7 Celebrities Banned From Countries Around The Globe

All countries around the world have their own laws and customs. With a valid passport, we are able to travel around the globe to discover different cultures, religions and walks of life. When we travel to a new country, we are expected to honor and obey the laws and customs of that country whilst visiting. However, our past can be a contributing factor as to whether we are even allowed to enter the country after leaving the plane.

Any person who has committed a crime, runs the risk of being inadmissible for entry to the country they are trying to visit. The decision is made on how the crime committed equates to the laws of the country being visited. Drugs and violence are usually the main causes of being refused entry, however some countries will ban people for dishonor or disrespect of their culture or religion. If celebrities think that they are above these laws, then they are very much mistaken!

7 Sacha Baron Cohen

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If you saw Sacha Baron Cohen in the street, you could probably be forgiven for not giving him a second glance, as he is famous for playing, creating and dressing up as fictional characters like Ali G and Bruno Gehard.

Sacha, known as Baron Cohen, is a comedy writer and actor from Britain. One of his most famous personalities was Ali G, where he would host a chat show, putting celebrities through their paces with some awkward interview questions. In 2012, Baron was banned from the Oscars unless he agreed not to attend the awards dressed as The Dictator, his current film role, as they did not want him promoting the movie, however this was overturned. All the drama regarding this gave him more publicity than if they had just let him attend in the first place. Baron himself has not been banned from anywhere yet, however, one of his alter ego’s that appears in the film Borat, has been banned across the globe, mainly in Arabian countries due to its controversial content.

6 Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton rose to celebrity socialite status through inherited wealth and fame. Paris certainly has no rags to riches success story. Her great grandfather founded the Hilton Hotel brand, which enabled Paris to be famous, for being famous. Paris went on to star in two reality shows, write an autobiography and land small acting and voice roles in various movies. She has also elevated her fame by celebrity endorsement on fashion and perfume.  More recently, Paris opened her own stores and now has over 40 worldwide, full of her own products from handbags to watches.

Paris has always partied hard, which led to being arrested for possession of cocaine whilst in Las Vegas. The vehicle Paris was riding in was pulled over, and cocaine fell out of her pocket. This was not the first time Paris had been in trouble with the police, she had already served 23 days in jail in 2007 for driving under the influence. With this history in mind, Paris boarded a plane in 2010, traveling to Tokyo for promotion of her products. On arrival, she was questioned for 6 hours overnight. On completion of the Japanese authorities' investigation, they put her back on a plane home. Japan has very strict drug laws, which made Paris inadmissible to the country.

5 Chris Brown

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Since 2009, Chris Brown is probably more famous for his volatile relationship with Rihanna, then for his music career that up until this point, had been going from strength to strength. Growing up, Chris promoted a wholesome well-rounded lifestyle. He was involved in his church choir and taught himself to sing and dance. His career took off after being signed to Jive Records in 1994 and Chris released several successful albums. In 2007, his career took a turn towards acting where he landed a few small screen roles, which lead to more substantial roles on the big screen.

In 2009, Chris was arrested and charged for assaulting his then girlfriend, Rihanna. This assault not only resulted in community service and 5 years probation, it also resulted in a ban from entering the United Kingdom.

4 Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga has a fitting name as she could definitely be described as a little ‘gaga’. Her strange costumes and individual look provides many a talking point. Lady Gaga started off at the New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, after gaining the coveted honor of early acceptance. However, she didn't complete her course as she wanted to develop and seek creative expression. She worked a variety of jobs including being a ‘gogo’ dancer.

Eventually, after writing songs for other artists she was found by Akon, the R&B singer. No one can deny that some of Lady Gaga’s costumes are risque and revealing, and her dance moves scream sex. Most countries are happy to let her perform to full concert venues, however, Indonesia does not agree. Although the concert was a sell out, Islamic hard liners were ready to protest, citing that her music might destroy their children's senses of morality. Officials were concerned that they would not be able to contain the protest, so they put a stop to her coming to Indonesia.

3 Madonna


Madonna is most certainly an icon in the music industry. She has constantly reinvented herself and her music throughout her 30 + years in the business. She has sold more than 300 million records globally, and played Peron in one of the most critically appreciated films, Evita, winning a Golden Globe for Best Actress for the role.

Her fame throughout the years has not been without some negativity across the Globe.  Madonna and her family are Catholic. However, the Catholic church called for her to be excommunicated after her mock crucifixion atop a glittery cross in Rome, which was part of her confessions tour, happened. She was in trouble with Rome again when The Vatican enforced Madonna to cancel her tour dates in Italy, due to her religious images in 'Like A Prayer' videos.

Additionally, the Russians felt that her concert constituted illegal commercial activity and due to their tight visa requirements, she will probably be denied any future visa to Russia. Madonna also managed to upset Malawi’s president and although she was not banned from visiting, the president did revoke her VIP status as she felt that Madonna made poor people dance for her. Boy, does she ever seem to cause controversy across the globe.

2 Snoop Dogg

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By anybody's standards, being banned from one country around the world would be upsetting, so how would it feel to be banned from 4 countries? Snoop Dogg is an old school rapper. After being discovered by Dr Dre. in 1992, he has gone on to sell over 30 million record albums throughout the world. Snoop has also appeared in various movies and has hosted television shows including, Dogg After Dark.

In 2012, Snoop Dogg changed his alias to Snoop Lion, after converting to the Rastafari Movement. Using this name, he released a reggae album but still uses Snoop Dogg for his rap music. But whether its Snoop Lion or Snoop Dogg, its irrelevant to the immigration officers of the UK. After his entourage and himself caused a scene in Heathrow Airport, and along with his previous criminal record, he was issued with a lifetime ban from entering the UK. To top it off, British Airways have also banned him from ever flying with them again. As well as the UK, Snoop has been banned from Norway after trying to enter the country with drugs. The Netherlands and Australia have also banned him, but Australia has since revoked this ban after Snoops charity work.

1 Gary Glitter

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Gary Glitter was originally famous for his bright costumes with huge flares and high wedged heels. He was a glam rocker and was extremely popular in the 70s. However, Gary Glitter hid a very nasty dark secret behind his glam rock demeanor. In the late 1990s, his career fell out of the sky with a huge bang, when it was revealed that he held criminal convictions for possession of thousands of images of child pornography. These were found on his laptop after he took it to a repair shop. Obviously this caused a media frenzy and in 1999, he was found guilty of this offence, sentenced to 4 months in prison and put on the sex offenders list.

From here Glitter fled the UK, moving around the globe until he settled in Cambodia, where he stayed until 2002. They deported him to Vietnam because of suspected child sexual abuse. Once in Vietnam, he was arrested and charged after molesting underage girls, and if the authorities had gained enough proof to convict him of rape, then he would have been put to death. After he was released from prison in 2008, he returned to the UK. Since being back, he was prevented from traveling to any other country across the globe, this ban has now been lifted, however, he will remain on the sex offenders list and has to alert officials should he want to travel for more than 3 days. Due to the nature of his offences, the majority of countries would not allow him entry even if he decided to travel.

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