20 Things You Didn't Know About The Walking Dead

This highly popular AMC series has proven that the zombie horror genre doesn't only work for the film medium. In fact, since its comic book debut in 2003, The Walking Dead has spun off not only its ow

This highly popular AMC series has proven that the zombie horror genre doesn't only work for the film medium. In fact, since its comic book debut in 2003, The Walking Dead has spun off not only its own television show, but a number of novels, toys, and a video game series, which isn't saying much for the most popular show in the U.S.

Bet that's not the only thing you don't know about the suspenseful thriller series. Throughout the show's many seasons, The Walking Dead has cultivated a number of different secrets, references, and all around interesting facts that the average viewer has most likely overlooked. We understand. It's awfully hard to pay close enough attention to details amidst the glorious zombie kills.

For those that haven't yet caught themselves up to the latest season, you've been forewarned. Spoilers ahead. For those that are in the loop, here's your warning: stay tuned for some facts that are bound to alter the entire way you view your favorite Sunday night television program.

20 Darryl Nearly Didn't Make It On The Show


That's right. You can pretty much call The Walking Dead's most popular character an afterthought during the first season's conception. Comic book readers will also recognize that the character doesn't even exist in the comics.

19 Halloween Pilot


You don't break tradition. It's just something you don't do. The O.G. fans of the series will remember the show's pilot airing on Halloween of 2010, following the trend of many major horror projects of the past (just this year, Ash vs The Evil Dead premiered on Halloween).

18 What The Walkers Are Actually Eating


All of the talent on The Walking Dead do an amazing job of keeping the viewers engaged, as well as the extras who play the walkers. They've remained so consistent in their dreadfulness and have managed to truly convince us that they crave human flesh, or are they actually pretending?

17 HBO Passed On Airing The Show


It may come as a surprise to some just how much violence the show gets away with. It may also surprise some that AMC wasn't chosen as the initial home for the show, as HBO passed on it, along with NBC on the count of the massive blood and gore. Need we remind you that these are the networks that have aired Game of Thrones and Hannibal?

16 Dale's Specific Guts Were Made Of Chicken Breasts


During Dale's death scene, did you by any chance find yourself getting hungry? Ok, good, because that would have been gross, but not inaccurate.

15 Darryl's Crossbow Is For Sale At Walmart


We can all agree that Darryl has made the crossbow one of the most badass zombie killing weapons in history. What if we told you that one stop at your country's number one retailer could put you in possession of one of these lethal babies?

14 Walker Training


All of the actors on The Walking Dead take their jobs very seriously, and if one cast member isn't pulling their weight, it brings down the entire show. That's why the producers have employed zombie trainers to make sure the extras don't miss specific cues.

13 Zombie Noises Aren't Authentic

The walkers on the show are creepy enough, but those hissing noises they all emit make them downright horrific. While we've all been led to believe that the actors are really making these sounds, it's been revealed to all be digitalized.

12 Rick, The Governor, And Maggie Are All British In Real Life


There's some very talented actors from the U.K. that are becoming some of the most prominent faces in American cinema, and the television scene isn't exempt from this.

11 Edwin Jenner Was Based Off a Real Person


Despite his very short stint in the series, the character of scientist Edwin Jenner was quite compelling and offered a new kind of perspective for those that locked themselves away in strongholds.

10 Merle's Scene Prompted a SWAT Team Call


How petrified would you be if you spotted a sniper just leisurely scoping on a city rooftop? Aside from looking for cover, you'd probably be dialing the police, which is a reasonable response for any upstanding citizen unknowingly near the set of The Walking Dead during its first season.

9 Rick’s Hand Gets Cut Off In the Comics 


The Walking Dead series does its best to stay fairly true to their source material, however if they decided to adopt this small detail, shooting Rick's scenes may have become a tad bit more challenging.

8 The Dead Outnumber the Living by an Overwhelming Amount


Perhaps you're an optimist. Perhaps you think at some point in the series, the living will somehow overcome or outlive all the walkers and will effectively be able to repopulate the world in peace. Well, think again my friend.

7 The Walking Dead Doesn't Use the Word “Zombie”


If it walks like a zombie, talks like a zombie, and feeds on the living like a zombie, it still doesn't particularly mean that it's a zombie. At least not by the standards of The Walking Dead producers.

6 The Walker Extras Eat Separately From The Living Actors


Not sure about you, but sharing a meal next to an actor covered in zombie makeup would cause you to lose your appetite pretty fast, especially if one of them decided to take one of the on-set prop guts to the lunchroom for a good laugh.

5 The Governor's Severed Heads


The creepiest part about The Governor's character wasn't his chained-up zombified daughter or fixation with human on walker violence, but those eerie severed heads he kept in his private room.

4 Tara is the Sister of Francis from Malcolm in the Middle and Hyde from That '70s Show


It's a small world, but the world of television manages to be even smaller. In this industry, everybody knows someone, and in the case of The Walking Dead, actress Alana Masterson (Tara) is the sister of Christopher Masterson, better known as Francis from Malcolm in the Middle, and Danny Masterson, better known as Hyde from That '70s Show.

3 Another Actress Played Michonne in the Second Season Finale


Michonne has become one of the most liked characters to star on the apocalyptic television show, and for good reason. Her entrance into the show was nothing short of epic as she straddles into frame through a misty forest wielding a katana and two armless walkers.

2 Carl Actually Ate All That Pudding


Actor Chandler Riggs practically lived every kid's fantasy in the scene from season 4 where he indulged a huge can of chocolate pudding on a rooftop.

1 The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad Share A Universe


Ok, this might be a bit farfetched, but at the very least the show pays awesome tribute to its former companion on the same network.

Most of the little plugs come from Darryl's character, as when he was first introduced, he carried a bag full of blue meth. Darryl referenced this once again in the last season when Beth asked him about Merle's past as drug supplier. Darryl described the dealer as a janky little white guy’.

The Dodge Challenger that Glen steals in the first season has also been confirmed to be the exact same car that Walter White buys his son on Breaking Bad. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?



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20 Things You Didn't Know About The Walking Dead