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22 Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

22 Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Cartoon Characters

For some actresses, it can be hard to be seen as more then just eye candy. Yes they’re beautiful, sexy and hot but some are more than that. They’re talented in many ways other than having the perfect measurements. Some of them have more than just beautiful eyes and a breathtaking smile. Some of them have a hilarious sounding voice… wait that sounds mean. It’s actually a compliment. They don’t have funny sounding voices; in fact, all of them actually have very sexy sounding voices, which happen to be the perfect voice for animated characters.

Animated cartoon characters can become iconic and larger than life. Their images are everywhere from clothes to toys and more. There have been many memorable characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin. When watching animation, many people will hear a voice that is so recognizable, but can’t put their finger on it. It might be a surprise to some to find out that certain characters are actually voiced by some of the hottest women in Hollywood. Here is a look at 22 of the Hottest Actresses Who Voiced Animated Characters.

22) Abbie Cornish – Otulissa


Abbie Cornish is the beautiful and stunning Australian sensation that is sweeping the nation. She started her career in Australia and had her breakthrough with the film, Somersault. She has successfully transitioned into a Hollywood film career and has appeared in such film as, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Limitless, Seven Psychopaths, Sucker Punch and Robocop. She also has had a successful career as a rapper and goes by the name, Dusk. In addition to all of this, she has also dabbled in some voice acting. She provided the voice of Otulissa in the 2010 animated film, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.

21) Reagan Gomez-Preston – Roberta Tubbs

The beautiful Reagan Gomez-Preston is a film actress and model. She has appeared in several films and TV shows. She first rose to prominence on the WB sitcom The Parent ‘Hood. She appeared in other TV series including That 70’s Show, Moesha and Felicity. She’s also been featured in King Magazine. She provided the voice for the popular and self-centered Roberta Tubbs on the series, The Cleveland Show, which was a spin-off of Family Guy. After the series cancellation, she reprised the role of Roberta Tubbs in Family Guy.

20) Anne Hathaway – Jewel

Anne Hathaway is regarded as one of the most beautiful and biggest names in Hollywood. She had her breakthrough with roles in The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted. She’s had an incredible career appearing in several highly successful films, such as, Havoc, The Devil Wears Prada and The Dark Knight Rises. She’s also done some voice acting and provided the voice for the character Red in Hoodwinked, which is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. She also provided the voice of Jewel in the animated film Rio, and its sequel, Rio 2. 

19) Zooey Deschanel – Lani Aliikai


Zooey Deschanel is the quirky and funny girl next door. She has had a phenomenal movie career and as appeared in films, such as, Yes Man, Elf and Almost Famous. She currently stars on the hit Fox series New Girl. She was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy award for her role on New Girl. In addition to her successful film and TV career, she has also lent her voice to animation. She voiced the character Lani Aliikai in the 2007 animated mockumentary film, Surf’s Up. She will also be providing the voice of Bridget in the upcoming animated film, Trolls starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.

18) Isla Fisher – Tooth Fairy


She’s stunning, sexy and hot. When she enters a room everyone turns and looks. They also check under their pillow. Obviously, we’re talking about the Tooth Fairy, but who’s the hottie behind that character? Isla Fisher is one of the most beautiful actresses today. She has appeared in several highly successful films, such as Scooby Doo, Wedding Crashers and Confessions of a Shopaholic. She’s also had much success in voice acting and animation. She provided the voice for the Deseret iguana, Beans, in the 2011 animated film, Rango, which starred Johnny Depp. She also voiced Tooth (The Tooth Fairy) in the 2012 animated film, Rise of The Guardians.

17) Mandy Moore – Rapunzel

Mandy Moore is an actress and singer. Following her successful music career she transitioned into a film career and appeared in such films as, A Walk To Remember, How To Deal and License to Wed. She is widely considered one of the hottest celebrities alive. VH1 included her on their Sexiest Artists of All Time list. Moore voiced the character of Rapunzel in the 2010 Disney Film Tangled, and its 2012 sequel, Tangled Ever After. The film is based on the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel. Moore contributed several songs to the soundtrack including, “I See The Light”, which was nominated for best song at the Academy Awards. She will also be the voice of Rapunzel in the upcoming TV series, Tangled: Before Ever After. 

16) Lucy Liu – Master Viper

The breathtaking Lucy Liu had her first breakthrough with her role on the TV series, Ally McBeal. She was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award for her role on the series. She currently stars as Dr. Joan Watson on the CBS series, Elementary. She has had an enormously successful movie career and has appeared several popular films, such as Charlie’s Angels, Lucky Number Slevin and Kill Bill. She provided the voice for the Master Viper in the Kung Fu Panda Series. The film also included the voices of Jack Black and Angelina Jolie.

15) Cameron Diaz – Princess Fiona

When one thinks of Cameron Diaz, it’s obvious what the first thing that comes to mind is… a green ogress. The stunningly gorgeous Cameron Diaz is a mega Hollywood star and former model. She has appeared in several critically and commercially acclaimed films, such as There’s Something About Mary, The Mask, Charlies Angles, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bad Teacher, Gangs Of New York and many more. Despite being considered one of the hottest in Hollywood, she is best linked to her animated counterpart, the ogress Princess Fiona. She voiced the role of Fiona in the incredibly successful Shrek franchise.

14) Sanaa Lathan – Donna Tubbs


The beautiful Sanaa Latham, is not just another pretty face; she’s also a hot voice. Sanna Lathan began her career on Broadway and landed roles on TV shows, such as NYPD Blue, Moesha and Family Matters. She is a very accomplished actress and has appeared in several successful films including, Blade, The Best Man, Love & Basketball and Brown Sugar. She’s also had lots of success in voice acting. She provided the voice for Cleveland Brown’s new wife Donna Tubbs, on the Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show in 2009.

13) Lacey Chabert – Eliza Thornberry

Lacey Chabert is an actress who had her breakthrough as child actor on the hit series Party Of Five. She transited into a film career and has starred in several films, such as Lost In Space, Daddy Day Care and Mean Girls. She’s considered to be of the hottest and most beautiful women in Hollywood. She’s also had a successful voice-acting career as she provided the voice for Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberry’s. She also was the original voice for Meg Griffin on Family Guy in 1999. She left the role due to commitments with school and Party of Five. 

12) Reese Witherspoon – Susan Murphy


The incredibly beautiful and gorgeous Reese Witherspoon, is an Academy Award winning actress. She has starred in several critically and commercially acclaimed films, such as Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama and Wild. She won the Oscar for her role as June Carter in the film, Walk The Line. FHM magazine listed her on their 100 Sexiest Women in the World list and People Magazine included her in their 100 Most Beautiful Issue. She voiced the main character, Susan Murphy, in the 2009 animated film, Monsters vs. Aliens. The film revolved around Susan becoming the 49 feet tall monster known as Ginormica.

11) Aisha Tyler – Lana Kane

Aisha Tyler is a successful film and television actress. Currently she is the host of the improv TV series, Whose Line Is It Anyway? She also appeared in the series, The Ghost Whisperer. She had recurring roles on CSI, 24, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Friends. She plays the role of sexy and tough Lane Kane on the FX animated series, Archer. The series revolves around spy Sterling Archer working for his over bearing mother and with his ex-girlfriend, Lana Kane. Lana often wears sexy low cut dresses and thigh high boots, which is only slightly different from what Aisha Tyler wears in real life.

10) Angelina Jolie – Master Tigress

She’s beautiful, sexy and can beat up any animal in the jungle. Does that describe Angelina Jolie or Master Tigress? The answer is both. Angelina Jolie is an Academy Award winning actress and has appeared in several films, such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Wanted and the Lara Croft films. She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Girl, Interrupted. She is considered to be a sex symbol and one of the most beautiful women in the world. Esquire magazine once named her the Sexiest Woman Alive. She’s also had a successful voice-acting career and appeared in the film Shark Tale. She also voiced the character, Master Tigress, in the massively popular Kung Fu Panda Series.

9) Kristen Bell – Princess Anna

The gorgeous and stunning Kristen Bell is an actress who first rose to fame as the main character in the very popular TV series, Veronica Mars. She later reprised the role in a Veronica Mars film. She transitioned into an impressive film career and has appeared in several films, such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, You Again and The Boss. She currently stars in the Showtime series, House of Lies. She’s also had a considerable amount of success as a voice actor. She provided the voice for Princess Anna in the critically and commercially acclaimed 2013 Disney Film, Frozen. She is expected to reprise her role in a sequel to Frozen.

8) Tina Fey – Roxanne Ritchie

Many consider Tina Fey to be one of the funniest and hottest celebrities alive. She first rose to fame as a cast member, and later head writer of the enormously popular sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live. She’s appeared in several highly successful films, including Baby Mama, Date Night and Sisters. She wrote and starred in the critically and commercially acclaimed film Mean Girls. Tina also starred and created the massively successful TV series, 30 Rock. Recently, she created the critically acclaimed Netflix series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, staring Ellie Kemper. Fey voiced the character of TV news reporter Roxanne Ritchie, in the animated film Megamind The film received positive reviews and critics praised her voice performance.

7) Katy Perry – Smurfette


Katy Perry is one of the best selling solo female artists of all time. She is considered to be a sex symbol and one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. She has released several chart topping singles, such as “Firework”, “Teenage Dream” and “I Kissed A Girl”. She has appeared on several TV shows, including The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother and Saturday Night Live. Perry provided the voice for Smurfette in the 2011 film The Smurfs, and its 2013 sequel. In 2010, she ranked number one on Maxim‘s Hot 100 and Men’s Health named her “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2013. Elle magazine described her body as being “sketched by a teenage boy.”

6) Amy Poehler – Joy

Amy Poehler is a comedian, actress and writer. She became a household name after being a cast member on the hit sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. After leaving SNL, she moved on to a film career and appeared in such films as Mean Girls, Baby Mama and Sisters. She won a Golden Globe for her role as Leslie Knope on the hit NBC series, Parks & Recreation. In addition to being gorgeous and hilarious, she has a fantastic voice and has put it to good use. She has voiced several characters in such animated films as Monsters vs. Aliens. She voiced the character and emotion of Joy in the 2015 animated film Inside Out. She received universal praise for her vocal performance in Inside Out.

5) Idina Menzel – Elsa


The stunning and beautiful Idina Menzel is a Broadway performer, singer and actress. She won three separate Tony Awards for roles in the Broadway musicals Rent, Wicked and If/Then. She had a recurring role on the hugely popular FOX musical comedy, Glee. However, she is best known for providing the voice for the iconic character Elsa in the acclaimed Disney film, Frozen. In addition to voicing Elsa, she also contributed to the soundtrack, including the Academy Award winning song, “Let It Go”. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard charts. She will be reprising her role in the sequel, Frozen 2.

4) Beyonce – Shine

Beyonce is one of the best selling artists of all time. She has released several critically and commercially acclaimed albums, such as I am… Sasha Fierce, Beyonce and Lemonade. She has also appeared in several films, including Austin Powers Goldmember, Dream Girls and Obsessed. There truly is nothing Beyonce can’t do because in addition to all that, she has found the time to lend her amazing voice to animation. She voiced Shine in the pre-school educational series, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!. She also voiced The Queen of the Forest, Tara, in the 2013 animated film, Epic. She is considered to be one of the hottest women alive and a sex symbol. GQ magazine included her in their 100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century list, and People magazine named her “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

3) Aya Hirano – Harchi Suzumiya

Aya Hirano is a beautiful and stunning Japanese voice actress and J-Pop singer. She had her big breakthrough with her role on the anime The Melancholy of Harchi Suzumiya. She voices the tough and beautiful high school student Harchi Suzumiya. She has released several singles including “Breakthrough”, and the opening theme song for The Melancholy of Harchi Suzumiya. With her success, she has landed several other voice-acting roles in, Lucky Star, Fairy Tail, Nana and Death Note. At the Seiyu Awards, which recognizes achievements in voice acting, she has won the Best Newcomer and Best Character Awards.

2) Emily Blunt – Juliet

Emily Blunt is widely regarded as one of the hottest and most gorgeous women in the world. She received universal praise for her roles in My Summer of Love and as Queen Victoria in Young Victoria. Since then she has appeared in several films, such as Edge of Tomorrow, Into The Woods and The Devil Wears Prada. She provided the voice for Juliet in the 2011 animated film, Gnomeo & Juliet starring opposite James McAvoy. The film was inspired by the Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet. She will also be voicing characters in the upcoming animated films, Animal Crackers and My Little Pony; both are expected in 2017.

1) Mila Kunis – Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin is unpopular, socially awkward and an outcast. She wears thick glasses, a pink shirt, blue jeans and a pink beanie. She struggles with dating and rarely gets attention from the opposite sex. It is well known by now that one of the hottest and most beautiful women in the world is the voice of Peter Griffin’s least favourite child. Family Guy has aired on Fox for 14 seasons, starting in 1999. The series is known for its controversial and crude humor. Mila Kunis took over the role from Lacey Chabert. Mila Kunis had her big break with her role as Jackie Burkhart on That 70’s Show. She has had a very successful film career appearing in films such as Black Swan, Ted and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She has appeared on Maxim and FHM’s Hot 100 List. GQ named her the 2011 ‘Knockout of the Year’ and Esquire named her 2012’s ‘Hottest Woman Of The Year’.

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