21 Hot Cosplayers You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Cosplay: a way to fantasize sexually about favorite childhood cartoon characters well into adulthood. For those who are unaware, costume play or “cosplay” has become a total phenomenon across the world. Essentially, cosplay simply means that people pick a favorite fictional character of theirs from movies, television, video games, or books and dress up just like them. It is like Halloween every single day except little children are a bit more frightened by a person dressed up as Sailor Moon in July than they are in October.

Regardless, one of the worst things about cosplay, just like with anything, is that it is primarily limited to dudes. Dudes enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters from the time they are little boys well into adulthood. The issue is that no one really wants to see him wear a Ninja Turtles outfit around the neighborhood. This definitely hurts cosplay’s popularity.

However, one of the best things about cosplay is when women get involved. When women dress up as their favorite character, it basically combines two things. First, it is women in costumes which everyone loves. Second, these women are showing an an enthusiasm for guy’s favorite characters. There is little else that is more thrilling than when a woman does not scoff at the idea of dressing up like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider or Black Widow from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Instagram has helped these women find a very broad audience to express their pleasure for these characters and to show off to the world what fantasies look like in real life. So, enjoy the 21 hottest cosplayers you need to follow on Instagram right now.

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21 Monika Lee

via instagram.com

Monika Lee is an up and coming cosplay model in the world of Instagram. She only has around 160,000 followers, which means that if you follow her now, you will probably be considered part of that early group who knew of her well before anyone else. With smart photography and stunning looks, Monika Lee is surely to bring cosplay into a new frontier.

20 Little Mermaid

via instagram.com

It is important to face the reality that Ariel from The Little Mermaid was kind of hot even though she was a bit underage. The beauty of cosplay is that Instagrammers can now bring Ariel right into adulthood and give her a unique, adult look that people can fantasize over without feeling creepy. With or without her scaly flippers, the grown up Ariel is something to look at.

19 Assassin's Creed

via instagram.com

The video game Assassin's Creed has taken over the world in a number of ways. Most notably through its interesting historical accounts and depth of their characters. What nobody has noticed is that women look really, really good wearing the costumes from the game. Why the game makers have not included this woman as a playable character just boggles the mind.

18 That's A Big Gun

via instagram.com

For some people, women and guns are probably the first thing they think about in the morning and the last thing they think about at night. Well, this Instagrammer is managing to fulfill both of those fantasies in one photo. Don't miss the giant wad of cash in her hand to make her the most perfect woman ever.

17 Black Widow

via instagram.com

The odd thing about cosplay is that women can make unsexy characters very sexy in just a matter of minutes. The issue with Black Widow is that she is already sexy, being played by Scarlett Johansson over the past few years.  However, this Instagrammer takes it up a notch, adding a sultry look to this character.

16 Dragon Girl

via instagram.com

The best part about this photo is that this Instagrammer did not do dragons in a creepy way, but in a subtly sensual way that makes it difficult to look away. This woman is so curvy, you probably have seen her figure on the mud flaps that a long haul trucker uses. If those wings were real, everybody would want her to fly right into their bedroom and have little freaky dragon-human babies with her. Evolution be damned.

15 Junko Enoshima

via instagram.com

An extremely popular anime character is Junko Enoshima. The sad part is that her character is deceased in the animated series. The best part is that Instagrammers like this woman can honor her memory.  Thankfully, she is honoring her memory in an extremely hot way. While she may look cute in the above photo, there's something kind of menacing about her, which is a good thing.

14 Kitty Kat

via instagram.com

Women get a free pass on a lot of things men don't. For most guys, if they decided to dress up like a cat, go to a playground, and take pictures of them on the equipment, the local police department would bring the fire immediately. For this hottie, chances are the police would line up to take pictures for their own personal collection. After looking at this woman, having a cat around the house does not seem so bad, does it?

13 Ash Ketchum - Part 1

via instagram.com

Ash Ketchum's name in Japanese stands for "wisdom" or "reason." In keeping with that theme, this Instagrammer had the "wisdom" to understand that a basic tank top and some makeup would draw people from around the world to look at her. She "reasoned" that some selfies were worth a thousands words and a thousand stares. Pokemon never looked so good.

12 Ash Ketchum - Part 2

via instagram.com

The whole point of Pokemon is to try to "catch them all."  With the way this Instagrammer looks, there is a good chance the Pokemon would actually try to catch her instead. To be honest, it is a crime that Ash Ketchum is not represented in this way. But looking like this, Ash Ketchum would have to get some pepper spray and self-defense training to swat away all of the suitors so it is probably best he is the way he is now.

11 Sailor Mercury

via instagram.com

Sailor Mercury is part of the Sailor Moon magna series. She is a member of the supernatural group of heroes that keep evil out of the solar system. Her best trait is that she is intelligent. Her worst trait is that she is shy. The best part is that none of that matters so long as she keeps posting to Instagram on the regular basis.

10 Spider-Girl

via instagram.com

One of the least recognized characters in the Marvel Universe is Spider-Girl. She has virtually all of the same powers as Sipder-Man, making her extremely cool. She can shoot webs, she is strong, durable, has stamina, and even has her "spider sense" to help her fight crime. The best part is that she has a very obvious advantage that Spider-Man would have to get several surgeries to copy. Go Spider-Girl.

9 New Member of the Suicide Squad

via instagram.com

The beauty of Instagram is that it allows cosplayers to use their imagination. One of the most popular films in the country is the film adaptation of the members of the Suicide Squad. The characters that stand out are definitely Joker and Harley Quinn, whose friends dress up as clowns and do terrible things to people. This Instagrammer is looking to join that group and given the way she looks, it is probable she will be invited with open arms.

8 Tinkerbell

via instagram.com

This Instagrammer has probably done the best job of bringing to life a very old character. Tinkerbell, and her tiny dress, smooth skin, and big blue eyes, has been the fantasies of people for generations. The only problem was that Tinkerbell was the size of a pretzel stick, making that fantasy a bit weird. However, this lady has helped turn that fantasy into a reality.

7 Venonat

via instagram.com

This description could talk in great detail about the Pokemon character Venonat. It could discuss all of the locations in the video game.  It could discuss what he is capable of. The problem is that anybody looking at this picture would totally ignore that. So, just take a look at this humanized version of Venonat, but do not try to catch her like a Pokemon.  The police frown on that.

6 Wicked Witch

via instagram.com

There is an inverse relationship to how hot a woman is and how much crap a person is willing to put up with from her. If this woman is truly a wicked witch, then it is probably because nobody ever told her, "Hey, please don't act like that." By getting a good look at her, it is no wonder why that is the case. On the flip side, we would let this Wicked Witch off the hook more often than not.

5 Assassin's Creed (Again)

via instagram.com

The fact that Assassin’s Creed is a video game is becoming less and less of the point in this article. Truthfully, this woman could be dressed up as a Teletubby and she would still make this list. However, the fact that she is into video games and knows a character most women would never consider makes her amazing. Why the game makers have not worked their CGI magic and made her a part of the game is beyond reason.

4 Deadpool's Real Girlfriend

via instagram.com

Part of the premise of the Deadpool series is that the main character has become horribly disfigured because of some torture by evil villains. In the movie adaptation, Deadpool is a weapons expert and can slice up nearly any bad guy that he sees. This cosplayer doesn’t even need swords or guns as a weapon. She just needs to put on this get up and she is in business.

3 Harley Quinn

via instagram.com

There is no question why the Joker chose Harley Quinn as his girl. The only problem is that in the movie adaptation of Suicide Squad, Quinn has this pale, freaky nature about her that would scare the pants off most people. On the other hand, this hottie has a look that is much more inviting. With the intersection of cosplay and Instagram, our favorite characters can become almost whoever we want.

2 Ninja Warrior

via instagram.com

Men can be a little too focused on sex. In looking at this picture, there is a huge probability that most men are thinking, “I wish she would bring those swords into the bedroom,” instead of thinking, “Those are huge swords. She could hurt somebody.” On the other hand, hurting someone in the bedroom might be the whole point of the huge swords, no?

1 Super Girl

via instagram.com

Every super hero is inevitably compared to Superman. Even though Superman is not the strongest or the fastest, it is his collection of powers and invincibility that makes him the most unique. What most people do not realize is that his cousin, Super Girl, is every bit as strong a Kryptonian as Clark Kent. She has a little added firepower in the form of her appearance, disabling people from miles away.

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