5 Biggest Celebrity Family Feuds

All families have their share of drama, that’s for sure. As the saying goes, “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”. Whether it’s a lifelong sibling rivalry or the butting heads of in-laws that tend to occur when two families merge, there’s bound to be a bit of misunderstanding over the years. For some families this happens quite more than with others. For high-profile families, it’s much the same. While we expect them to be calm, cool, and collected, every now and then the issues that occur behind closed doors spill out for the public to see. Hey, but it’s okay. We appreciate these celebs for reminding us that every family has its own case of dysfunction.

5 The Jackson Family

In front of and behind the scenes the Jackson family has endured a tumultuous relationship since they sang and danced their way into the public eye as The Jackson 5. The fact that their father Joe was apparently abusive and beat Michael and the others throughout childhood may have been the root to many of the complications that have followed these talented kids into adulthood. The sensational group had problems decades ago and since lead-turned-solo singer Michael Jackson’s death from acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication in 2009, the issues in this family have only swelled in complexity.

The King of Pop’s death left many unanswered questions but his siblings have mainly focused their concerns on his will which at the time of his death included a $500 million estate that has since grown to more than $1 billion. The will named the family matriarch, Katherine, as guardian of his three kids—Prince, Paris, and Blanket—in addition to the Michael Jackson trust as the beneficiaries of that immense fortune. MJ’s siblings, namely Randy, Jermaine, Janet, and Rebbie, have made attempts to prove the will was falsified so that they can gain control of the monthly allowance mother Katherine gets and authority of the kids. This very public and outrageous family drama has included their mother Katherine apparently going missing and losing full guardianship, an alleged physical altercation, and 15-year old daughter Paris attempting suicide in 2013. Surely, the entire world is hoping this erratic brood stays out of the news for a while and sees to the well-being of MJ’s three kids.

4 The Lohan Family

Lindsay Lohan touched our hearts as an incredibly cute red-head with freckles and a dazzling smile, but much has changed in her life since her days as an adorable child actor. She got the attention of Hollywood and the world from her role in The Parent Trap and then officially became a household name by the time she unleashed a terrific performance in Mean Girls in her teenage years. However, as her celebrity status grew, so did Lindsay’s and her family’s problems. However, bye-bye, red hair, hello, blonde was not the change that shocked the world. Rather, it was Lindsay’s wild partying and mug shot after mug shot for driving under the influence, drug possession and various other infractions, followed by a string of visits to rehab for cocaine.

The Lohan family’s troubles—along with Lindsay’s issues with substance abuse—seem to stem from her parents’ divorce which was finalized in 2007. In fact, Lindsay’s parents have a boatload of troubles on their own. Her father, Michael Lohan, has had issues with drugs and alcohol, history of incarceration for insider trading on one occasion, violating probation on another, and then assault and DUI on yet another. On the other hand, her mother, Dina, has also had run-ins with the law for DWI and an alleged verbal and physical altercation with Lindsay after one particular rowdy night out partying. Lindsay has had tense relations with both her parents and essentially everyone around her. Nonetheless, after her latest stint in rehab, the actress is trying to find some peace in her life which is being filmed on the docu-series Lindsay airing on the OWN network.

3 The Kardashian Family

For all who haven’t been Keeping Up with the Kardashians throughout much of the past decade, this accidentally famous family does not come without their own share of troubles. Of course, who can forget that this seemingly close-knit group only received national attention after the star of the show, Kim, made an on-screen debut in a most notable way. Then, consider the emotional havoc that was endured when allegations that the deceased Robert Kardashian, Sr. was not the biological father of the youngest Kardashian daughter, Khloe.

Sure, there’s no shortage of drama, here. But when you consider their newly adopted son-in-law Kanye West and his antics there’s a recipe for disaster, or, perhaps, the opportunity for Kris to finally be put in her place.  Ever since Kanye stepped onto the scene as Kim’s new beau, trouble has been brewing. The evolution of Kim Kardashian into Kanye’s new lady and now wife has been highlighted for all to see, and we expect it has been considerably hard to watch for Kris Jenner. Kim not only allows her man full control of her fashion choices, he has also apparently wrestled Kim’s career right out from under her watchful mom’s eye. Kanye has influenced the reality star to cut down on her media appearances and also wielded complete authority over their May nuptials in Florence. Furthermore, it is reported that Kris has freaked out about Kim changing all her social media profiles to read Kim Kardashian West, which can jeopardize the name of their growing empire. Watch out, meddling mom, it seems there’s a new sheriff in town.

2 The Cyrus Family

Disney’s Hannah Montana definitely blossomed from sweet and innocent child star into a highly unpredictable adult. Miley Cyrus is no newbie to show business as the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus. Plus, she has made her own impact on the industry as both an actress and a chart-topping pop artist. However, as she ages, Miley is becoming known almost as much for her shenanigans as for her work. Another child star whose parents have a rocky relationship, Miley’s mom, Tish filed for divorce from her father in 2013. The pair had been previously separated back in 2010 but reunited, to which Billy Ray asserted blame to Hannah Montana, reasoning that Miley becoming a star “destroyed the family”. Added to that, Miley has gone on Twitter ranting on more than one occasion to her father. One instance involved the star posting a mysterious picture and threatening to expose the truth if her father didn't, which some assume refers to him having cheated on her mom.

The father and daughter have also been at odds several times over the years. What’s surprising is Billy Ray’s mild response to her radical transformation which culminated in an obscene performance at the 2013 VMAs. If he should be upset about anything, we’d think it would be that.

1 The Knowles-Carter Family

Since she sashayed her way onto the scene as the lead singer of girl group Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has commanded the world’s attention with her sexy looks, daring wardrobe, and, most of all, her exquisite voice. Since going solo, Bey’s life was quite shaky for a time in 2011 after firing her dad as her manager and witnessing her parent’s ending their 31 year marriage due to her dad fathering a love child.  However, she has found herself on the periphery of a shocking beef between her husband Jay Z and her little sister Solange.

While on the surface, the trio appear to act as though nothing is amiss, that fact is unavoidable when you watch the video that surfaced shortly after the Met Gala which shows Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator and Bey merely standing nearby. Of course, the video went viral and numerous allegations caught like wildfire about the root of the incident. The next day rumors were further fueled when Solange deleted all pics of her and her famous sister from her Instagram page. The family came forward days later with a statement expressing apologies and regret but there is still no clear understanding as to why it happened. Will more drama unfold in the Knowles-Carter clan?

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