6Dead Snow (2009)

Norway's Død Snø helped bring fans of Call of Duty World at War's favorite extra game to the big screen. When a group of seven medical students escape to a small town for Easter weekend, they did not expect to run into the undead from World War II.


they arrive, they witness a trope in tons of horror films: the ominous backstory from a wise elder. Like anyone told of murderous Nazi zombies, the group scoff at the old hiker's claims and go about their vacation. From there, all sorts of mayhem breaks out including accidental deaths and a quest for gold that only fans of the Leprechaun series could understand.

The movie packs in blood, guts and comedy. Comedic zombie films have been on the rise lately, and Dead Snow comes to mind as one of the more refreshing ones. It may not be the best film in the genre, but it is satisfying watching a band of fast running zombies get mowed down. A sequel was just released in Norway this past February.

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