20 TV Moments Where Celebs Bared It All

It seems like such a long time ago now, but it wasn’t that long ago that the idea of nudity on television seemed like an outrageous concept that would never come to pass. The world seems to be in agreement that we’re going through a golden age of television and the same holds true for nudity that was filmed specifically for the small screen. Shows like Game of Thrones, Californication, True Blood, and much more have ushered in an era where upcoming actresses and major stars alike take off their gear for our viewing pleasure.

As with other similar lists we’ve produced, the requirements for eligibility of a scene are pretty simple, a famous person needs to be visible and the action that unfolds needs to be unforgettable. The notable actress doesn’t need to have been well known at the time she shot the scene. If they managed to become a headline-worthy star in the years after they shot one hell of a nude scene then, she may just find her name represented here. Additionally, the scenes in question don’t have to show off the actresses’ entire body; it only needs to reveal their private parts to some degree.


20 Addison Timlin – Californication

A mostly previously unknown actress who was cast in a supporting role in Californication’s fourth season, Addison’s acting and nude sequences were impressive enough to gain her a cult following. Set to play the main character in an upcoming adaptation of a “young adult paranormal romance” novel with a following called Fallen, she seems poised to potentially be huge. If we wrote this list a few years from now, once Addison’s profile raises even higher she may have taken our top spot but we certainly couldn’t leave her off now. Appearing bare on the series multiple times, including a great scene where she reveals her breasts to a room to show off how nice they are, the scene we chose is a s*x scene with the show’s main character. Set to play a character based off a woman who got busy with Duchovny’s character, she begins to get it on with him, showing off her awe-inspiring bust and butt, before punching him in the face.

19 Keri Russell – The Americans

Made a star after playing the titular character in the College drama series Felicity, Keri has always had an approachable energy that may cause some observers to forget just how hot she is. A mainstay ever since, she made appearances in movies like Mission: Impossible III, August Rush, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes but her best role may be her recent run on TV’s period spy drama, The Americans. One-half of a duo of Soviet KGB officers who are living undercover in a Washington neighbourhood, she plays the character to perfection. Perhaps our favorite moment though came when the actress dropped her towel after getting out of the shower to have a butt-baring conversation with her partner in crime.

18 C.J. “Lana” Perry – Banshee

Currently one of the very few performers who are employed by the WWE that mostly works as a valet or manager, Lana is widely considered one of the sexiest women who works for the company. Before she went to work for Vince McMahon however, Lana was known as C.J. Perry, a model, singer, dancer, and an actress who got a gig in the first season of the crime drama Banshee. Playing the woman on the arm of a gambler playing craps, the show interspersed images of the duo gambling and having fun.

17 Eliza Coupe – Casual

Her name may not ring a bell but if you’re a fan of television’s best sitcoms you’ll probably know who this blonde beauty is. First winning a main role on television when she was cast as Denise "Jo" Mahoney in Scrubs, she was upgraded to a series regular before the show came to an end. Rebounding soon after that show was cancelled; she next played one of the main characters in the show Happy Endings, which despite a short three season run has developed an immense following. Appearing in Hulu’s new show Casual, she bared it all on screen for the first time in the show’s sixth episode which involved revealing her nice butt and fantastic bust.

16 Nathalie Emmanuel – Game of Thrones

This may not come as a surprise to anyone but Game of Thrones makes a few appearances on this list. Introduced as Missandei, an interrupter for a slave trader before leaving his side to join the Khaleesi, as one of her most trusted advisers, her character, despite typically remaining quiet was impossible to ignore. Additionally gaining a coveted role in the last Fast and Furious film, her bikini clad scene put steam in a lot of viewers' collars. An incredibly sexy woman with a body that just won’t quit, the scene where she is seen bathing, revealing almost everything, is absolutely one of the series and television’s hottest moments.

15 Allison Williams – Girls

We’re going to have to be a little delicate with this one. One of the main characters in the long-running, Lena Dunham-led series, Girls, about a group of self-obsessed young people in New York, Allison may just be the most attractive woman on the show. Cast as Marnie, a musician who has men falling at her feet, she had one s*x scene early on but her clothing was strategically placed to keep her covered. Then the series’ fourth season debut hit airwaves and we got one of the most unorthodox s*x scenes in television history. Bent over in her kitchen, her lover can be seen pleasuring her from behind while on his knees as the actress' butt cheek jiggles

14 Ashley Greene – Rogue

We may not like the Twilight series of films just like a lot of people, but there is no denying that Ashley, who played a supporting part in every chapter of the series, is hot as hell. Cast as Alice Cullen, one of the adopted sisters of the franchise’s male lead, her character was able to see premonitions of possible futures and we sure wish we saw this scene coming. Cast to appear in the third season of Rogue, a police drama, she took part in her first nude scene when she joined an older gentleman in his bedroom and showed off her stunning chest.


13 Rose Leslie – Game of Thrones


First rising to prominence after she won a Scottish BAFTA for Best Acting in the movie New Town, Rose also appeared in Downton Abbey before taking on this role that would turn her into a budding star. Adding a great deal of heart to the story of Jon Snow when she played his romantic interest in three seasons, Ygritte brought a sense of charisma, danger, and charm to the role. Let’s just say we understood what he saw in her. Enticing Jon to join her in a cave, she quickly disrobed and approached the man who’d taken a vow of celibacy and he understandably had his will broken by her dazzling body.

12 Emmy Rossum – Shameless

An actress who has played pivotal roles in films like Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow, Beautiful Creatures, and The Phantom of the Opera where she took on a leading role, Emmy was clearly on the rise. In years past that would have meant that making the leap to starring in a series would be a serious demotion but in the golden age of television we’re enjoying today, that is no longer the case. Currently starring in Shameless, a series about a dysfunctional family in a down and out neighborhood, her character takes care of everyone around her but often spends her "me" time without much clothes. That meant that when we decided to make the unavoidable decision to include her here, choosing a scene was an embarrassment of riches. A favorite scene came in the show’s fourth season when her character is seen on the phone attempting to call in to work while her man won’t leave her alone and she struggles to remain vocally calm.

11 Olivia Wilde – Vinyl

One of the most popular and talented actresses going today, Olivia has proven time and time again that she appears to be perfectly OK with sharing her body with the world on camera. After becoming a star due to her performances in the series House and movies like Tron: Legacy, Her, Drinking Buddies and Rush, she has appeared nude in six films to date. Her appearance on 2016’s series Vinyl was her first time taking off her gear on TV so far and it was pretty great. Wearing a merkin, a wig for your private parts, she takes off all of her clothes amidst a small group of people including a blonde woman who briefly rubs her shoulder before a man comes along to pose her the way he desires.

10 Kim Cattrall – Sex and the City

Yet another actress who has an extensive nude resume, Kim has been known to appear in the buff on this show and in a slew of films. Despite an extensive history of acting in major movies like Porky’s, Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, Mannequin, and Star Trek VI, Kim’s real breakthrough came when she joined Sex & the City. Playing Samantha Jones, a strong woman who may be the most sexually confident female character ever brought to the small screen, she was never afraid to ensure her sexual needs were met. A favorite scene is when Samantha began dating a fireman which involved a s*x scene up against a firetruck that ends when a group of fireman and an old couple walking by, walk in on her topless.

9 Lucy Lawless – Spartacus

When Xena: Warrior Princess began as a spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys there really was no way of knowing how much of an impact it would go on to have. Gaining a fervent fanbase that gobbled up each new episode, the show’s lead, Lucy Lawless, became a star seemingly overnight. Also known for a longstanding run on the 2000's version of Battlestar Galactica and her recent run on Ash vs. Evil Dead, Lucy’s other major role was Lucretia shows named Spartacus. A promiscuous character who enjoys the company of men and women, she could be seen in various stages of undress several times over the years. The scene that really did it for us though was when she and a character played by Jaime Murray enjoyed each other’s company.

8 Eva Amurri Martino – Californication

Known from a young age due to being the daughter of Italian director Franco Amurri and actress and sex symbol Susan Sarandon, Eva was born to be hot but she outdid all expectations. Set to co-star with her mother in the upcoming film Mothers and Daughters, she has also appeared in The Banger Sisters, That’s My Boy, Saved! (where she was fantastic), Middle of Nowhere and New York, I Love You. For us, though, her best work came as a student who worked as a stripper at night in the third season of Californication. Not exactly the most original idea in the world, she brought a great deal of emotional depth to the role and one of the best racks we’ve ever seen. When it came to which of her scenes in the show we chose for this list it was extremely easy to decide and nothing can compare to her scene working the pole.

7 Anna Paquin – True Blood

It may be strange to think about now but Anna’s ascent to fame began when she won an Academy Award at the age of 11 for her work in The Piano. Regaining the spotlight when she played Rogue in the X-Men movies, she also appeared in critically acclaimed movies like Amistad, Almost Famous, and 25th Hour. Then she got cast in the lead role in the series True Blood where she played a young woman that lived in a world where vampires have become so almost mundane and before long all manner of other creatures would appear. Our favorite debut on the show, however, without a doubt, was when Anna took off her top for the first time which absolutely deserves a place here.

6 Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones

There really are three adult actresses who we’d say have become the biggest stars based on their roles in Game of Thrones. Lena Headey who despite appearances hasn’t been nude on the show, our number three pick, and Emilia whose turn as Daenerys Targaryen has been career transforming for her. Cast as Sarah Conner, one of the most bada** characters of all time, she also has two films under her belt that will come out in 2016 and she might become an even bigger star soon. A show that has clearly made some of its name due to being one of the most nudity-centric shows of all time, its first episode had one of the greatest naked scenes ever when Daenerys has her body examined by her brother.

5 Catherine Bell – Dream On


There is little question that a woman in a uniform can be an extremely attractive thing when you look at this actress on the set of JAG. A legal drama set in a military world, Catherine became a big star by appearing on the highly rated show and then went on to appear in Army Wives and The Good Witch shows she’d appear on for a combined thirteen years (though they largely overlapped). Years before any of that success, though, way back in 1994 (the oldest entry on this list), this exquisite star would have a nude scene in the ground-breaking HBO series Dream On. Lying on a couch with an open shirt as the show’s main character desperately tries to please her, her chest easily distracts from his failure.

4 Eva Green – Penny Dreadful

In the history of Hollywood, there are only a few actresses we can think of who seem like as big a sexual dynamos as this French actress. Made famous off a role in The Dreamers, where she showed nearly every inch of her body while involved sexually with a couple of guys, she would go on to up the sexy ante from there. Adding her particular set of skills, which includes some impressive acting chops as well, to movies like Casino Royale, 300: Rise of an Empire, and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, amongst others, she has become a go-to actress. In one scene where she has s*x with a man who has the ability to be invisible, we know she sees it start with the two of them getting hot and bothered but she is shown from others point of view, doing it with a phantom.

3 Natalie Dormer – Game of Thrones


Natalie should be proud, her scene took the crown as the best nude scene ever seen on Game of Thrones. An actress who’d previously appeared in the buff on The Tudors, she definitely wasn’t a star until the moment she took off her robe in this fantasy drama. Instantly one of the sexiest women alive, she ended up getting roles in Captain America: The First Avenger, Rush, the series Elementary and played Cressida in the final two Hunger Games films. Look, Tommen Baratheon is clearly a weak-willed weenie of a king but we’d never question his loyalty to his unbelievably hot wife.

2 Alexandra Daddario – True Detective

When True Detective debuted to the type of reviews that TV execs dream of, it seemed like it would further rejuvenate the careers of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, but that was it. What nobody saw coming was how much of a boon it would be to the career of Alexandra, an actress who’d previously played a main role in the Percy Jackson movies. Becoming a sensation online after she appeared in the scene that we’re featuring here, which proved she possesses a body to die or kill for, she has since become a much bigger deal.

1 Lizzy Caplan – True Blood/ Masters of S*x

When we first became aware of this acerbic actress while watching her play Janis Ian in Mean Girls, we loved her energy and wanted to see more but her looks really didn’t play a part in it. Then she made her nude debut in the series True Blood and we were blown away by how perky and magnificent her chest was and from that moment forward she was forever our girl. Charming as all hell in Hot Tub Time Machine, Party Down, and lots of other shows, she has worked steadily ever since her major debut including the upcoming Now You See Me sequel.

Currently starring in the series Masters of Sex, where she plays sexologist Virginia Johnson who helped to pioneer s*x research, Lizzy has appeared nude in the series multiple times. A favorite scene from Masters of Sex is where she pleasured herself while on camera and monitored by machines. Despite the clinical setting in which it takes place, watching her get into her research so clearly, while being watched was unforgettable.

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