22 More Hottest Movie Moments Where Celebs Bared All

A list so nice we're doing it twice. When it comes to nudity in movies there are so many gloriously sexy scenes to choose from that we had a really hard time whittling down our first list to merely 20 entries. So, once our readers turned out in droves to find out what scenes made the cut, it became clear that we needed to create the magic again by strolling down film nudity history. So join us, will you, as we examine even more of the best scenes where celebrities dropped their gear for our viewing pleasure.

As with our first list, the requirements for eligibility of a scene are pretty simple, a famous person needs to be visible and the action that unfolds needs to be unforgettable. The notable actress doesn’t need to have been well known at the time she shot the scene. If they managed to become a headline-worthy star in the years after she shot one hell of a nude scene, then she may just find her name represented here.

24 Lindsay Lohan – The Canyons

23 Madonna – Body of Evidence

22 Rebecca De Mornay – Risky Business

21 Kim Basinger – The Getaway

20 Penélope Cruz – Open Your Eyes

19 Lisa Bonet – Angel Heart

18 Elizabeth Olsen - Oldboy

Best known for playing The Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron, a role she is set to reprise in Captain America: Civil War, as well as playing Ellie in the latest Godzilla movie, this actress is on the rise. She also owes a certain level of her notoriety to her sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but anyone who thinks that this stunner with true dramatic chops owes her success to her last name is mistaken. For this scene, from the American remake of Oldboy, Elizabeth’s character appears wearing nothing but a towel and before it drops and as she lies on a bed we get a marvelous vision of her arousing body.


16 Morena Baccarin – Death in Love

For people who were recently introduced to this charming and nuanced actress in her sexy as all hell role in Deadpool, they really need to see some of her other work. Best known as a TV star, her roles in Stargate SG-1, Homeland, and Gotham have earned her legions of fans but her first major role as Inara Serra on Firefly should never be forgotten, Although Morena’s breasts were ever so briefly visible in Deadpool, we’ve chosen this scene from a less renowned film due to it providing a far more sustained and all-encompassing view of her. Totally nude for an extended sequence, the camera managed to capsule her perky breasts and a brief view of her succulent butt.


14 Kelly Preston – Mischief

13 Anne Hathaway – Love and Other Drugs

12 Bo Derek – 10


Bo Derek has become a film industry legend of sorts and it really has nothing to do with her acting ability. Appearing nude in movies in between 1979 and 1993, often times directed by her husband, those fourteen years of nakedness never will never go unappreciated while we are around. Clearly most famous for this film, considering her image on the poster adorned a lot of college dorm walls, she was hot enough to overcome being a white girl with braids. We can’t think of a better argument than that.

11 Jessica Biel – Powder Blue

When Jessica was cast in one of the lead roles in the series 7th Heaven, her character was a fairly innocent one but as she became a movie star, the roles she chose began to mature. Well known for roles in movies like The Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, Stealth, and several others, she always served to make her movies a lot hotter. Portraying a stripper in a sleazy strip club, she chose this little seen indie film to debut her nude torso and even get a little bit kinky. Handling lit candles on stage, the actress drips wax all over her magnificent boobs and we just can’t get enough.

10 Lena Headey – 300

9 Pam Grier – Coffy


8 Heather Graham – Boogie Nights

7 Kirsten Dunst – Melancholia

We always liked Kirsten’s acting and thought she was a very pretty woman but we never could have guessed just how glorious her boobs would turn out to be. First known as a child blood sucker in Interview with the Vampire, she went on to high profile roles in movies like The Virgin Suicides, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and most famously Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. Acting for Lars von Trier, a director who often makes sexually explicit films, she lies in nature as naked as the day she was born as the camera shoots her absurdly nice hooters.

6 Demi Moore - Striptease

5 Kate Winslet – Titanic

4 Salma Hayek – Desperado

3 Angelina Jolie & Elizabeth Mitchell – Gia

2 Piper Perabo & Jessica Paré – Lost and Delirious


1 Julianne Moore & Amanda Seyfried - Chloe

In this 2009 erotic thriller, Amanda Seyfried plays the titular Chloe, a young woman who slowly seduces Julianne Moore’s character, a woman with zero previous interest in or attraction to women. While Amanda is clearly a gorgeous woman, if you’ve ever wondered if she can play proactive characters we definitely suggest you seek out this excellent film. In our opinion, she gives one of the most arousing performances ever. In the scene where the two characters finally give in to their mutual lust, Julianne helps Amanda take off her top before we see the character of Chloe pleasuring her. When Amanda kisses up her co-star's body while Julianne writhes in ecstasy, if it doesn’t get you going we don’t even know what to say to you.

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22 More Hottest Movie Moments Where Celebs Bared All