5Grey's Anatomy  “Song beneath the Song”  March 31, 2011

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Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama on ABC that premiered on March 27, 2005 and will air its season ten finale, on May 15, 2014. The series follows interns and residents, as they grow into talented doctors who struggle sometimes with their personal life and relationships. Grey's has been highly acclaimed

and has been nominated for several Prime Time Emmy Awards. It also won the 2007 Golden Globe for Best Drama. The episode revolved around character Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez who won a Tony award for her role in the musical Spamalot, where she was involved in a car accident and goes into a coma endangering both her own life and that of her unborn baby. She then has an out of body experience and is witness to her friends and colleagues trying to save her life. At various points, the cast break into song but it is apparently as a result of the trauma that Callie suffers. Creator, Shonda Rhimes stated that she had wanted to do a musical episode while shooting the pilot, which was even before the series had its name. The series was known for its use of music, but it took her about seven years to get the all musical episode made. Sara Ramirez received praise for her performance, however, the episode itself has been met with mixed reviews with some critics’ feeling it wasn't in tone with the series. Regardless, the episode had a high rating, only being beaten by American Idol that night. A soundtrack was also released, Grey's Anatomy: The Musical Event, which charted on the Billboard 200 list and included covers of songs by Snow Patrol and Jesus Jackson.

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