian. In addition, Brandi is a model and she even has her own fashion line. Brandi first caught the public’s eye when she arrived on the Red Carpet at the American Music Awards in 2013, with her adoptive father Billy Ray Cyrus. The star in the making, looked gorgeous wearing a white Rachel Zoe dress leaving everyone asking, who is that girl? Of course, everyone would soon find out that the mystery girl was none other than, Miley Cyrus’ older sister.

3 Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

It’s twins! Patricia is actually the fraternal twin sister of Gisele Bundchen. It must be difficult being the twin sister of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, but the beautiful Patricia Bundchen has found her own form of success. The pair started out in a modeling course together in 1993, but only Gisele decided to pursue it as a career. She would eventually go on to become the world’s highest-paid supermodel. On the other hand, Patricia went on to become Gisele’s manager. Were thinking Patricia is doing pretty well for herself considering Gisele’s super star status.

2 Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen

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While the Olsen twins seem to have hit super-stardom during their younger years, their younger sister, Elizabeth, is just getting started. The talented young actress is known for movies such as Silent House, Martha Marcy May Marlene and most recently, Godzilla. Elizabeth is the youngest sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley. When Elizabeth was younger, she had cameos in some of her older sister’s movies but she tended to stay out of the spotlight. In 2009, Elizabeth spent a semester studying at the Moscow Art Theater in Russia and in 2011, she got her big break when she starred in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Elizabeth’s star power seems to be heating up, she will have a starring role in the highly anticipated movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

1 Emma and Alex Watson

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Amazing looks seem to run in the Watson family because Alex Watson is just as hot as his big sis, Emma Watson. Emma’s hunky younger brother is actually a model and has recently landed a big time gig with Burberry Prorsum. The pair look eerily alike, so much so that they could easily be twins. In his younger years, Alex Watson played an extra in the first two Harry Potter movies. He, and his big sis, also starred in a commercial photo shoot for Burberry together. The Watson duo makes us all thankful for beautiful genes.

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