7 Celebrities That Are Downright Rude To Their Fans

It’s a sad fact that no matter where you go in life, you’re always going to come into contact with rude people. Whether it be in a supermarket, at a football game, or even at a family function, rude people are everywhere. This seems to be especially true with celebrities. This is probably due to the fact that, if a celebrity is having an off day and does something that can be read as mean, the public knows about it. Although, the public tends to forgive most of these incidents. But then there are the celebrities that seem to be having an off day 99% of the time. These are the celebrities that have presumably let fame get to their head. There are countless stories of celebrities being rude to fans by screaming at them, refusing to talk to them, or refusing to take a photograph with them. One would think that with all the good fortune they have had in life, they would want to share some of that with their fans, but this is definitely not the case with these 7 celebrties. They have done things that are downright cruel. Maybe it’s time for these stars to get a reality check.

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7 Christian Bale

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Recently, Christian Bale has started to become recognized for his bad temper, more than his talent. In 2008, Bale was accused of assaulting his mother and sister in London. He was arrested but the charges were eventually dropped. Videos of the star have been leaked, of him going on rants and threatening to get physical with people that were on set with him. In addition to abusing his own family and threatening people on set, Bale has also been rude to his fans. According to Harrison Cheung, Bale’s former publicist, Bale was so mean to some of his fans that he actually made them cry. Reportedly, a group of young girls went up to Bale to get an autograph, Bale responded by, “lecturing little girls about being rude and intrusive until tears streamed down their faces, and their parents tugged them away from our table.” Cheung has also claimed that Bale said he wanted to ‘eliminate’ fans after receiving letters from them at his home. It looks like Christian Bale definitely has a dark side.

6  6. Jennifer Lopez

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5 Kim Kardashian

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There have always been rumors that Kim Kardashian is rude to just about everyone when the cameras are turned off and apparently, her ex-husband, Kris Humphries has proof of her rudeness. Reportedly, Humphries has old voicemails and texts from Kim that slams the star's fans. In the voicemails, Kim refers to her fans as ‘nobodies,’ ‘pathetic,’ ‘gullible,’ ‘stupid imbeciles’ and ‘boring little nobodies.’ In addition to these accusations, Kim has reported that she will no longer take pictures with fans or give out autographs. It seems like Kim needs to remember that her fans are the ones who got her to where she is now, and she should show some appreciation.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow

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3 Kanye West

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It has been said that no one loves Kanye more than Kanye, and with all his crazy past antics, there is probably a lot of truth to that statement. Not even Kanye’s fans love Kanye more than he loves himself, and that definitely shows. The star has been called out for being rude and arrogant and just all around unpleasant. Who could forget the time he took the mic out of Taylor Swift's hands and said that Beyonce deserved the award more than she did. Apparently, this rude attitude translates to his personal life as well. Khloe Kardashian has called him out as being, “rude  and arrogant and has a temper.” Even President Barack Obama has called the star a jackass. In the past, Kanye has made headlines for attacking a photographer and an 18 year old girl. In addition, Kanye refuses to take pictures and give autographs to his fans.

2 Britney Spears

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There have been countless stories about Britney Spears being rude to her fans. Some of these allegations include, screaming at an 8-year old fan and calling her a skank, cancelling a gig for her adoring fans because she thought the stage she was supposed to perform on was too big, that she will refuse gifts from fans, and that a lot of the time she doesn't allow her fans to take pictures with her, nor will she sign autographs. Whether these stories are true or not, there are a lot of them out there, leaving many to believe that there is some truth to them. Recently, Britney was taking pictures with her fans for publicity, she reportedly refused to touch them and she looked like she had on a fake smile the entire time. It seems like Spears needs to show some more love towards her fans.

1 Justin Bieber

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When it comes to being rude to fans, Justin Bieber undoubtedly takes the cake. Bieber seems to have grown up from his childhood star days, but not in the best of ways. There have been reports of Bieber spitting on fans, peeing in buckets and just being all around nasty. Other incidents of Bieber being rude to his fans include reports of him calling one of his biggest fans a beached whale, refusing to sign his fans autographs and showing up late to his concerts. Once, when Bieber was supposed to perform for all his fans in London, he came on stage so late that many of his younger friends had to leave the show. Needless to say, there were a lot of heartbroken Bieber fans that night. If Beiber continues his rude antics, he will definitely lose some of his true Beleibers.

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