6 Celebrities And Their Selfie-Loving Pets

Since its initial release in October 2010, social networking platform, Instagram has ballooned to more than 150 million monthly active users, with many of them being celebrities. Just as enamored as well all are, celebrities are posting photo and video glimpses into their personal, everyday lives. Celebrity selfies from Instagram icons like Lena Dunham, Amanda Seyfried, and Taylor Swift can exceed thousands of likes within hours, but it’s not just the stars getting in on the selfie snapshots. Many of their sweet and shaggy fur friends garner enough likes and comments to rival their well-known owners with their own version of the selfie, fittingly dubbed a “pelfie.”

Since 2013, the pelfie, a portmanteau of pet and selfie, has quickly worked its way into social media lexicon with millions of users sharing hilarious, sweet, and cute shots of their four-legged friends on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Much like their owners, many of these pets seem to know how to work the camera. Whether documenting the mundane moments of their day, kicking up their paws in a lap of luxury, or modeling the latest pet fashions, these six celebrity pets have garnered a following all their own, their innate ability to create the paw-fect pelfie.


6 Ariana Grande and her dog Toulouse

If three’s company, singer Ariana Grande has everything she could ever ask for in her furtastic selfie-loving pups: a daschund-German shepherd mix named Coco, an adopted Chihuahua-beagle mix named Toulouse, and her chocolate labra-doodle, Ophelia. While both Coco and Ophelia have shown their star quality in a few of Grande’s music videos, it’s Toulouse who’s top dog when it comes to pelfies. Since Toulouse was adopted into the Grande household last September, this puppy-eyed prince has been hamming it up, posing for Grande as he hogs the bed, splashes in the bathtub, and gets up close and personal for his owner’s more than nine million Instagram followers. Coco and Ophelia, on the other hand, are a little more camera shy, but Grande still manages to capture some charming selfies of them as well.

5 Johnny Weir and his Japanese chin Tema


Two-time Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir filed for divorce from his husband of two years, Victor Voronov, in mid-February and it wasn't even a few weeks later when he Instagrammed a bedroom selfie of someone whom he called, “the most beloved man” in his life: his Japanese chin Tema. Unlike the divorce filing, which reportedly came as a shock to Voronov, Weir’s adoration for his furbaby comes as no surprise. Tema is a regular on Weir’s Instagram with countless selfies of the pair living their lavish lifestyle that includes, dozens of selfies of the two in Weir’s bed—that is, when Tema’s not showing off his personalized hot pink car bed or giving Weir the most irresistible puppy eyes from where he sits in Weir's suitcase or at the dinner table. You can’t help but smile when you see Weir’s collection of Tema’s serious selfies.

4 Lena Dunham and her dog Lamby

In January 2013, Girls star Lena Dunham made a visit to the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition and adopted her rescue Lamby, whom she lovingly described in a March 2013 New York Magazine article as “a golden sausage with the most human eyes I’ve ever seen on a non-human.” Not one to be outshined by his owner, Lamby has been working his best angles, appearing alongside Dunham in her Vogue cover shoot photographs this past February; however, it’s his candid Instagram selfies that are just too cute to pass by without a like. Whether snuggling on the couch with Dunham, flashing a crooked smile just inches from the camera, or documenting his daily Brooklyn Heights adventures, Lamby racks up tens of thousands of likes within hours. It must be that soulful expression.

3 Taylor Swift and her Scottish fold cat Meredith


The countless selfies posted to Taylor Swift’s Instagram regularly receive hundreds of thousands of likes, but not all of them are for Swift. Rather many of the “Red” singer’s most popular selfies are her Scottish fold cat, Meredith, whom Swift named after her favorite Grey’s Anatomy character. One of Meredith’s more recent selfies, in which she sits perched on a couch staring down Swift, has more than 624,000 likes. Another, a selfie of Meredith celebrating Swift's 2013 Grammy win at home with the singer, racked up more than 652,000 likes. In typical celeb-pet style, Swift’s Instagram is one of Instagram's cutest collection of pelfies, featuring her pretty kitty lounging around her lavish home, snapping selfies with Swift, and taking plenty of cat naps in the oddest of places, of course. In the social media world of pelfies, Meredith is the cat’s meow.

2 Lindsey Vonn and her boxer mix Leo

Earlier this year, two-time alpine skiing Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn introduced us to her new four-legged friend, Leo in a very fitting fashion—via the pup’s first selfie posted to Vonn’s Twitter account, which garnered more than 330 retweets and more than 900 favorites. When she shared another selfie of her and the box mix on her Instagram, Leo’s likes soared to more than 14,7000. In the months since Vonn adopted him from a Florida animal shelter back in January, Leo has also joined the Instagram community with his own account and has already accumulated more than 9,100 followers who enjoy tracking his post-shelter ventures complete with the sleepy, slobbery, and smiling selfies. From cute and cuddly snapshots alongside Vonn to romps in the mountain snow at Vail, there’s no doubt that Leo is living the good life.

1 Amanda Seyfried and her Australian Shepherd Finn


When Amanda Seyfried adopted her four-year-old Australian shepherd, Finn while filming HBO television drama Big Love, even she couldn't have predicted the remarkable following that Finn would soon amass. This selfie-loving pooch boasts a Twitter account of more than 12,300 followers to whom he frequently tweets doggie insights and his opinions on current events, but it’s his near-daily appearances on Seyfried’s Instagram with its nearly 513,000 followers that have made Finn a true canine celeb. His four-legged fame even extends as far as Korea, where Seyfried reported fans holding up photos of Finn upon her arrival. And they certainly have plenty of shots of this clear trailblazer of canine selfies to choose from. Since Seyfried first joined Instagram in October 2011, Finn has appeared in more than 90 of her 210 posts, almost half of which are Finn selfies. From sporting sunglasses and rocking wild wigs to showing off his unique ability to balance everything from baby ducks to a hamburger on his head, it’s no surprise how quickly Finn became an overnight selfie sensation.


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