6 Of The Steamiest Onscreen Movie Kisses

Sometimes when watching a movie, we get so engrossed in the characters we are seeing the actors portray, and forget all about our cares and worries in our own lives. Our souls and minds get taken over by the spirits of those involved in the film and on occasion, picture ourselves as those being played on the big screen. The best kisses we see in the movies aren't always the longest ones; sometimes we wait so long for the actors to get together that even a small smooch on the cheek is worth waiting for. About a hundred years ago, it was unheard of to see a lavish kiss (as it was considered taboo) and nowadays, it just seems as if they try to focus on the longest and most drawn-out kisses when they are not as well-deserved as some of the older movies. It’s all about the script, the writing and the portrayal of the characters that make us get all “steamed” up when it comes to an extraordinary smooching scene. Most of these movies have the best kisses at the end, when we have all been waiting for that special moment, and have anticipated the final kissing occurrence during the entire film. Sometimes, maybe the best and steamiest kisses aren't always the kiss itself, but in the events leading up to that moment.

Caution: Movie spoilers are included.  If you haven’t seen these movies yet, reading the full descriptions may ruin the endings for you.

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6 Serendipity – John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale

According to Merriam-Webster, the full, formal definition of serendipity is “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for;” or in other words, a “happy chance.” Some people believe that we are all meant to find that special “someone” and that fate has a huge part in playing that role. Sara Thomas (played by Kate Beckinsale) whole-heartedly believed in her true destiny, to find that one person that she was absolutely meant to be with, and would stop at nothing to let fate make that decision for her. After a brief encounter, Sara tries to make sure that Jonathan (performed by John Cusack) is her absolute one true love and decides to write her phone number in a book and sell it to a bookstore. She then tells Jonathan that if he finds the book he can have her number. For the next several years, Jonathan remembers his “one night” with Sara, and finally gives up on the chance that he may find her. Eventually, they reunite and the kiss at the end is fantastic, thus proving that they were meant to be together.

5 Never Been Kissed – Drew Barrymore & Michael Vartan

Although it’s not the sexiest or steamiest kiss on the list, the one at the end of the movie is probably the most anticipated. Drew Barrymore plays Josie Geller, a journalist who goes undercover as a high school student and ends up falling for her teacher. That very same teacher, Sam Coulson (played by Michael Vartan) eventually falls for Josie, as well. There is only one problem; he is her English teacher and does not realize that she is not 17; she’s actually 24 and writing a story for the newspaper. Josie states that she has never had that long, passionate kiss that everyone talks about and is hoping that she will one day meet that guy that she can share her “first kiss” with. Towards the end of the movie, Sam learns of Josie’s true age and why she is posing as a high school student. She goes to a baseball stadium at the very end, hoping that Sam will show up. Sam runs to her after speeding to get to the field, and then they share a long, passionate kiss in front of hundreds of fans in the stadium.

4 It’s a Wonderful Life – James Stewart & Donna Reed

During the month of December, It’s a Wonderful life can almost always be seen on television at one time or another. It was a film created back in 1945, but is still a favorite of a great deal of people today. In the movie, James Stewart plays George Bailey, a man who has pretty much given up on life and is about to end it all when his guardian angel shows up and illustrates to George all there is to live for; including what would happen if he had not have been born and what life for everyone else would be like.

In the movie, George was a wonderful man; giving up his dreams to save his brother from having to take over the savings and loan company that their father had started, helping people out when they needed without asking for anything in return, and even saved his brother from drowning when he was merely twelve years old; in which he lost his hearing because of it. George met the woman he was going to marry when he was a very young age, but did not date her until a much later stage in his life. At one point, Mary (played by Donna Reed) is talking on the phone with her boyfriend, when George is standing next to her, as they both are trying to be in on the conversation. The phone has a separate ear piece, so the two need to be very close together so they can hear their friend talk. It is very awkward, as George and Mary are speaking to her boyfriend while gazing at one another in an extremely loving manner. His head is almost cowering over hers, as he smells her hair and is trying to listen to his friend talk at the same time. Once they hang up, the power is so overwhelming that they end up kissing each other so passionately, that her mother (who is also listening in to the conversation on the other phone) yells out and runs up the stairs to avoid seeing the encounter.

3 The Fifth Element – Bruce Willis & Mila Jovovich

Set in the distant future, Bruce Willis plays Korben Dallas, a taxi driver who has Leelo (played by Mila Jovovich) literally fall into his cab while he is driving it. Korben, along with a few friends, arrive at a temple where earth, air, fire and water are needed to release the stone’s powers to stop the Earth from being destroyed. After much collaboration, he realizes that Leelo is the fifth element, the true Supreme Being that is needed in addition to four stones to stop impending doom upon the Earth. He isn't quite sure what to do since she is highly separated from her previous supreme status, so he kisses her, which blasts a light through her and all throughout the world. Now wouldn't everyone like a kiss that ends up saving life as we know it?

2 Spider-Man – Kirsten Dunst & Tobey Maguire

Although we might not imagine a Marvel film would make the cut on this list, if you've seen this version of the Spider-Man movie, you'll understand why. This film sees Peter Parker (played by Tobey Maguire), discovering that he is starting to experience weird behaviors and is actually turning into a super-hero. While becoming a confident and changed person, he is still reluctant to tell Mary-Jane Watson (played by Kirsten Dunst) that he has been in love with her for 6 years. In one of the most memorable scenes from the film, Spider-Man is seen hanging upside down in the rain, while Mary-Jane removes enough of his mask to free just his mouth, and they share a long passionate kiss, with the heavy rainfall adding a definite steamy element. Although many people criticized the actors chosen for the roles, no one could deny that this kiss will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most passionate kisses in film history.

1 The Notebook – Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling

In one of the most romantic, yet incredibly sad movies of the last decade, Rachel McAdams plays Allie, a young heiress who meets Noah (played by Ryan Gosling) in their teenage years. Noah comes from a poor family and is scrutinized by Allie’s family, so they are not able to be together at first, even though they believe that they should be. Allie later becomes engaged to someone else, and Noah finds another, yet they both believe in their hearts that they should be with one another. During many parts of the movie, it is a story being told by a man in a nursing home, telling his wife all about the story of young love. It turns out that the man who is telling the story is Noah, and the woman is Allie, who has dementia and had written everything down on how they met, just in case she forgets.  There are so many wild, passionate kissing scenes in The Notebook, it is nearly impossible to only pick just one. This is a story about true love and how if two people are meant to be together, love will always find a way.

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