6 Cruel Rumors About Hollywood Celebrities

Over the past week, rumors have been flying across the internet claiming Naya Rivera, who plays Santana on Glee, was fired from the show. TMZ broke the story, claiming that Rivera and co-star, Lea Michele were feuding when Rivera stormed off set. According to their anonymous sources, she was consequently dismissed from the hit TV series. After a few days, the rumors were thwarted when Fox officially commented on the subject, saying Rivera is still under contract with Glee. Rivera's representative also said, "Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story."

The news of Rivera being fired - and then not actually being fired - made us think back to other Hollywood scandals that also turned out to be untrue. Hollywood and gossip have always seemed to go hand in hand, but in the twenty first century, when the internet allows information to travel in the blink of an eye, gossip is even easier to come by. We count down the fastest flying Hollywood rumors - that ended up being completely untrue.

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6 One Direction Is Breaking Up

Over the past year, speculation of this British boy band's demise has been on and off the headlines. Truth is, they're far from splitting up any time soon. So where is this rumor coming from? It partially got its start when Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner were an item. Reports surfaced that she was distracting Styles from the band by keeping all of his attention on her. One Direction member, Zayn Malik was also said to be leaving the band. After he was criticized for allegedly cheating on his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. Many began to wonder if he would buckle from the negative attention and quit One Direction.

This past February, the rumor was also furthered when Liam Payne said at the Brit Awards that he hadn't seen his band mates in months. It's true that the members have been writing songs separately, but it's only so they can come back together to collaborate with what they've been working on. One Direction has a contract with their label to put out three more albums, so they're certainly not breaking up any time soon.

5 Vin Diesel Is Gay

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The question of Vin Diesel's sexual orientation has been at the center of several headlines over the years. The Saving Private Ryan and XXX actor has been plagued by these rumors since 2006. After he and his Fast and the Furious co-star, Michelle Rodriguez broke up, entertainment news outlets have been wondering aloud why he hasn't been seen with any other ladies, the only answer in their minds being that he plays for the other team.

Diesel squashed the rumors, saying that just because he doesn't flaunt his more recent relationships, doesn't mean they haven't happened. Diesel said he actually prefers to date in Europe in order to keep his private life more private. He said, "I'm not gonna put it out there on a magazine cover like some other actors. I come from the Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino code of silence."

4 OJ Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's Father

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People have been asking if Khloe is really a Kardashian for a while now. Her mom, Kris Jenner, is rumored to have cheated on Robert Kardashian with OJ Simpson, making Khloe their love child. This hearsay got out of control again this spring, when news sites accused Khloe of hiding evidence from the OJ Simpson murder trial for her supposedly biological father. Khloe and Lamar Odom's mansion was burglarized and the tabloids speculated that the burglars weren't looking for jewelry or cash, but for key evidence from the night OJ Simpson killed his wife.

Kris Jenner had already put these crazy rumors to bed when she said, "I have never heard such crap in my life. I was there, right. I gave birth. I know who the dad is. Everything's good. We're all good. It's the family joke because Khloe was blonde and not dark-haired."

3 Justin Bieber Impregnated a Fan Backstage

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In 2011, a 20-year-old girl sued Justin Bieber for the paternity of her child. Mariah Yeater claimed that Bieber got her pregnant. She said they had intercourse in a backstage bathroom after his concert in October 2010 in Los Angeles  - when Bieber was only 15.

There's several reasons as to why there is no way this rumor is true. Witnesses on the night of the concert (and the alleged hook-up) say the underage pop star was accounted for the whole evening. Furthermore, Yeater's ex admitted that she made up the story to try to make some quick money. Plus, Yeater completely dropped the paternity suit, anyway. If that's not enough, the real proof is in the DNA.

2 Marisa Tomei Didn't Earn Her 1992 Oscar

via: www.mr-movie.com

In 1992, Marisa Tomei won the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in My Cousin Vinny. Or did she? In one of the biggest scandals in Academy Award history, somehow the news got out that Marisa Tomei didn't actually win - presenter, Jack Palance said her name by accident; the real winner was Vanessa Redgrave for her performance in Howard's End. The rumor went that Palance announced Tomei's name instead of Redgrave's because he was unable to read the writing inside the envelope, so he instead repeated the last name from the list of nominees. The masses fell for this story because Tomei was a newcomer in the business and wasn't expected to win the Oscar, anyway.

However, the Academy is adamant that it was a huge falsehood, and Tomei was in fact the real winner. The executive director of the Academy, Bruce Davis, said they would never let someone besides the real winner accept the Oscar. He commented, "If such a scenario were ever to occur, the Price Waterhouse people backstage would simply step out onstage and point out the error. They are not shy.”

1 Lady Gaga Is A Hermaphrodite

In 2009, a YouTube video of Lady Gaga's performance in Glastonbury, England went viral, as it showed something bulging from between her legs, out of her very short dress. The hermaphrodite rumor escalated when, shortly thereafter, a quote supposedly from Gaga circulated, in which she said, "It's not something that I'm ashamed of, it just isn't something that I go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female. It's just a little bit of a penis and really doesn't interfere much with my life."

Gaga's manager called the rumor "ridiculous." The pop star herself also confirmed that she's all woman. Gaga made fun of the situation, wearing a strap-on under tight pants for the cover of Q. She told the magazine, "We all know that one of the biggest talking points of the year was that I have a d***, so why not give them what they want?" Gaga attributed the rumor to the fact that she's a strong woman. She explained, "The idea that we equate strength with men, and a penis as a symbol of male strength, you know, it is what it is." Gaga further said that the rumor didn't offend her, although it did offend her female parts.

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