20 TV Moments Where Celebs Bared It All

It seems like such a long time ago now, but it wasn’t that long ago that the idea of nudity on television seemed like an outrageous concept that would never come to pass. The world seems to be in agreement that we’re going through a golden age of television and the same holds true for nudity that was filmed specifically for the small screen. Shows like Game of Thrones, Californication, True Blood, and much more have ushered in an era where upcoming actresses and major stars alike take off their gear for our viewing pleasure.

As with other similar lists we’ve produced, the requirements for eligibility of a scene are pretty simple, a famous person needs to be visible and the action that unfolds needs to be unforgettable. The notable actress doesn’t need to have been well known at the time she shot the scene. If they managed to become a headline-worthy star in the years after they shot one hell of a nude scene then, she may just find her name represented here. Additionally, the scenes in question don’t have to show off the actresses’ entire body; it only needs to reveal their private parts to some degree.

20 Addison Timlin – Californication

19 Keri Russell – The Americans

18 C.J. “Lana” Perry – Banshee

17 Eliza Coupe – Casual

16 Nathalie Emmanuel – Game of Thrones

15 Allison Williams – Girls

14 Ashley Greene – Rogue

13 Rose Leslie – Game of Thrones


12 Emmy Rossum – Shameless

11 Olivia Wilde – Vinyl

10 Kim Cattrall – Sex and the City

9 Lucy Lawless – Spartacus

8 Eva Amurri Martino – Californication

7 Anna Paquin – True Blood

6 Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones

5 Catherine Bell – Dream On


4 Eva Green – Penny Dreadful

3 Natalie Dormer – Game of Thrones


2 Alexandra Daddario – True Detective

1 Lizzy Caplan – True Blood/ Masters of S*x

When we first became aware of this acerbic actress while watching her play Janis Ian in Mean Girls, we loved her energy and wanted to see more but her looks really didn’t play a part in it. Then she made her nude debut in the series True Blood and we were blown away by how perky and magnificent her chest was and from that moment forward she was forever our girl. Charming as all hell in Hot Tub Time Machine, Party Down, and lots of other shows, she has worked steadily ever since her major debut including the upcoming Now You See Me sequel.

Currently starring in the series Masters of Sex, where she plays sexologist Virginia Johnson who helped to pioneer s*x research, Lizzy has appeared nude in the series multiple times. A favorite scene from Masters of Sex is where she pleasured herself while on camera and monitored by machines. Despite the clinical setting in which it takes place, watching her get into her research so clearly, while being watched was unforgettable.

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20 TV Moments Where Celebs Bared It All