Top 25 Hottest Celebs Under 25

Disney child stars… Disney child stars everywhere. It’s the year 2016 and they’re all ‘growing up’. Youngsters everywhere are running around looking and acting like adults, and the rest of us get to play “guess who’s of legal age?” Though a lot of them have grown to be respectable young adults, most are just disgraceful. But then, the more disgraceful they are, the more we find them entertaining. Which is actually kind of scary.

Anyway, let’s put a hold on the judgment and get to the good stuff. Hollywood is filled with people who don’t look their age. Mostly women (thank you makeup), but men also have their fair share of shock value regarding age and physical appearance. Whether they look older or younger than they actually are, it’s always fun to see just where they stand on the hotness/age scale. Not only that, but the level of recognition they have considering their age is also pretty impressive. So, we thought we’d give you a list of celebs that are rocking our world before they even reach 25. As a bonus, we’ve also decided to add their respective net worth; because we want to make you feel bad about how much you’re worth next to these youngsters.

25 Selena Gomez (23)

Born: July 22, 1992

Net worth: $16 million

24 Sophie Turner (20)

Born: February 21, 1996

Net worth: $5 million

23 Demi Lovato (23)

Born: August 20, 1992

Net worth: $15 million

22 Miley Cyrus (23)

Born: November 23, 1992

Net worth: $165 million

21 Bella Thorne (18)

Born: October 8, 1997

Net worth: $2 million

20 Ariel Winter (18)

Born: January 28, 1998

Net worth: $7 million

19 Debby Ryan (22)

Born: May 13, 1993

Net worth: $925 thousand

18 Alyson Stoner (22)

Born: August 11, 1993

Net worth: $1.5 million

17 Olivia Culpo (23)

Born: May 8, 1992

Net worth: $500 thousand

Rhode Island native Olivia Culpo made a name for herself when she won the Miss Universe pageant in 2012. Though, some would rather say she was put in the spotlight when she started dating Nick Jonas. Actually, she is also recognized in social media for her great fashion sense; perhaps that’s why she’s famous? Nah, that’s just silly. Isn’t it? We’ll just let you pick which deserves more acclaim.

16 Gigi Hadid (20) & Bella Hadid (19)

Gigi Hadid

Born: April 23, 1995

Net worth: $1.5 million

Bella Hadid

Born: October 9, 1996

Net worth: $800 thousand

15 Ansel Elgort (22)

Born: March 14, 1994

Net worth: $2 million

14 Nick Robinson (21)

Born: March 22, 1995

Net worth: $3 million

13 Cara Delevingne (23)

Born: August 12, 1992

Net worth: $6 million

12 Hailee Steinfeld (19)

Born: December 11, 1996

Net worth: $500 thousand

11 Chloe Moretz (19)

Born: February 10, 1997

Net worth: $12 million

10 Barbara Palvin (22)

Born: October 8, 1993

Net worth: $2 million

9 Ariana Grande (22)

Born: June 26, 1993

Net worth: $10 million

8 Nick Jonas (23)

Born: September 16, 1992

Net worth: $18 million

7 Kate Upton (23)

Born: June 10, 1992

Net worth: $20 million

6 Kylie Jenner (18) & Kendall Jenner (20)

Kylie Jenner

Born: August 10, 1997

Net worth: $3 million

Kendall Jenner

Born: November 3, 1995

Net worth: $2 million

5 Zayn Malik (23)

Born: January 12, 1993

Net worth: $20 million

4 Zendaya (19)

Born: September 1, 1996

Net worth: $1.5 million

3 Victoria Justice (23)

Born: February 19, 1993

Net worth: $8 million

2 Dylan O’Brien (24)

Born: August 26, 1991

Net worth: $5 million

1 Abigail Breslin (20)

Born: April 14, 1996

Net worth: $12 million

This young, beautiful blonde is a like a ray of sunshine, you can even call her ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. See what I did there? Ok, it was the first and last cheesy joke, promise. So, Abigail Breslin was an absolute hit in Little Miss Sunshine. The 2006 film even got her a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress; she was only 10! Other movies you’ll remember her in are Signs (her first film role), No Reservations, My Sister’s Keeper, Nim’s Island, Zombieland, and many others. She’s also made appearances on TV as well. Most recently, she’s been cast as one of the main characters in the Fox series Scream Queens.


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Top 25 Hottest Celebs Under 25