33 Hottest Survivor Contestants We Wouldn't Mind Being Stranded With

I'm going to be the first one to admit that I am a huge fan of the show Survivor. My girlfriend and I spent a solid portion of the last few months binge watching old seasons, and I could not wait for the show to come back for its 33rd season. With the season officially underway, why not take some time to look at the 33 sexiest women that have ever been on Survivor. 

After all, with 33 seasons to draw from you're definitely going to have some standout contestants. We've got former cheerleaders, models, former pageant winners, and actresses. There are even 3 contestants that posed for Playboy (2 from the same season!).

Included is also some fun information for fans of the show. Such as which contestants were almost on The Amazing Race instead, which contestant dated Jeff Probst for years, and what some of them are up to today - and trust me when I say it's not all positive, like one contestant who attempted suicide after being voted out.

It's also not enough to just remember how good they looked on the island. Which is why we've also tracked down photos of the girls from their everyday life and created collage images so you can contrast how they looked on Survivor with how they may be looking today.

Even if you aren't planning to watch the new season, or haven't even seen the old seasons, we're sure you'll appreciate looking over the 33 most captivating castaways to ever appear on Survivor.


33 Kelly Shinn - Survivor: Nicaragua

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Kelly Shinn was 20 years old and a Nursing student when she appeared on the 21st season of the show. While you may have loved looking at her on the show, she definitely did not love being there, quitting the game after 28 days.

Kelly lost 12 pounds during her time on Survivor. You may find it interesting to find out that she was cast for the show after being found while shopping at the mall. Kelly also did not get an individual confession on screen until episode 7, but with looks like that, it's easy to see why she was still a memorable player.

32 Natalie Tenerelli - Survivor: Redemption Island

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Natalie Tenerelli will be a memorable player for her looks and the fact that she tagged along with Boston Rob and not much else. Only 19 years old when she appeared on the show, Tenerelli was the youngest player in Survivor history.

Natalie is currently working as a dancer for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers.

31 Kat Edorsson - Survivor: One World, Blood Vs. Water

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Holy makeup girl! There wasn't a photo on this list that startled me quite as much as tracking down current photos of Kat Edorsson. Kat was arguably the most naive player in Survivor history, but her two appearances on the show, plus the classic blonde look is enough to definitely warrant her a spot on our list.

While you may have loved watching her play with then-boyfriend (they're not together anymore) Hayden Moss, he was actually the 4th selection to play with Kat. Originally she wanted her cousin, then her sister, but they both had circumstances come up. Her dad was then offered the spot and he refused, and then finally they settled on Hayden.

30 Jerri Manthey - Survivor: Australian Outback, All-Stars, Heroes Vs. Villains


If you've watched enough Survivor, you're well aware who Jerri is, as she's appeared in 3 separate seasons. Her personality was definitely far from easy to take, but she was definitely easy on the eyes!

Jerri bared it all for Playboy in 2001, but as you'll learn, she's not the last contestant on here to bare it all for Hugh's famous magazine. In 2010, Jerri was also inducted into the HOOTERS Girls Hall of I mean, that's something to put on your resume at least.

29 Stephanie LaGrossa - Survivor: Palau, Guatemala, Heroes Vs. Villains

Stephanie is definitely an attractive woman, which may be partially why she was invited to play the game 3 times. You may find it interesting that out of any contestant in Survivor history, nobody has a worse win-loss ratio than Stephenie who has an overall record of 10-39.

LaGrossa got married in 2006 to Michael Ward, and as a fun part of Survivor in the real world 8 different survivors attended the wedding. The two later got divorced, but don't feel too bad for her. Stephenie got married in 2010 to Philadelphia Phillies picture, Kyle Kendrick.

28 Ashley Trainer - Survivor: Samoa


Ashley Trainer openly said before the show that she was going to try and use her flirty ways to try and gain advantages. While that definitely didn't always have the best results, at least she's well aware of how beautiful she is.

Trainer may be one of the least memorable people on our list, but you'd be hard-pressed to complete this list without her.

27 Jefra Bland - Survivor: Cagayan

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Jefra is one of, but definitely not the last member of our list to come from season 28 of Survivor. The show pitted Brains Vs Brawn Vs Beauty, and you can imagine where this former pageant winner fell! Jefra lost 9 pounds while on the show.

As you can guess from the above photo, Jefra got married back in 2014. Jefra gave birth to the couple's son, Asher Reese Hines, on April 6th, 2015.


26 Jessica Kiper - Survivor: Gabon, Heroes Vs. Villains

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Jessica Kiper (better known as Sugar) definitely showed she was tough when she was out on Survivor the first time around, but things were not as fortunate for her the 2nd time. In fact, her first place exit from her season of Heroes Vs. Villains caused her to attempt suicide after leaving the show.

In 2011, Sugar appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, citing an addition to several substances. Thankfully her life seems to have calmed down. Sugar got pregnant back in 2015, giving birth on November 17th. She was then married in February 2016.

25 Alicia Rosa - Survivor: One World

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The general consensus towards Alicia and her time on Survivor: One World was that she definitely did not seem like the nicest person. But you don't have to be nice to be on this list, and the photo of her off the island shows that she clearly has a better fashion sense than what she displayed during her time on the show (seriously, that red swimsuit is awful).

After leaving Survivor, Alicia decided to try things out as a musician, releasing a song on iTunes back in 2012. She also earned some negative PR when she sent dirty text messages to fellow Survivor contestant, David Murphy. The incident led to a very public breakup for Murphy, whose wife (and also former contestant: Carolina Eastwood) did not take too kindly to him cheating on her.

24 Kelly Sharbaugh - Survivor: Samoa


When Kelly appeared on the 19th season of Survivor, she was working as a hairstylist. You can imagine she was definitely missing her hair products by the time she was done on the show! You may also dig Sharbaugh for her various tattoos, one of which says "Cuidado" which is Spanish for careful on her forearm, and "trouble" on her left foot.

Kelly lost 9 pounds during her time on Survivor.

23 Alexis Maxwell - Survivor: Cagayan

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We'll be honest, there isn't a ton of information out there in the world about Alexis Maxwell. She was only 21 years old when she appeared on the show, but when you consider she described herself as being funny, flirty and smart, you can understand why the producers thought she'd be perfect for the beauty tribe in Survivor: Cagayan.

One look at her and you can also understand why she is a perfect candidate for our list! Plus, how does your heart not melt just a little bit at the sight of the pig in the left photo?

22 Amanda Kimmel - Survivor China, Micronesia, Heroes Vs. Villains

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Amanda Kimmell's cunning gameplay and good looks made it clear why she was invited to come back 3 separate times to play the game. One of the more memorable things to come from Kimmell's time on the island was her relationship with Ozzy Lusth, who in the past had indicated that they definitely went all the way on the island.

Sadly, it was revealed in an interview by Ozzy that he was no longer seeing Amanda. Amanda later got married on August 1st, 2015 to Matt Cooper.

The photo on the left is taken on-set in 2009 from the movie Into The Blue 2: The Reef. As we are sure you may be able to tell, standing beside her in the shot is Parvati Shallows, who was one of the better Survivor players and someone that you'll definitely see below.

21 Courtney Yates - Survivor: China, Heroes Vs. Villains

Viasurvivor.wikia and hairfinder

Courtney ended up getting cast on to the 13th season of Survivor when she was out waitressing, and it just so happened that someone from CBS was in the restaurant. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Despite all the talk about Courtney's weight on the seasons, she only lost 4 pounds when she returned for Heroes Vs. Villains.

Courtney was definitely good looking enough to catch the eye of Stephen Fishbach, who also played two seasons of Survivor. While it does not appear they are still together, the two dated in the past.

20 Candace Smith - Survivor: Tocantins

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Candace Smith definitely did not have the most memorable game when she appeared on Survivor: Tocantins. But while there is not much that can be said about her game, much can be said about the fact that she was a former Miss Ohio!

While she was working as an Attorney when she appeared on the show, upon leaving Survivor she has appeared in 3 movies: Slammin' Salmon, End of Watch and Gimme Shelter.

19 Julie McGee - Survivor: Blood Vs Water (Round 2)

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Julie McGee could have the best body in the entire world, and her selfish actions during the game will forever be what Survivor fans remember her for. That and being the partner of the explosive John Rocker. The two appeared on the 29th season of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

While you can imagine she is still working at her tanning salon company (True Glow Spray Tan), it was reported by John Rocker on Twitter (though the tweet is no longer there) that the two are no longer together.

18 Sydney Wheeler - Survivor: Tocantins

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Sydney Wheeler was a contestant on the 18th season of Survivor. Take one look at her and it's clear why she works as a model! Wheeler lost 13 pounds during her time on Survivor. In terms of her personal life, Wheeler has gotten married and given birth to a baby girl since appearing on the show. You also may not be stunned to hear that she's also still working as a model!

17 Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Survivor: The Australian Outback

Via tvguide and eonline

Elisabeth is definitely cute as a button, but she wouldn't be nearly as memorable if not for the endearing Father-Daughter-esque relationship that she took on with fellow castaway, Rodger Bingham.

Elisabeth was asked to return for Survivor: All-Stars but she was unable to join due to a scheduling conflict. Instead, Amber Brkich was added to the roster which as you'll learn became one of the biggest things for the history of Survivor when Amber hooked up with fellow contestant, Boston Rob.

Hasselbeck was invited back to appear for Survivor: Cambodia but declined the offer. Perhaps because she's gone on to huge success, spending 2002 to 2013 as one of the hosts for The View (which is why she turned down All-Stars). Hasselbeck then proceeded to help host the Fox show, Fox & Friends.

16 Brenda Lowe - Survivor: Nicaragua, Caramoan

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Brenda Lowe competed in Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: Caramoan. Like many gorgeous women on this list, Brenda was not afraid to use her charm to her advantage on the island.

Brenda is active on her Instagram account, where she constantly posts photos of her paddle boarding and taking in the ocean. The photo on the left also shows some insight on Brenda's past life, when she too a contestant below (Morgan) was an NFL cheerleader.

Brenda also appeared in a commercial for Stanton Optical back in 2013.

15 Kim Spradlin - Survivor: One World

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Kim definitely established herself as one of the best players in Survivor history for her gameplay in Survivor One World. Kim entered into the game fresh off a divorce, but things clearly turned around for her because in 2013 she got married to her new love, Bryan Wolfe.

The two have 3 children together. Kim also works as a co-host on the morning show Great Day San Antonio. 

14 Ashley Massaro - Survivor: China

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Ashley Massaro definitely had good reason to believe she was tough enough to survive Survivor. After all, it's not every day a WWE wrestler appears on the show! While she wasn't able to grapple her way out of some sticky situations, she still gave fans plenty of reason to be happy and goes down as one of the hottest contestants the show has ever cast.

13 Sierra Thomas - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Sierra Thomas was a member of the Blue Collar tribe when she appeared on the 30th season of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Her profession as a Barrel Racer definitely means she is not only a good looking girl, but she's also plenty tough! After all, working on a farm or around horses is definitely not the easiest way to make a living. While it was not talked about a lot on the show, Thomas also had experience as a model. Something that also wasn't mentioned at the time of filming is that Thomas was also going for her masters in Criminal Justice.

12 Andrea Boehlke - Survivor: Redemption Island, Caramoan

Via twitter and survivor.wikia

Fans were fortunate enough to get to check out Andrea both on Survivor: Redemption Island and Survivor: Caramoan. A strategic and memorable player, Andrea has moved on to host a variety of shows including the Askmen segment "The Daily Brief."

You can be expected to see a bit more of her in the near future, as she is set to appear in an upcoming series Identical which is premiering in 2016. Andrea also has a small role in an upcoming movie What Happened Last Night, but the movie also stars Amber perhaps don't expect anything too amazing!

11 Jaclyn Schultz - Survivor: Blood Vs Water (Round 2)

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Jaclyn Schultz was a former Miss Michigan in 2013, so I mean how do you not put her towards the top of this list? Jaclyn participated in season 29, Survivor: Blood Vs Water alongside her then-boyfriend Jon Misch.

The two announced on the reunion show that there were engaged, and on October 22nd, 2014 they tied the knot. The two of them had originally planned to appear on The Amazing Race but were asked to instead appear on Survivor.

On the show, much was made of Jaclyn's battle with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, which typically means she would be unable to have kids (as was discussed). It was later revealed that Jaclyn has two fully developed ovaries, allowing her to have biological children through in vitro fertilization.

10 Julie Berry - Survivor: Vanuatu

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Julie Berry definitely made an impact on host Jeff Probst when she appeared on the 9th season of Survivor.

After she left the show, the two ended up dating for 3 years. When talking about their relationship at the time, Probst said "I'm in love. I'm with her. I'm with her family, and there ain't no turning back. When you find it, you know and now I get it."

When their relationship fell apart in 2008, Probst understandably said "It's hard to be friends. Maybe it's too soon. But I definitely fell in love on Survivor. For sure. And wouldn't change a thing about it."

9 Angie Layton - Survivor: Phillippines

Via survivor.wikia

When you consider Angie Layton was Miss Utah Teen USA 2010, and then was also the 3rd runner-up for Miss Teen USA 2010, you can understand why Survivor wanted her on their show.

While her good looks were not enough to make a lasting impression on the game, things have continued on an upswing for Layton. In 2014 she was crowned Miss Utah USA and is also expected to give birth to her first child in January 2017.

8 Morgan McLeod - Survivor: Cagayan

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Morgan McLeod was definitely not the smartest tool in the box, but she was part of the beauty tribe for Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty, so perhaps we can cut her some slack. On the show much was made of the fact that she was a former NFL cheerleader, which you can see in the above photo, for the San Francisco 49ers.

McLeod lost roughly 11 pounds during her time on the show.

It was announced a little over a year and a half ago that McLeod has gotten engaged. At the Survivor Oz Awards Morgan also tied with Parvati Shallow as being the Sexiest Female Survivor of All Time.

7 Heidi Strobel - Survivor: The Amazon

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During her season of Survivor, Heidi and Jenna famously stripped down for some peanut butter and chocolate. You can imagine the money that Hefner offered the both of them to strip for him was probably even more appealing!

Strobel and Jenna Morasca, who you'll definitely see below, both bared it all for Playboy following their time on Survivor. While she probably didn't get $1 million (though Morasca did), you can imagine it was still a pretty nice payday following her stint on the show.

6 Christina Cha - Survivor: One World

Christina was 29 years old when she appeared on the 24th season of Survivor. You may find it interesting that during her time on the island, Christina lost 23 pounds!

After leaving Survivor, Christina was offered a job as a sales director, a position she said she was offered partially due to her time on the show.

5 Jessica Figueroa and Rachel Ako - Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen-X

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Sure, this is technically "two" women meaning the list is 34 people, but are you really complaining?

While she's going to be better known as "Figgy", it became clear in the first episode that Figueroa is one of the most beautiful people from this upcoming season of Survivor. We'll just see if she's going to be able to play with more than just her body.

Not much is known about Rachel, we're sure there were plenty of fans that were happy she decided on the black bra when choosing her island gear!

4 Amber Bkrich - Survivor: Australian Outback, All-Stars

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If Survivor had their own version of a dream couple, it would be none other than Amber and Rob. The two met when playing together on Survivor: All-Stars and developed a romantic connection on the show.

After the show, the two got engaged and then participated on The Amazing Race where they came in 2nd. They then got married in 2005, and returned for The Amazing Race in 2007 and came in 8th.

They have 4 children together, all girls (Lucia, Carina, Isabetta and Adelina).

3 Chelsea Meissner - Survivor: One World

Via instagram and survivor.wikia

When you take a look at the above two photos, it becomes clear that Chelsea definitely looks good when she's on a beach. Perhaps that was why she got cast in a show in which 90% of the time you are in a bikini!

Chelsea formed a strong alliance alongside Kim Spradlin in Survivor: One World.

2 Parvarti Shallows - Survivor: Cook Islands, Micronesia, Heroes Vs. Villains

Via blogspot and survivor.wikia

The three times that Parvati showed up on Survivor, she was definitely one of the biggest sex icons of the season. Open about her flirtatious nature, Parv used it to get ahead in each of her seasons.

Parvati is currently in a relationship with John Fincher, who competed on Survivor: Samoa. One thing you may not know about Parvati is that she and a friend originally auditioned to appear in The Amazing Race but did not make the final cut. Producers still liked what they saw, so they invited her to come on Survivor: Cook Islands.

1 Jenna Morasca - Survivor: Amazon and All-Stars

Via jennamoresca and survivor.wikia

Jenna Morasca was a strong enough player her first time, winning Survivor: The Amazon that she was asked to come back for Survivor: All-Stars. Unfortunately for fans of Jenna, she left the season after feeling a desire to be back at home with her mother whose health was failing.

After leaving Survivor, Jenna engaged in a long relationship with fellow player Ethan Zohn. The two went on to also appear on The Amazing Race. Jenna also earned an additional $1 million when her and fellow contestant, Heidi Strobel, later posed for Playboy magazine.

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