22 Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

For some actresses, it can be hard to be seen as more then just eye candy. Yes they’re beautiful, sexy and hot but some are more than that. They’re talented in many ways other than having the perfect measurements. Some of them have more than just beautiful eyes and a breathtaking smile. Some of them have a hilarious sounding voice… wait that sounds mean. It’s actually a compliment. They don’t have funny sounding voices; in fact, all of them actually have very sexy sounding voices, which happen to be the perfect voice for animated characters.

Animated cartoon characters can become iconic and larger than life. Their images are everywhere from clothes to toys and more. There have been many memorable characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin. When watching animation, many people will hear a voice that is so recognizable, but can’t put their finger on it. It might be a surprise to some to find out that certain characters are actually voiced by some of the hottest women in Hollywood. Here is a look at 22 of the Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Animated Characters.

22 Abbie Cornish - Otulissa

21 Reagan Gomez-Preston - Roberta Tubbs

20 Anne Hathaway - Jewel

19 Zooey Deschanel - Lani Aliikai

18 Isla Fisher - Tooth Fairy

17 Mandy Moore - Rapunzel

16 Lucy Liu - Master Viper

15 Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona

14 Sanaa Lathan - Donna Tubbs

13 Lacey Chabert - Eliza Thornberry

12 Reese Witherspoon - Susan Murphy

11 Aisha Tyler - Lana Kane

10 Angelina Jolie - Master Tigress

9 Kristen Bell - Princess Anna

8 Tina Fey - Roxanne Ritchie

7 Katy Perry - Smurfette

6 Amy Poehler - Joy

5 Idina Menzel - Elsa

4 Beyonce - Shine

3 Aya Hirano - Harchi Suzumiya

2 Emily Blunt - Juliet

1 Mila Kunis - Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin is unpopular, socially awkward and an outcast. She wears thick glasses, a pink shirt, blue jeans and a pink beanie. She struggles with dating and rarely gets attention from the opposite sex. It is well known by now that one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world is the voice of Peter Griffin’s least favourite child. Family Guy has aired on Fox for 14 seasons, starting in 1999. The series is known for its controversial and crude humor. Mila Kunis took over the role from Lacey Chabert. Mila Kunis had her big break with her role as Jackie Burkhart on That 70’s Show. She has had a very successful film career appearing in films such as Black Swan, Ted and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She has appeared on Maxim and FHM’s Hot 100 List. GQ named her the 2011 'Knockout of the Year' and Esquire named her 2012’s 'Hottest Woman Of The Year'.


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22 Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Cartoon Characters