21 Hot Models With A Bountiful Chest You Need To See

It may seem overwhelmingly obvious that models or glamour models should be hot but if you ask the average person that isn’t always the case. There has been a trend over the last few decades that some companies prefer to have rail thin women who lack any of the natural curves that so many of us find attractive. That may be some people’s cup of tea, but we certainly won’t be looking at women like that with this list. Instead, we set out to find some of the hottest models with chests that are big in the best ways possible.

For this list, we first looked for the hottest models with the most remarkable busts and we whittled that group down to our favorites. Secondly, we ensured that every woman we chose is known most as a model. It’s okay if they’ve managed to branch out into other forms of entertainment like acting gigs but we outright ignored any celebrities who were actors or singers and then acted as brand spokespeople. Additionally, a woman like Sofia Vergara, who started out as a model but is now a renowned actress who doesn’t seem to be doing much modeling as of late, was not up for consideration.


21 Veronika Vařeková


A Czech model who made her way to America at the age of 19 in order to learn about design, she was quickly signed by a modeling agency. Landing cover shoots for massive magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and most impressively the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she became one of the world’s most in-demand models in short order. Working for Victoria’s Secret and appearing in eight different SI Swimsuit Issues over the years, her meteoric rise is due in no small part to her boobs.

20 Marisa Miller


Another model who managed to receive work from Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, Marisa has made a big enough name for herself and she topped Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2008. Additionally winning FHM’s global 2010 “Sexiest Women in the World” poll, this American model made her big screen debut in 2013’s R.I.P.D. Appearing in magazines like GQ, Maxim, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle and Vanity Fair, Marisa was also chosen to help advertise for companies like Nordstrom, J.Crew, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, and Bath & Body Works. Fortunately, her career as a model has given us great views of her chest over and over again and we’re more than happy for each new shot that comes our way.

19 Bar Refaeli

The highest paid model in her home country of Israel in 2013, Bar managed to make more money off her incredible figure, than three of the other big models from that country, including Gal Gadot, combined. The cover model for the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Issue, she also topped Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2012. Working for Chanel, Sears, Rampage, Lucky Brand, and many other companies, she’s also graced magazines like Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Esquire and others over the years, with her presence. If you’re looking for more evidence that this stunner belongs on lists of brilliantly boobed women, we suggest you look no further than her bevy of bikini photos.

18 Cindy Crawford

One of the hottest and smartest models of all time, Cindy looks good in a bikini, dress or board room in equal measure. One of the original five women who were named Supermodels, any attempt to list Cindy’s many, many modeling gigs would be far too expansive to include here. We’ll just say that if you think of the most prestigious jobs a model can get, Cindy probably got it at one time. Hell, when she was dating Richard Gere in the nineties, the duo was named the sexiest couple alive by People Magazine. Currently working predominantly as the businesswoman behind the immensely powerful Cindy Crawford Home Collection brand, her occasional modeling gigs reveal that she hasn’t missed a beat. In fact, her boobs are every bit as great as they ever will and that is fantastic since they’re some of the best ever.

17 Rachel Williams


Wow, just wow. An English model who took the world by storm when images of her crazy big rack and video of them bouncing and swaying hit the internet, she without a doubt has some gigantic knockers. A glamour model who has worked for magazines like Zoo after winning their Great British Babe search in 2013, she has since become a sensation. Followed by sites like The Chive, which featured a gallery of some of her sexiest pics, her greatest claim to fame came when a video of her bouncing boobs went viral. Looking at her clearly natural chest, since surgically aided ones don’t move like hers is likely to be the most amazing thing you’ve seen so far this week.

16 Devin Brugman


A buxom brunette model who works more often than not representing A Bikini A Day, a company she co-created and whose wares she co-designs, she makes her product look good. If Devin wasn’t so amazingly hot we may assume that she was chosen to model for her company due to her involvement in its founding, but we know otherwise when we look at her photos. Possessing the type of breasts that people pay and pray for, we’re sure happy she is so generous in sharing them with the world.

15 Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn is absolutely most famous for her work modeling but for us, we’ll never be able to get the image of her in a bikini in Adam Sandler’s film Just Go With It out of our heads. A veteran of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and Victoria’s Secret’s catalogs, Brooklyn’s body is the perfect advertising machine. Included as a part of a list of the hottest women of all-time put out by Men’s Health magazine, she’s one of the hottest models of all time in our eyes. Seeing Brooklyn’s boobs in a bikini is the closest thing to perfect we can think of.


14 Holly Peers

An English glamour model that began her career by appearing as a part of The Sun’s Page 3, she became a mainstay of the paper after her debut. Used as the cover girl for Page 3’s Calendar in 2011 and 2012, she also posed for the Hot Shots Calendar cover in 2012. Regularly appearing in Nuts, Loaded and Page 3, she has also managed to become a “Soccerette” for Soccer AM, a British sports program. A brunette with curves in all the right places, she clearly owes the lions’ share of her fame to her oversized chest.

13 Chrissy Teigen

Introduced to the people at Sports Illustrated by her friend and fellow entry on this list Brooklyn Decker, Chrissy’s modeling career somehow managed to include the annual Swimsuit Issue only a few years in. You’d think that getting one of the most coveted jobs ever in your field so early would mean that you’d have nowhere to go but down but Chrissy becoming a bigger star since has proven that idea false. Currently appearing as a co-host on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, she has managed to crossover into acting as well of late. If you want to get regular views of Chrissy’s boobs in various stages of undress, proving why she had to make our list, look no further than her social media accounts where she shows no shame.

12 Tess Henstra


A plus-sized model from The Netherlands, Tess is blessed with an incredibly photogenic face and tits that won’t quit. This Dutch beauty has quickly become one of the most sought after models in her category and as images of her work have found their way online she has developed an impressive fan following. Blessed with great breasts that look especially succulent when cradled, revealing some fantastic cleavage, Tess’s chest may just be her best feature.

11 Genevieve Morton

A South African model who first gained acclaim when she appeared in Sports Illustrated in 2008, it wasn’t until two years later that she would appear the magazine’s annual Swimsuit Issue. Taking part in Esquire magazine’s Me in My Place series, the resulting photos were some of the most intimate and sexy photos the model has ever taken. Named one of the Top 50 Swimsuit Models of All Time by Sports Illustrated in 2014, who are we to disagree with their appraisal? Well, fortunately, we’re not blind and looking at those puppies as her garb tightly grasps them is just too great for her to not find her way here.

10 Abigail Ratchford

One of the most appreciated and best-known models that's made their name in large part due to Instagram fame, her popularity was personified by her “More Bounce to the Ounce” video. Followed by more than 4.2 million people on the site, this Queen of Curves, as she calls herself, has modeled for magazines like Esquire, Maxim and Zoo. A model that has walked runways as part of LA fashion week and was a featured model for Michael Costello, she makes clothes, or lack thereof, look good. We’d attempt to describe the grandeur of her hooters but since we see that photo, our minds, like yours have gone blank with happiness.

9 Tyra Banks

Clearly one of the most famous models ever, Tyra has managed to become a brand name in modelling and on television. One of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels, she is also the first African-American woman to ever be featured on the cover of GQ and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Transitioning to acting in projects like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Love & Basketball, and Halloween: Resurrection, Tyra has also made a huge impact on television by creating Top Model and hosting The Tyra Banks Show. Blessed with magnificent boobs that seem like they were created to be cradled in a bra or bikini, her chest has made us salivate for years.

8 Ashley Graham


An American plus-sized model that is best known as a lingerie model for Lane Bryant, the last year has been a banner year for this model. The first ever plus-sized model who appeared on Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Cover, she has also appeared on The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight and the CBS News. Signed by the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency, she has been featured in magazines like YM, Vogue and Bust, which we didn’t know was a thing but should serve as the inspiration for lots of lists like this one.

7 Joey Fisher

A glamour model that has appeared topless multiple times, Joey’s amazing assets have become the thing of legend. Beginning her modelling career in 2013, this native of Wales began to work for magazines like Zoo and Nuts in the UK. Garnering a loyal fan base, for obvious reasons, she has since cashed in on her increased notoriety by releasing her own calendar, posing with other glamour models, and acting for the first time this last year. Possessing large natural boobs that you could just lose yourself in, Joey won’t be shocked to catch us staring.

6 Lindsey Pelas

Another model who owes a large part of her fame to her social media prowess, she has more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram alone. Described by as “a 24-year-old social media star and model whose 32DDD (or 30H) breasts attract a significant amount of attention”, they struck at the core of what makes her special as a model. Having worked for Playboy as a Cybergirl, she has also had her face and body appear on many other such sites in the last few years. The prototypical big-boobed blonde, Lindsey’s chest makes her stand out everywhere, including on this list.

5 Ariel Meredith


It was really hard to not place Ariel at the very top of our list. An American model who appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue five separate times, she began her career way back in 1998, part-time while she was still in school. Starting out by appearing for Seventeen as a teen, once she matured she graduated to working for magazines like Cosmopolitan and even had her runway debut covered by USA Today. You don’t get that kind of red carpet treatment as a model if you aren’t something special and although her face is gorgeous and her skin is supple it is her breasts that truly make her stand out for us.

4 Kelly Brook

There are few models that are known more for their busts than this English model. Kelly, A former Page 3 girl who has worked on campaigns for Foster's Lager, Renault Mégane, Walker's crisps, and Piz Buin, she has also appeared in magazines like GQ, Loaded and FHM. In our minds, her most fitting modelling gig came when she worked for Bravissimo, a company that specializes in lingerie and bras for big-breasted women. Also, an actor who swam completely nude in the remake movie Piranha 3D, if you like boobs and could get that scene out of your mind your tastes utterly confuse us.

3 Lucy Pinder


It has always seemed liked a sitcom trope, a beautiful young woman gets discovered by a photographer while living her normal life but in Lucy’s case it seems to have actually happened and it wasn’t a scam. Sought out by a freelance photographer who saw her on a beach, Lucy began a career as a model that has seen her appear in publications like FHM, Nuts, Loaded and The Daily Star. Garnering a big enough name based solely on her gorgeous body and especially awe-inspiring bust, Lucy has become an actress and also appeared in a season of Celebrity Big Brother. Having appeared in the buff multiple times over the years, we can attest that her chest is a true marvel to behold.

2 Charlotte McKinney

You know you’ve made it big time as a model when you are tapped to appear as a cast member of a reality show, which Charlotte did by competing in the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars. Famous for her steamy Instagram account, she was profiled in Esquire which helped her modeling career take off. Signed by Wilhelmina Models, she ended up working on campaigns for Guess Jeans, Carls Jr., and others. Dubbed the next Kate Upton by some, her chest has clearly played a huge part in what has made her a star.

1 Kate Upton

From the heir apparent to the original thing, we really wouldn’t be surprised at all if in the years to come the word Upton became slang for babes with big boobs after seeing this model’s body of work. Named the rookie of the year by Sports Illustrated after her 2011 appearance in their annual Swimsuit Issue, she would go on to grace its cover in two consecutive years, a feat that has only happened a handful of times. One of the most voluptuous models in recent years, her overwhelming success is a testament to the fact that so many men find a curvy body like hers far sexier than the stick bodies that became in Vogue over the years. Sure, having super succulent tits like those was also imperative too.


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