5The Killing (Season 4)

Release Date: August 2014

Summary: Originally airing on AMC, The Killing follows detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder. Distinguishing itself from traditional police dramas by eschewing the procedural format, the show has typically portrays a single, complex mystery each season. Season 4 will be set in an all-boys military academy

and, according to early reports, will aim to answer the host of questions surrounding Linden’s past in the foster care system.

Who’s Involved: Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman — the show’s leads — are set to return to their roles. Furthermore, showrunner Veena Sud will return as executive producer, thus ensuring a seamless continuity with the previous seasons.

Why To Watch: Fans of slow-burn, methodical police dramas will no doubt find themselves enthralled by The Killing’s moody atmosphere and winding, intricate plots. However, the real audience — just as with Arrested Development — will be those looking for a continuation of the original series’ mythology. With no doubt in producer’s minds that — this time, for real — this is the final season, viewers can likely expect a brisker plot and firm, conclusive answers to some of the show’s lingering mysteries.

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