20 Tattooed Hotties You Need To See On Instagram

Tattoos hardly carry the stigma they once did of previous generations. In the past, sailors, bikers, and gangsters were the first things that came to mind when people thought of tattoos. Now, tattoos have become less about signifying loyalty to a certain group and more about individual expression. So, a person can literally wear their feelings on their sleeves and not be associated with any kind of gang or club.

Another reason that the stigma has started to wear away is because of the advances in tattoo technology. Previously, people had to rely on the steady hand of their prison cellmate to give them a tattoo that looked good and had the correct spelling. Nowadays, people will be an apprentice to a more experienced tattoo artist for years before they actually able to ink up someone's body. Plus, advances in tattoo removal technology has got to the point where even if someone makes a gigantic mistake, it is no longer permanent. A drunken decision to get a tattoo of a tiger eating an apple is no longer a lifelong commitment.

The best part about tattoos is that they are no longer just for men. Women, especially very hot women, have learned that tattoos are not only more acceptable, but also can be applied more safely. But what's the point in being a really hot woman with a tattoo if she can't share it with the whole world? Well, thanks to Instagram, women can proudly wave their individual expression in front of the whole world with just a few clicks. Enjoy 20 tattooed hotties on Instagram right now.

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20 Color From Head to Toe

via instagram.com

One of the beautiful things about the body is that it is essentially a canvas for people to work on. This hottie has chosen to express herself in a variety of ways with pictures and symbols from head to toe. The best part is that her artist even managed to get a good mug shot of someone she wanted to remember right on her thigh.

19 The Eyes Have It

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This tattooed hottie has managed to take the ink on her arm to a whole new level. For those who are not in the know, getting one arm filled with tattoos is called a "sleeve." Among those who express themselves this way, a sleeve tattoo is kind of an honor because of the amount of time, money, and creativity that goes into it. Coupled with her sexy eyes, this tattooed hottie may break Instagram altogether.

18 Ship's Ahoy

via instagram.com

Madison Skye is one tattooed hottie that is up and coming on Instagram. Her signature tattoo is the giant old sailing ship on her left arm.  The amount of detail that goes into creating a kind of ship that went out of style 100 years ago requires a keen attention to detail. On her Instagram, she gives viewers a little bit more of their time's worth so check it out.

17 Fit and Inked

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Calvin Klein models have been the gold standard when it comes to modeling. They purposefully seek out models that are fitter than even the most fit people in the world and just have a natural grace in front of the camera.  Even though this Instagram hottie is not technically a Calvin Klein model, it is probable her application will be accepted immediately.

16 Ryan Bankz

via instagram.com

Sometimes the best tattooed hotties are the ones whose tattoos are extremely subtle.  This hottie's tattoos do not cover her neck, head, or face. Rather, her tattoos are just simply on her arm so she can still make it to work without causing trouble, but will definitely turn heads when she goes out. The lips with the colors of the American flag are definitely a nice touch.

15 Angela Mazzanti

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The best part about Angela's tattoos are that her dark features compliment the dark nature of the tattoos. The eyes of the wolf coming out from her belly button scream that she is beautiful on the outside, but probably damaged on the inside so watch out! With the way she looks, most people would be willing to take that risk.

14 Hot But Dangerous

via instagram.com

This tattooed hottie has a totally killer look. Her tattoos are basically like one of those kaleidoscopes where it is easy to get into a trance. Her eyes also do the same thing and the combination of the two will have nearly any person doing her bidding. So hot, so dangerous!

13 Everyone Wants a Piece (of the Watermelon)


via instagram.com

Who would not dream of sharing a piece of fruit with this hottie? Her tattoos basically tell the world that her body is a wonderland, but her smile says that the wonderland is looking for some visitors. Being the object of everyone's fantasies has to be a full time job so hopefully the watermelon will keep her nice and satisfied.

12 Working It Out

via instagram.com

For anyone that has ever worked out at a gym, one of the rules is that picture taking is strictly prohibited. That has been the rule since even before iPhones. Looking at this tattooed hottie in workout gear, it is clear why that is the case. Thankfully, she brought her own phone to take photos of herself and there is no rule against that.

11 Deep In Thought

via instagram.com

The biggest problem with hot women is that they are hard to look away from. What makes them even more attractive is if they act is if they could not care anyone else is around because they know they are so hot. This hottie is deep in thought, wondering what kind of tattoo she should get and how she is going to turn down all those jokers who hit on her.

10 Nice Selfie

via instagram.com

It all makes sense now.  Of course, hot women get stared at all of the time. People literally cannot take their eyes off of them. In order to keep so many creeps from staring at them, they get tattoos to distract. Well, in this case, it is not working.

9 Intelligence Is Sexy

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Here is hoping that this tattooed hottie does not actually attend college or teach any classes. It would be virtually impossible for her to get any work done looking like that. People would probably attack her as if she were a t-bone steak. With her sharp glasses and cool tattoos, this lady is the total package.

8 Inked Up

via instagram.com

This Russian beauty is probably one of the state secrets that the Red Army is trying to protect. She is looking right into the camera and telling the whole world that she is hot and she knows it. The detail on her tattoo is amazing on top of it. There is no doubt the camera definitely loves her.

7 Tropical Flair

via instagram.com

Who says that love at first sight does not exist? A lot of women try the "pouty," sultry look when they are taking their selfies. This tattooed hottie is simply telling the world that she is happy as a clam. With her sweet tropical tattoos and red hair, she really defines tropical flair.

6 Silky Smooth

via instagram.com

The thing that most women don't know that drives men wild is their skin. The smoother, softer the skin, the more marriage proposals she will have. This tattooed hottie has learned how to flaunt what God gave her in a good way. Her smooth skin and sweet tattoos make her one of the hottest on this list.

5 Directions to Her Heart

via instagram.com

The thing that stands out about this tattooed hottie is the compass that is right on her left hand. Thank God she is giving the world directions on how to get to her heart. Why can't more women make it that easy? Her looks, tattoos, and simple directions make her absolutely amazing.

4 Butterflies Never Seemed So Cool Before

via instagram.com

The best part about tattooed hotties, besides their looks, are how awesome their tattoos are. With women, they can switch between having a tattoo of a dragon eating the heart of a lion on their left arm and then tattoos of butterflies on their right arm. This kind of variety keeps everyone guessing and everyone loving them.

3 She Has an Eye On You

via instagram.com

There are a ton of good things about tattooed hotties on Instagram. They are hot. They have tattoos. They are easy to find on Instagram.  Even the fact that she has a giant eye on her left arm makes her even more cool because there absolutely has to be a good story attached to it.

2 Will You Marry Me?

via instagram.com

It is difficult to imagine a situation that this woman would be in where she would not end up with someone's phone number, a car, a house, or whatever some guy had in his pockets. If only Barack Obama could get her to go over to the Middle East, she could just show them her pictures and all of the fighting would stop instantly. She is our only hope for world peace.

1  1. Thank God for the Internet

via instagram.com

In California, New York, and a number of other states, using a cell phone while driving is a crime. The reason is that people often lose focus when they are driving and end up plowing into other people. Well, if this tattooed hottie was in Congress, she could show them this photo and using a cell phone while driving would not only be legal, but encouraged.

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